Griffiths, Stephen

Stephen J. Griffiths 



58 Greenfield Avenue

Dinas Powys

CF64 4BX


  • 07771 547786
  • 07720 063555

Party details:

Welsh Conservative


Council Roles

  • Appointment of Local Authority Governor's Advisory Panel

  • Healthy Living and Social Care Scrutiny Committee (Chair)

  • Learning and Culture Scrutiny Committee 

Members Attendance

(From the Annual Meeting on 10 May 2021 to the Annual Meeting on 23 May 2022) 


Members Attendances
Appointed to the following at the Annual Meeting on 10 May 2021No. of Meetings   Held to DateAttended%AttendanceApologies Received
Council (including Annual Meeting) 6 6 100%  
Healthy Living and Social Care Scrutiny 7 7 100%  
Learning and Culture Scrutiny 8 8 100%  

Attendance at Meetings in Previous Municipal Years 


Regsiter of Interests




I have been a resident of Dinas Powys for over five years, where I moved to Greenfield Avenue with my partner Julia. Originally from Carmarthen, I moved to Cardiff after graduating from the University of Glamorgan and then finally settling in Dinas Powys.


I am currently employed by LexisNexis Risk Solutions as an Operational Process Lead. My role is to improve processes within the business by breaking down barriers and by keeping down bureaucracy to a minimum. I hope to bring my knowledge and expertise on a professional level into local Government.


As a libertarian, I believe in a lean, yet strong local authority in which its sole focus should be on a select few number of key services, and in turn ensuring that they overperform and are both auditable and accountable to the electorate.


When I was elected to the Vale of Glamorgan County Council, I made it my top priority to be on the committees that I could make the greatest contribution as part of my skillset. This is why I am on the Corporate Performance and Resources Scrutiny Committees, Audit and Democratic Services.


I’m also a Community Liaison Officer for the Dinas Powys Community Council. It is important that key decisions are devolved to a local level as it is possible. Localism is at the heart of any well functioning community and it is imperative that local concerns are heard within the council.


Whilst Dinas Powys is one of the gateway’s into the heart of the Vale of Glamorgan, it has been majority overlooked. The transport links through the village are at saturation point. It is important that the council relieves the pressure by focusing it’s attention by improving these links. One of many measures that can be implemented is a bypass.


My three colleagues representing the Dinas Powys ward - Vince, Rob and Andy are all committed in delivering better transport links for the village that include the bypass.


Ward: Dinas Powys