Non-School Tuition 

The law states that parents have the duty to ensure their children receive an efficient full time education suitable to their age, ability and aptitude (under section 7 of the Education act 1996), whether that be in school or at home. 


Out of School Tuition (OOST)

OOST is provided for pupils of compulsory school age who are unable to attend school. It is intended to be a short term measure until an appropriate school placement or alternative curriculum placement can be found. The long term aim is to reintegrate the pupil back into mainstream schooling.


Criteria for OOST:

  • Pupil is permanently excluded from school or excluded for more than 15 days
  • Medical conditions preventing school attendance, including post- operative conditions
  • Pupils with problems leading to severe anxiety (School Phobic)
  • Expectant or young mothers

Referral Process: This is done through the school and supported by a medical consultant. Upon receipt of a referral the OOST co-ordinator will match the pupil to the tutor, who will then contact the family to arrange a venue and time for tuition. The OOST tutor will liaise with school for the resources and planning of work.


Tutors will work with the families on a re-integration plan integration plan back into mainstream when appropriate.

Elective Home Education (EHE)

When a parent decides to home educate they need to notify the school in writing, the school will remove the child from their register and inform the local education authority (LEA).


It is recommended that parents also inform the LEA, although not legally obliged, so that they are aware of the change. The EHE co-ordinator will then arrange to meet in order to talk to the parent and to consider schemes of work and approaches to learning. Further visits will be agreed at the initial meeting. It should be noted that if parents choose to home educate their child the cost incurred will not be met by the LEA, it is the responsibility of the parent.


Children with statements of Special Educational Needs (SEN) can be home educated, although if they are attending a special school their names cannot be removed from the school register without the consent of the LEA.


The internal component of many standard qualification courses such as GCSEs can restrict the choice available for Home Educated students. The examination board Edexcel has made their International GCSEs available to home-educated pupils and other options may be available through local colleges.


If you are considering the option of educating your child or children at home please contact the EHE co-ordinator for an information booklet, which will give you full information on the policy and practice of the Vale of Glamorgan LEA.