Are you receiving Care and Support? Are you a Carer? Do you need help to have your voice heard?




The Cardiff and Vale Advocacy Gateway is the new single point of access for adults looking for support to help them participate in the planning and delivery of their care and support.



  • 0808 801 0577



Cardiff-and-Vale-Advocacy-Gateway-Cropped-249x196The  Social Services and Wellbeing (Wales) Act 2014 Code of Practice for Advocacy, states that:


‘Advocacy supports and enables people who have difficulty representing their interests, to exercise their rights, express their views, explore and make informed choices.’


Advocacy is independent of Social Services, and is there to help you get the best experience of working with social care services.


Independent Professional Advocacy is available to anybody who needs support to:


  • Understand or use information, assistance or advice about Care and Support Services;
  • Participate in their adult social services assessment and the planning and receiving of care and support services. This means that if you need someone to help you to have your say in:
  • The way your care and support needs are identified, how your care and support is managed and how you can achieve your personal outcomes.


Where a person does not have someone who can advocate for them, the Cardiff and Vale Advocacy Gateway can help.


The Cardiff and Vale Advocacy Gateway is a freephone number available 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. The Gateway will offer:


  • Advice on the different types of advocacy available in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan;
  • Give information on the different advocacy organisations in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan;
  • Assist, by making contact with to a relevant local Advocacy organisation through three-way conversations or by making an onward referral;
  • And, Signpost to other relevant support organisations.


Is it for you? 

The Gateway is there for residents of both Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan over the age of 18. It can help those receiving care, those who may need support, or care/support professionals concerned about someone's social care and support. 


To have your voice heard, and gain a better understanding of social services, call 0808 801 0577, free of charge, between 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday.

Further advocacy organisations in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan



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