Types of Fostering

Children come into care for a number of different reasons and need foster carers who can reflect those needs


Some children need to be looked after until they reach their 16th or 18th birthday. Other children will need to be looked after until they have been found adoptive parents or have moved back to live with their families.


We need foster carers who can help keep sibling groups together and carers who can take in teenagers and prepare them for going out into the world with support from Social Services.


We also need carers who can look after children with physical and/or learning disabilities, either for short or longer periods of time.


Long Term

Long-term foster carers may have the same child living with them for many years. They look after children until they reach an appropriate leaving care age. This could be anywhere between 2 - 16 years.

Short Term

Short-term foster carers can have children placed with them for anything from one night to a few months, but there is usually a plan in place for the child to move on to another placement, return home, or leave care.


Respite carers look after children for planned short stays on either a one off or regular basis in order to help birth families or other foster carers.


Interested in Fostering?

If you are interested in fostering please let us know by phone, email or via our online form:


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We currently have 87 foster carers looking after around 100 children and here is a small selection of our carers experiences.


"The best thing about fostering is seeing the children develop, achieve small successes and start to believe in themselves"


Short Term

"We have two young children and the Vale have been very good in placing children with us"




 "We just wanted to make that special difference in a child’s life"




Long Term