We need foster carers who can remain focused on the needs of the child or children in their care at the most stressful times in any child’s life.


Children who need to be looked after come from different backgrounds and this needs to be reflected in the foster carers who are available to us. 


Our aim in the Vale of Glamorgan is to make sure that all foster children are looked after in an appropriate environment to their needs and due to our ongoing recruitment campaign we are well on the way of being able to match children of all ages to appropriately skilled foster carers.



Our foster carers are supported throughout the fostering process and have access to support, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. The supervising social workers in Vale of Glamorgan Placements and Permanency team work directly with the social workers of the children being placed into care.


This means that there is an efficient exchange of information regarding each individual case and the needs of both children and carers are explored with each placement.

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Interested in Fostering?

If you are interested in fostering please let us know by phone, email or via our online form:


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Who can Foster

We need all types of people to care for all types of children.



Who can Foster


Types of Foster Care

Foster care ranges from short to long term, respite and emergency.


Types of Foster Care


Training and Support

We offer you 24/7 support throughout your fostering life.



Training and Support


Fostering Process

Find out more about our application process.



Fostering Process

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Benefits of Fostering with the Vale Council

Why choose to foster with us?



Benefits of Fostering with us

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Information for Young People

Information for young people in foster care or an existing carer


Information for Young People