Learning Disabilities

If you have (or someone you know has) a learning difficulty and think you may need help we can arrange for a social worker to carry out an assessment to see if there is something we can do.


People with learning disabilities may:

  • Find it difficult to understand new or complicated information or learn new skills
  • Find it difficult to cope on your own


The Community Support Team (CST) supports service users and their carers by assessing and managing care needs and providing information and advice:

  • Give appropriate advice and information
  • Assess your needs and your carers
  • Support you to create a care plan which may include targeted support to meet identified outcomes
  • Arrange referrals to other agencies or professionals e.g. health professionals, carers officer 
  • Arrange for respite or longer term accommodation
  • Review and reassess current care provision
  • Assess and intervene with regard to support to manage risk


Request an Assessment

To request an assessment you must be 18 years old or older.


Request an Assessment



Please note: If we are able to offer you a service we will talk to you and your carers about your needs and try to find the help you need or give you the money (direct payments) to buy the support you need.


If we are unable to offer you a service we will try to help you find other people who may be able to help you, like health services and organisations.


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