Nugent-Finn, Rachel

Rachel Nugent-Finn



5 Blodyn-Y-Gog


CF63 1FB

  • 07720 063534

Party details:

Welsh Conservatives


Council Roles

  • Appointment of Local Authority Governors Advisory Panel

  • Glamorgan Heritage Coast Advisory Group

  • Healthy Living and Social Care Scrutiny Committee

  • Public Protection Licensing Committee

  • Statutory Licensing Committee

Other Council Roles

  • Corporate Parenting Panel


Attendance at Meetings

(from the Annual Meeting on 20 May 2019 to the Annual Meeting on 6 May 2020)


Attendance at Meetings
Appointed to the following at the Annual Meeting on 20 May 2019No. of Meetings   Held to DateAttended%AttendanceApologies Received
Council (including Annual Meeting)        
Healthy Living and Social Care Scrutiny         
Public Protection Licensing        
Statutory Licensing        

Attendance at Meetings in Previous Municipal Years




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Change of Interest



Ward: Cadoc