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Who can foster?

We are looking for any individuals and households over the age of 21 that are caring and motivated to make a difference to a young person or child’s future.


What we look for in our foster carers:

  • You need to have a spare bedroom with no other needed purpose and have a permanent address, either owned or rented.

  • Those that have the ability to provide warmth, empathy and encouragement, those that will listen to children, encourage them, and make time to enjoy doing activities with them.

  • Those that will be able set structure and boundaries with fairness and empathy.

  • Individuals who are able to show durability, resilience, and commitment.

  • The skills to work effectively with others. This may be members of the fostering team, social workers, birth parents, schools and others.

  • Individuals that are understanding of identity and diversity. They will be able to have an approach that values difference in society, and demonstrates a willingness to learn about other cultures or issues as appropriate to the needs of individual children in their care.

  • An individual who is willing to always be open to learning and development in their fostering role.

Could you be a Foster Carer?

If you are interested in supporting our Children Looked After in the Vale  please let us know by phone, email or via our online form: 

  • 01446 700111


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