Where alterations or extensions are carried out to buildings without first applying for a building regulation approval, it is now very common for such contraventions to come to light during the house sales search process.


This can cause problems for the house seller not able to supply the perspective purchaser's solicitor with the appropriate approval notice.


For works undertaken after 11 November 1985 you can now apply to building control to regularise the situation and obtain a regularisation certificate.


An owner is under no obligation to submit an application and equally the council is under no obligation to accept an application.


As in most cases the work will have been completed, it is the applicant's responsibility to carryout the opening up works as required by Building Control to allow us to determine Building Regulations compliance has been achieved.


Any remedial work found to be necessary as a result of this opening up works will then have to be undertaken by the applicant, until Building Control are satisfied that the works comply with the regulations. The applicant must be willing to comply with all such reasonable requests.


If we find that we cannot determine (or cannot determine without unreasonable cost or disruption to the owner) what work would enable compliance with regulations, the Regularisation charge is not refundable and no Regularisation certificate will be issued.


Once Building Control is satisfied that the requirements of the building regulations have been achieved we may then issue a Regularisation certificate.


It is advisable to contact Building Control to discuss the requirements of this complicated procedure prior to submission of the application to regularise.