Date and time

of Meeting                 TUESDAY, 17TH FEBRUARY, 2015 AT 5.30 P.M.


Venue                      COMMITTEE ROOM 2, CIVIC OFFICES





1.         Apologies for Absence.

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2.         Minutes of the meeting held on 22nd October, 2014.

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3.         Wales Coast Path

            (i)         Update

            (ii)        Development Programme 2015 Onwards.

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4.         Modification and Legal Orders Update.

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5.         Maintenance Update.

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6.         Rights of Way Improvement Plan (ROWIP) Update.

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            Following the meeting, it is intended to hold a workshop session to briefly review the major ROWIP priorities.


7.         Coastal Access Improvement Programme Funding.

            Attached for information is a copy of the letter sent on behalf of the Forum by the Chairman to the Minister, as agreed at the last meeting, together with a copy of the reply received.

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8.         Draft Rights of Way De-regulation Bill (England).

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9.         Section 106 Monies.

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J. Wyatt

Secretary, Local Access Forum


11th February, 2015



To Members of the Forum


1.         Mr. F. Coleman

2.         Mr. M. Dunn

3.         Councillor E. Williams

4.         Mrs. V.M. Hartrey

5.         Mr. J.J. Herbert

6.         Mr. S. Lait

7.         Ms. C. Lucas

8.         Mr. H.S. McMillan

9.         Ms. E. Nash

10.       Mr. M. Parry

11.       Mr. R. Pittard

12.       Mr. R. Simpson

13.       Mr. G. Thomas

14.       Mr. R. Traherne






Mr. J. Wyatt, Operational Manager, Democratic Services, Vale of Glamorgan Council

Mrs. L. Mills, Assistant Democratic Services Officer, Vale of Glamorgan Council

Mr. R. Thomas, Director Development Services

Mr. B. Guy, Operational Manager, Vale of Glamorgan Council

Mr. G.W. Teague, Public Rights of Way, Vale of Glamorgan Council

Mrs. S. Thomas, Public Rights of Way, Vale of Glamorgan Council

Ms. C. Dellar, Access and National Parks Policy Officer, Welsh Assembly Government

Ms. S. Tindal, Senior Recreation and Partnership Officer, Countryside Council for Wales, Cartref Court, Brecon Road, Abergavenny, CP7 7AX