How TeleV Works

Step by step guide of how TeleV: Telecare Alarm Services work


The system works by the client having a TeleV alarm unit installed in their home; this will be connected to their telephone line and electrical socket. These alarms come with a small pendant, which can be worn around the neck or on the wrist, this then activated the system by remote control.


The alarm then automatically dials the telephone number of the alarm-monitoring computer at the Emergency Control Centre. Once received, the monitoring computer will display the clients name, address and other information the computer screen. The Control Centre will talk to the client over the system unit, which has a powerful loudspeaker and microphone built into it so that they can hear the client and be able to speak to them without the necessity of picking up a telephone handset.


Once the call is received over the system, the Control Centre will try to speak to the client and find out what is wrong. We will then obtain help as necessary.


  • 01446 700111

Step 1 - Installation

We will arrange for a trained installer to visit your home at a convenient time to set up the equipment.


A great benefit of TeleV is that it is wireless technology  - which means there is minimum disruption during installation and is easily relocated if required.


An introduction leaflet will be left and more information is always available by calling:

  • 01446 700111 

Step 2 - Raising an alarm call

If you need help, alarm calls can be easily raised from anywhere in the home and garden (up to 50 metres coverage) by simply pressing the radio trigger or the large illuminated red button on the home unit.


This triggers the main alarm inside the Lifeline unit, and will automatically dial into our 24-hour monitoring centre. 


Please Note: We advise all TeleV users to press their pendant once a month, to test the system and also to increase peace of mind that support is really just a button away.

Step 3 - Help is called

The Lifeline unit automatically dials the monitoring centre where a trained operator answers and instantly sees your personal details, supplied to us when you join the service.

This information includes your:

  • Name and address
  • Medical details
  • Social work, care and support details (if any)
  • Doctor's details
  • Details of key responders
  • Any other essential information

This information is kept confidentially and is subject to the Data Protection Act.

Step 4 - Help arrives

The operator will stay on the phone until help arrives and will even contact family members, if required, to let them know what has happened, providing complete peace of mind to you and your family.


If you have any queries with regards to how the monitoring centre operators can assist you, please do not hesitate to contact us and ask:


  • 01446 700111