Inspire to Work - I2W

The Inspire to Work (I2W) project is a European Social Fund funded programme aimed at supporting young people aged 16-24 who are NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) within the Vale of Glamorgan.



Main Office location: Civic Offices, Holton Road, Barry, Cf63 4RU





The I2W programme works with young people to provide pre-employability and employability programmes to enable young people who are NEET to gain the skills, knowledge and experience needed to access suitable and sustainable employment (including self –employment).  In doing so there is the hope that the programme can help to remove the barriers to learning, aiding independence and offering individual tailored support.

Partners involved in the project:
The programme locally delivers joint partnership work between the Vale of Glamorgan Council and Llamau.  The project works closely with other stakeholders, in particular Careers Wales, Job Centre Plus and Youth Service.


What We do:

  • Through a ‘person centred’ approach, the project aims to engage, support and enable NEET young people aged 16-24 years old to gain a range of skills, qualifications and meaningful work placements to feel confident and motivated to enter into sustainable employment or further learning.  This is done through individual assessment and action plan setting for each participant to ensure each person is supported through any barriers they may have that are preventing them from entering employment or further learning. This provision then gives the support and flexibility enabling the participant to succeed.

  • Occasionally group work is undertaken in order to support participants to engage in training as part of a wider group. The groups will work towards a wide variety of accredited learning opportunities that are recognised on the Qualifications and Credits Framework (QCF).


Llamau learning 4 Life Support:

  • Learning 4 Life aims to engage and support NEET young people aged 16 -24 years old to overcome the barriers that would stop a young person succeeding in mainstream learning provisions or employment. All learners work towards an agreed individual learning plan which is reviewed every 4 weeks to endure the provision is still meeting their needs.

  • We will be delivering City & Guilds Essential Skills Wales in Communication, Application of Number and Digital Literacy at levels ranging from Entry Level 1 to Level 2 (the equivalent in skills and understanding as grades A to C GCSE)

  • Young people also have the opportunity to develop life skills and social skills through one to one and group work (maximum ratio of one tutor to five young people.) This can include budgeting, communication skills, using public transport or maintaining a tenancy independently.

  • Employability skills are also developed at an appropriate level for the young person. This can be CV writing, job sector awareness, completing application forms or mock interviews with specialist staff within Learning 4 Life. Links with local employers also enable young people to attend site visits in a variety of sectors.

  • Staff will accredit as much of the work as possible through Agored Cymru units and City & Guilds qualifications.

  • When appropriate staff will support young people to identify appropriate progressions into full time education, employment or volunteering. They will then be supported to apply and make this transition. Throughout this time support will be accessed through a number of agencies including the I2W team and Careers Wales.



Referring to the project:

•    Due to the funding requirements of the project, only young people who do not live Communities First areas can be supported through the project*
•    Referrals to the project can come from several different agencies, which include Careers Wales, Job Centre Plus, local government department or other organisation that has been supporting the young person prior to referral.
•    For those aged 16-18 years old, confirmation must be received from Careers Wales that the young person is identified as Tier One, Two or Three on the Careers Wales Five Tier Model.
•    Once each young person has been supported into employment or further learning, a six monthly check-up will be undertaken to ensure that there are no on-going issues.

*Please Note: those that reside within a Communities First area have access to support within the Communities First Team and also a Communities 4 Work advisor.

The Lead Beneficiary for the I2W project is Newport City Council.

ESF - smallFurther information from the Lead Beneficiary, Newport City Council, can be found following the link below:

If you would like to further information about the I2W programme in the Vale of Glamorgan, please contact the team using the email address's below:

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