Minutes of a Special meeting held on 25th March, 2015.


Present:  Councillor Howard Hamilton (Mayor); Councillors Richard Bertin, Jonathan Bird, Bronwen Brooks, Lis Burnett, Geoff Cox, Pamela Drake, John Drysdale, Stuart Egan, Christopher Elmore, Christopher Franks, Eric Hacker, Val Hartrey, Keith Hatton, Nic Hodges, Jeff James, Gwyn John, Fred Johnson, Dr. Ian Johnson, Maureen Kelly Owen, Peter King, Kevin Mahoney, Anne Moore, Neil Moore, Andrew Parker, Bob Penrose, Anthony Powell, Audrey Preston, Rhona Probert, Gwyn Roberts, John Thomas, Ray Thomas, Rhodri Traherne, Margaret Wilkinson, Christopher Williams, Edward Williams and Mark Wilson.





These were received from Councillors Janice Birch, Rhiannon Birch, Philip Clarke, Claire Curtis, Rob Curtis, Kate Edmunds, Hunter Jarvie, Steffan Wiliam and Clive Williams.





No declarations were received.





The arrangements for recruitment and selection to the post of Managing Director had been overseen by the Senior Management Appointment Committee.   The Committee was supported by external expert advice from SOLACE Enterprises Ltd.


Applications were considered by the Senior Management Appointment Committee on 10th March 2015, when a long list of 7 applicants for progression to the next stage was approved.


Candidates on the long list attended an assessment centre and undertook psychometric testing, an in-tray exercise and a technical interview.  The results of this were considered by the Committee on 18th March 2015 and a short list of 3 applicants approved for interview by the Committee.  Final interviews took place on 24th March 2015.


The Leader thanked Members for attending the meeting and explained the purpose of the report and the requirement for the Council to ratify the appointment to the position of Managing Director and Head of Paid Service.  He also thanked the Members of the Senior Management Appointment Committee for their work in the recruitment and appointment process.  He confirmed, that following the interviews held on 24th March, 2015, the Committee’s recommended candidate for appointment to the post of Managing Director and Head of Paid Service was Mr. D.R. Thomas, the Council’s current Director of Development Services.  He also informed Members that the recommendation was unanimous on the part of the Senior Management Appointment Committee. 


Councillors Chris Franks, John Thomas and Gwyn John, who were members of the Senior Management Appointment Committee, all confirmed on behalf of their respective Groups that they were very pleased to support the unanimous recommendation of the Committee.  Reference was also made to the excellent manner in which the Leader had led the process. 


RESOLVED - T H A T Council approve the appointment of Mr. D.R. Thomas to the post of Managing Director, the post to include the designation of Head of Paid Service, to take effect from 1st May, 2015.