Date and time

of Meeting                WEDNESDAY 21ST NOVEMBER, 2012 AT 4.00 P.M.


Venue                      COMMITTEE ROOM 1, CIVIC OFFICES




1.          Apologies for absence.

[View Apologies for Absence Minute]


2.          Minutes.


3          Terms of Reference / Role of Former Member Development and ICT Working Groups.

[View Terms of Reference Minute]


4.         Local Government (Wales) Measure 2011: Update / Action Plan.

[View Update Action Plan Minute


5.         Local Government (Wales) Measure 2011: Draft Guidance and Regulations re Joint Overview and Scrutiny Arrangements.

[View Joint Scrutiny Arrangements Minute


6.         Local Government (Wales) Measure 2011: Draft Guidance re Members’ Annual Reports.

[View Annual Reports Minute


7.         Wales Audit Office Scrutiny Improvement Study.

[View Improvement Study Minute


8.         Member Personal Development Interviews.

[View Personal Development Minute


9.         Draft Revised Member Development Strategy.

A copy of the existing Strategy is attached for Members’ information. 

It is proposed to review / update the Strategy (particularly in light of the Measure) and submit a revised draft to the next meeting.

[View Member Development Strategy Minute]




Siân Davies

Managing Director


14th November, 2012



To All Members of the Democratic Services Committee

Chairman: Councillor C.P. Franks

Vice-Chairman: Councillor R.L. Traherne

Councillors: R.J. Bertin, Ms. B.E. Brooks, J. Drysdale, Dr. I.J. Johnson,   G.H. Roberts, J.W. Thomas, E. Williams, and M.R. Wilson.