Emojis Project

10 week programme aiming to empower the young people to express themselves and to build their confidence and self-esteem levels 



Emojis-logoThe project runs from our youth club based in the Barry YMCA Hub. The Emojis project is a Families first funded provision. 


The young people who attend the project have been referred by FACT for varying reasons.

“Can we come back to Emojis?”
“Emojis should be a full time youth club.”
“I’ve made so many new friends.”


We often have young people referred to the project for help understanding their emotional responses, anger management, confidence, self-esteem and social interaction.



Since April the Emojis programme has made 139 contacts for 13 Attendees and achieving 91 recorded achievements. 10 Agored Cymru unit booklets in Media and Music have been completed during the last 10 weeks.





What We Do:

  •   The project runs over a 10 week period aiming to empower the young people to express themselves and to build their confidence and self-esteem levels.
  •   Staff members are fully qualified youth workers with specialism’s in health, understanding relationships and emotional responses.
  •   The young people take part in a wide range of activities during their time on the project all with the aim of improving their confidence, self-esteem, communication skills and emotional understanding.
  •   Young people have the opportunity to be involved in local and national accredited learning opportunities
  • We provide learning environments which are friendly and approachable including activities such as music production, photography and film
  • The project helps young people to express their feelings in a safe manner and enable them to form better relationships with peers and families.
  • The young people take part in an ‘All about me’ Pen picture session as an initial consultation which allows staff to create a 10 week course which is tailored made for each individual.
  • Via activities and sessions we promote their personal, educational, social and cultural development.


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If you require further information about the team or projects please contact Dewi Thomas, Flexible Learning Officer


  • 01446 738667

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