Benefits of Fostering with the Vale of Glamorgan Council

When children come into the care of the local authority they run a high risk of being removed from not only their families but also their friends, school, social groups and the area that they grew up in.


Having to leave their families can be traumatic, so every effort is made to provide stability to children in as many aspects of their lives as can possibly be made.


Not every child in looked after care comes from an abusive background and it is essential that the local authority promotes the positive links that might already exist in a child’s life. By placing children close to their positive support networks we can help children come to terms with the losses that they will experience by being placed outside of their families.


By promoting stability in a looked after child’s life, we can encourage positive relationships with everyone involved in the care of the child and reduce the number of placement moves that children can often experience in this situation.


Stability for children is essential for positive foster placements and this has a direct impact on the successes that foster carers experience on a daily basis. Our foster carers are supported throughout the fostering process and have access to support, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.


The supervising social workers in Vale of Glamorgan Placements and Permanency team work directly with the social workers of the children being placed into care. This means that there is an efficient exchange of information regarding each individual case and the needs of both children and carers are explored with each placement.


Our aim in the Vale of Glamorgan is to make sure that all foster children are looked after in an appropriate environment to their needs and due to our ongoing recruitment campaign we are well on the way of being able to match children of all ages to appropriately skilled foster carers.


Interested in Fostering?

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