King, Peter

Peter G. King



7 Corbett Road


CF64 2QX


  • 07973 966632

Party details:

Welsh Labour

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Council Roles

  • Cabinet Member for Neighbourhood Services and Transport

  • Shared Regulatory Services Joint Committee [Substitute]

Outside Bodies 

  • Association for Public Service Excellence (APSE)

  • Prosiect Gwyrdd Joint Committee


Attendance at Meetings

(from the Annual Meeting on 14 September 2020 to the Annual Meeting on 10 May 2021)


Attendance at Meetings
Appointed to the following at the Annual Meeting on 14 September 2020No. of Meetings   Held to DateAttended%AttendancesApologies Received
Council (including Annual Meeting) 4 4 100%  
Cabinet 14 14 100%  
Shared Regulatory Services (Substitute) 2  0    
Not a Member but present
Not a Member of the Committee but Present at MeetingAttended
Community Liaison 1
Corporate Performance and Resources Scrutiny 4
Environment and Regeneration Scrutiny 6

Attendance at Meetings in Previous Municipal Years



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Annual Reports

Ward: Cornerswell