Date and time

of Meeting                 WEDNESDAY, 30TH SEPTEMBER, 2015 AT 5.30 P.M.*


Venue                      COMMITTEE ROOM NO. 2, CIVIC OFFICES






*  In order to comply with relevant Guidance and Regulations governing the appointment of Local Access Forums, the Forum will, in effect, hold two meetings on the same evening.  It is anticipated that the first meeting will finish at approximately 6.15 p.m., following which there will be a short break for refreshments.  A further meeting of the Forum will then commence, with the appointment of a Chairman and a Vice-Chairman being the first items of business.  (The agenda for the second meeting is also attached.)


1.         Apologies for Absence.

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2.         Welcome / Introduction from Secretary.

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3.         Introduction by Members.

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4.         Rights of Way Team – Outline of Service Areas.

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5.         Procedure for Claiming Expenses.

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6.         Procedure for Appointment of Chairman and Deputy Chairman.

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Members are asked to refer to the attached report regarding arrangements for the appointment of Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Forum, which will take place at the second meeting of the Forum to be held at 6.30 p.m. following refreshments.



J. Wyatt

Secretary, Local Access Forum


23rd September, 2015



To Members of the Forum

1.         Mr. F. Coleman

2.         Ms. A. Haden 

3.         Mr. J.J. Herbert

4.         Ms. C. Lucas

5.         Mr. H.S. McMillan

6.         Ms. E. Nash

7.         Mr. R. Pittard

8.         Mr. Richard Simpson

9.         Mr. Robin Simpson

10.       Mr. G. Thomas

11.       Mr. R. Traherne

12.       Councillor E. Williams





Mr. J. Wyatt, Operational Manager, Democratic Services, Vale of Glamorgan Council

Mrs. L. Mills, Assistant Democratic Services Officer, Vale of Glamorgan Council

Mr. B. Guy, Operational Manager, Vale of Glamorgan Council

Mr. G.W. Teague, Public Rights of Way, Vale of Glamorgan Council

Mr. S. Pickering, Team Leader, Countryside Services, Vale of Glamorgan Council

Mrs. S. Thomas, Public Rights of Way, Vale of Glamorgan Council

Ms. C. Dellar, Access and National Parks Policy Officer, Welsh Assembly Government

Ms. S. Tindal, Senior Recreation and Partnership Officer, Countryside Council for Wales, Cartref Court, Brecon Road, Abergavenny, CP7 7AX