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Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a serious crime. A person is trafficked if they are brought to (or moved around) a country by others who threaten, frighten, hurt and force them to do work or other things they don’t want to do.


You have rights. You may feel scared, powerless and alone, however help is available and you have rights and choices. 



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Your Rights:

  • The right to independent emotional and practical help.
  • The right to protection: human trafficking is a crime. If you report it to the police they must respond.
  • The right to independent legal advice for immigration purposes.

Your Entitlements

If you are identified as a victim of trafficking, then you will be entitled to:

  • Help and protection from the UK Government and other organisations (this is called the National Referral
  • Mechanism: this may include time to consider your options without fear of being removed from the country, finding you a safe place to live, someone to talk to, helping you find a doctor, lawyer and other people who can help you.
  • Help and protection once you report your experience to the police: to be kept informed about what is happening in your case and be supported throughout by those involved in the criminal justice process, like the police and the courts.


If you do not wish to contact the police, immigration or start the National Referral Mechanism process, you can still go to voluntary organisations for help.


Victims of trafficking are encouraged to engage in the National Referral Mechanism and to report their crime to the police, in order to bring traffickers to justice and to stop trafficking from occurring in the future.


The Salvation Army

  • 0300 3038151

UK Victim Supportline

  • 0845 303 0900

The Poppy Project

  • 020 7735 2062 


Migrant Helpline

  • 07766 668781 

TARA Project

  • 0141 276 7724/7729