Youth Service Training

Support to ensure that their workforce are well-trained and qualified to work with young people from across the Vale of Glamorgan with varying needs and abilities


  • Offer courses which are relevant to youth issues and needs
  • Offer regional training via the YMCA Community College
  • Offer local training for  people when they are available to take part
  • Ensure the workforce have support in reaching their goals
  • Support staff with placement and supervisors
  • Courses can often be free or have a very small charge to cover costs of accreditation


Recently there have been changes in Wales to ensure there is a coherent route of training for all people showing an interest in Youth Work, whether this is starting as a volunteer and completing induction training or continuing with your Continued Professional Development to gain your Youth and Community Work Degree.


As a region the Vale of Glamorgan offer annual training with the YMCA in order to up-skill workforce and ensure they have the skills and ability to work with the issues they may face. If you are looking for additional training opportunities please visit the YMCA website where you will find an updated list of courses coming up soon.


Additionally to this the staff team have regular annual refresher training provided free in order for staff to work on their continued professional development, courses can range depending on staff interest and also development training identified during meetings and annual appraisal.


Please give us a call direct if you have any queries in regards to placement or the training courses.


Youth Work Training 

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