European Parliamentary Election

A European Parliamentary Election elects the European Parliament. The European Parliament is the European Union's law-making body and represents people living in the 28 member states of the European Union (EU).



The European Parliament is directly elected by EU voters every five years. The last election was in May 2014.



European Elections take place to elect the 751 representatives to the European Parliament.



Once elected, the representatives are known as Members of European Parliament (MEPs).

The number of MEPs for each country is roughly proportionate to its population, but this is by degressive proportionality: no country can have fewer than 6 or more than 96 MEPs and the total number cannot exceed 751 (750 plus the president).  MEPs are grouped by political affiliation, not by nationality.


The President represents Parliament to other EU institutions and the outside world and gives the final go-ahead to the EU budget.  The current president is Antonio Tajani.


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The UK MEP's represent the United Kingdom's views on decisions made in the European Parliament.


The Parliament has three main roles: Legislative, Supervisory and Budgetary.

It has powers in a range of areas that affect member countries such as:

  • Animal rights
  • Consumer rights
  • The environment
  • International trade and agreements
  • Regional economic development
  • Workers' rights

It has the power to approve, amend or reject new European laws.

It also approves the EU budget and new members of the European Commission.



MEPs spend some of their time in their regional constituencies in the UK and some of their time in political meetings in Brussels (Belgium).


For one week in every month they go to Strasbourg (France) to debate and vote on new European laws with MEPs from other EU member countries.


The EU countries are:


EU Countries
 Austria  Estonia                Italy                   Portugal              
 Belgium  Finland  Latvia Romania
 Bulgaria  France  Lithuania Slovakia
 Croatia  Germany  Luxembourg Slovenia
 Cyprus  Greece  Malta Spain
 Czech Republic  Hungary  The Netherlands Sweden
 Denmark  Ireland  Poland

United Kingdom -

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