Additional Learning Needs (ALN) School Transport

Pupils with additional learning needs, disability or mobility problems who have been placed at designated special schools or units within mainstream schools by the council’s complex Needs team, and who live within the statutory 2 and 3mile limits but due to their special needs or disability are unable to walk in reasonable safety even when accompanied by a responsible adult, may be entitled to transport subject to examination by the Complex Needs team.


The ALN School Transport team require 10 school days to set up or change a transport arrangement upon receipt of a signed Transport Requirement Form that is issued by the Complex Needs team and sent to the parent / carer for completion.


Complex Needs Team:

  • 01446 709180


  •  What if my child doesn't attend their catchment school?
    If a child attends a preferred, alternative mainstream school i.e. not the catchment school but an alternative school that has been chosen by the parent/carer, then they will be responsible for getting their child to and from school.
  •  What if my child attends a special school outside the county?
    Very occasionally a child needs to attend a special school outside the county. If this is a residential school, the authority either funds travel expenses or makes the travel arrangements at the beginning and end of term and half terms.
  •  How long does it last?
    All transport provision will be reviewed regularly which can be short term or at least annually.


Any complaints, concerns, comments or queries please contact:


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