International Youth Mobility

Providing opportunities for Young People to discover new cultures, develop personally and professionally, up skill individuals and to enable them to explore Europe and the wider World


International Youth Work connects young people, youth workers and key-decision makers with a host of different cultures across the world to encourage positive actions for the betterment of the individual and the global society.


International youth work also takes place on a local level and does not necessarily require a person to travel overseas.


  • Promote youth exchanges for young people involving two or more countries
  • Provide seminars where youth work practitioners can meet together to share best practice.
  • Develop Study visit to host in the Vale/Wales or send a young person or staff to observe best practice in another European Country.
  • Provide opportunities through Town Twinning for young people to engage with their peers from Fecamp( France), Mouscron( Belgium) or Rheinfelden (Germany).
  • Provide training on accessing funding through Erasmus Plus 
  • Work Closely with Connect Cymru to offer training and international opportunities across Wales
  • Encourage international volunteering opportunities for young people. For more information visit the Una Exchange website.


For further information, advice of guidance on Youth Exchange please contact Tina Simmons, Senior Youth Manger and Chair of Connect Cymru on the link below;


Alternatively to see some of our exchanges and keep updated via social media platforms please follow us