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As part of the programme to refurbish and build new schools, the construction contractors will collaborate with third and public sector projects to deliver a range of community benefits.


What’s on offer through the community benefits scheme:

  • In-kind donations and volunteer time on projects.

  • Opportunities for work experience and training placements within construction sector (including on-site and digital skills).

  • Business advice and guidance to small and medium enterprises and upskilling activities for staff and volunteers.


Examples of community benefits delivered in Band A

The community benefits delivered under Band A of the 21st Century Schools Programme have already contributed towards the sustainable development of the Vale of Glamorgan by supporting improvements in economic, social, and environmental well-being. Some of the outcomes are as follows:
St Cyres - Trees

  • Over £12,000 worth of engagement sessions with schools, enabling children to learn about the exciting world of construction.

  • 15,637 weeks-worth of new entrant employment, apprenticeships, and training, helping more people get into work.

  • Supported local organisations with donations of equipment or labour, creating better community spaces.

Further information about the community benefits achieved during Band A can be found on the main 21st Century Schools page.



Community benefits opportunities in Band B

The 21st Century Schools team would like to maximise contributions to community benefits in Band B by engaging with a wide range of third and public sector organisations.


If your project involves improving outcomes for people, the environment, and/or the local economy, you may be eligible to benefit from the 21st Century Schools Community Benefits scheme. Get in touch if you want to connect your service users to work experience opportunities, need extra hands planting a community garden, need project management advice to get your local heritage celebration off the ground, or have other ideas to improve life in the Vale. 


The first round of community benefits available will contribute to the targets of the three Barry comprehensive projects and will be completed by January 2022. Details of future schemes can be found on the main 21st Century Schools page.


What are the timescales for support?

  • Free support is available between April 2019 – January 2022 for the three Barry comprehensive projects (contractors Bouygues, ISG and Morgan Sindall).

  • Timeframes will aim to match the requirements of the project and construction progress (e.g. if you would like a community bench repaired then this could be scheduled for a period where carpenters are working on-site).

  • Projects wishing to take part in the Barry comprehensive schemes must be completed by January 2022.

  • Further community benefits project application dates will be announced once Band B schools have been confirmed.


What projects will be eligible?

  • The scheme covers the whole of the Vale of Glamorgan.

  • Support is available to projects, organisations, or social enterprises within the third or public sectors.

  • Preferred support will be given for projects benefitting the whole community but small local projects are also welcome
    to apply.

  • Projects involved in improving outcomes for people, the environment, and/or the local economy.

  • Projects with disadvantaged service users who would most benefit from training and employment opportunities (such as the long term unemployed and 16-24 year olds Not in Education, Employment or Training).


How can projects get involved?

If your project is chosen the team will put you in touch with the relevant partners to start the next steps.



Please return completed forms to:





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