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Young Carers

A Young Carer is defined as someone under 18 who provides care on an unpaid basis for another person. The person they look after may be a parent, a brother or sister, a grandparent or other relative.

They may provide practical or physical care, help with personal care, and help with domestic tasks and/or emotional support. 


There are an estimated 800,000 young carers in the UK. The Schools Health Research Network (SHRN) states that 16% adolescents, or approximately 1 in 6, self-identifying as having a caring responsibility.


Young carers face serious caring responsibilities, in addition to the daily tasks they complete for their parents such as housework, cooking and bathing, they live with the added pressure of school and, often, a lack of understanding from



Carers Assessment

Young carers can request an assessment, an assessment gives you a chance to talk to someone about what support might make caring easier.


Young Carer Assessment



Vale Young Carers Project                                   

The young carers project in the Vale of Glamorgan is run by YMCA Cardiff and is currently supporting almost 90 young carers across the County. This project is funded by Vale of Glamorgan Council.


The Youth Club at the Hub, Barry YMCA is open every Wednesday from 5-7pm during term time. The sessions are split into junior (11-14) and senior (15-18) sessions.


This club is for only young people who have been accepted onto the project. For more information visit:


Please contact the Families First Advice Line to make a referral:


The YCID or Young Carers ID card

YMCA Cardiff in partnership with Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan local authorities, are supporting the Welsh Government funded ID card scheme to help young carers in Wales to be identified, feel validated and receive the support they deserve.


The YCID, or Young Carers ID card, is a simple card to help professionals including doctors, teachers and pharmacists to recognise them and support them appropriately.  All young carers are able to apply for a card through YMCA Cardiff, to do so please visit YMCA Cardiff.

Advice and Guidance

Advice and guidance for young carers, young adult carers and professionals across the Vale of Glamorgan.