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Types of Fostering

Vulnerable children need the support and safety of a foster family from across the Vale. All our children or individuals and come with different needs and care plans. 

This is the reason we need a Foster carer team that reflects the ever changing demographic of the children we look after. This can sometimes mean we will look for carers with specific skills to meet a particular type of foster care.


Your assessment to become a foster carer will determine which types of foster care you will be approved for and the different care you can offer. This will be determined by your experiences, your lifestyle capacity, your preferences along with the needs of the children we currently have and our assessment.


The types of fostering we are looking for are: 

  • Short term: Foster carers who provide a home for a few nights, weeks, months or up to two years for a child in order to help prepare them for their next move, either a longer term foster care, adoption or where appropriate back home to live with parents or family members.

  • Long term: Many children may not be able to return to their birth families and rely upon a long-term foster placement where they can experience being a valued family member and benefit from the advice, support and guidance they need. You will be committed to providing a home for the child for the duration of their childhood, until they can live independently.

  • Emergency: When children need somewhere safe to stay at short notice for a brief period of time; lasting from one day up to a maximum of 7 days.

  • Respite / Family Support: This is a way to provide regular assistance to families or other carers. This is short breaks, usually over one or two weekends a month and are designed to support the young person and family and are arranged to help prevent family or placement breakdown.

  • Parent & child fostering: This is when we have specialist foster carers who provide homes for one or both parents together with their child. Foster placements like this involve the foster carer supporting the whole family and helping them to develop parenting skills.



We currently have 55 foster carers looking after around 100 children and here is a small selection of our carers experiences.

"The best thing about fostering is seeing the children develop, achieve small successes and start to believe in themselves."

Short Term

"We have two young children and the Vale have been very good in placing children with us."



"We just wanted to make that special difference in a child’s life."



Long Term

Interested in Fostering?

If you are interested in fostering please let us know by phone, email or via our online form:


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