Fostering Process

We have tried to make the process of becoming a Vale foster carer as simple as possible


We take our responsibility towards the children we look after very seriously. Our assessment process is very thorough and helps us to determine who is or isn't suitable to look after children.


Step 1 - Contact Us

Let us know you're interested in fostering by getting in touch with the Fostering Team via phone, email or by completing our simple online form:



Complete our Online Form

Step 2 - Initial Visit

We'll send the information in the post to you as soon as we hear from you. We'll contact you within a few days to answer any questions you may have, and if you are still interested arrange a visit to discuss your interest further.

Step 3 - Preparation Training

You'll be invited on to our preparation training course where we'll provide you with lots of information about the fostering and assessment process. This will help you decide if fostering is the right thing for you.


The training may also count towards your assessment.

Step 4 - Assessment

The assessment starts after you have completed the training. It should take between three and six months depending on any other commitments you may have.


You will be able to see the final report before it is presented to an independently chaired panel for a recommendation. The final decision is made by our agency decision maker.

Step 5 - Approval

All being well, you now begin the rest of your fostering life with us.