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Application Process

Just by reading this, you have already made the first step of your fostering journey! 


We need you!

It is children’s services ultimate goal to ensure every single child we support reaches their full potential.


We are looking for motivated and inspiring individuals to join our team, and to help us to achieve this goal. Our goal is to foster relationships which are transformational for all involved. 


This means the process of becoming a foster carer from initial enquiry to approval can take up to a year, but we aim for the process to take around 6-8 months.

We try to be meticulous in our matching between foster families and children, so we must get to know you inside out.


This is something that cannot be rushed. At each stage it is important you and we are confident and ready for the next. 


  • Speak to the team: You can enquire via our website or phone. At this stage you may be ready to start the process or you may just want some further information. Our Social workers assess on a case by case basis so by speaking to us we can understand whether it is something you will be able to pursue.

  • Home Visit: After the initial discussions, a member of the team will schedule a time to visit you at your home. We'd like to meet everyone in the household to ensure everyone is confident with the process and their role as a foster family. It is also an opportunity to ask more questions.

  • Skills to foster training: You'll be invited to our preparation training course which will provide you with detailed information about fostering. This will help you decide if fostering is right for you. You'll also have a chance to meet others considering fostering and explore scenarios, questions and concerns as a group to build skills which will inform your fostering career.

  • Suitability assesment: After submitting your formal application, you'll be allocated a dedicated social worker who will work with you to complete the suitability assessment. This is called a Form F assessment and takes takes around 6 months. A report will be created and reviewed by you before being seen for approval.

  • Approval: Once the assessment has been completed by you and your social worker, it will be presented to the fostering panel. The panel is made up of experienced professionals from Children services and independent agencies across education and health. It can also include foster carers and care leavers. They will use the report to ensure you are suitable to be approved as a foster carer. 

  • Final decision: Once the panel have made a recommendation, the Agency Decision Maker (ADM) will then consider the recommendation and make a final decision on suitability to foster. Once approved by ADM, you'll be a Vale of Glamorgan foster carer.


Interested in Fostering?

If you are interested in fostering please let us know by phone, email or via our online form:

  • 01446 700111


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