Minutes of a meeting held on 6th January, 2015.


Present:  Councillor Mrs. A.J. Moore (Chairman); Councillors P.J. Clarke, G.A. Cox, Mrs. P. Drake, P. King, G. Roberts and S.T. Wiliam.


Also present: Councillor Dr. I.J. Johnson.





These were received from Councillors E. Hacker, Mrs. M. Kelly Owen and A.G. Powell. 



754     MINUTES -


RECOMMENDED - T H A T the minutes of the meeting held on 2nd December, 2014 be approved as a correct record.





No declarations were received.





Following his sad passing, the Chairman paid tribute to Councillor Keith Geary as a Member of both the Vale Council and Llantwit Major Town Council and expressed sincere condolences to the family and his daughter, Mrs. Emma Reed, the Operational Manager for Planning and Transportation.  The Chairman, on behalf of the Committee, also requested that their best wishes be conveyed to the family and also to Mrs. Reed for a speedy recovery in respect of her recent illness.  The Committee subsequently entered into a minute’s silence in dedication to the memory of Councillor Geary.  





In referring to the budgets for the specific service areas, the Principal Accountant advised that there was currently a favourable variance of £216,000 for Highways, Maintenance and Engineering Design and Procurement which had been the result of a one off transfer of £350,000 from central policy in view of pressures due to car parking income being significantly less than budgeted for and street lighting energy costs being higher than budgeted with an underspend on the Central Energy Recharge Budget of £460,000.  Although works were to be undertaken during the winter period to reduce the current variance, the service was still projecting an underspend at year end of £100,000 which could be used to off-set the Building Cleaning and Security Trading Unit Account which was projected to outturn with a deficit of £100,000.  The Accountant advised that this related to the pay award which had recently been agreed for all staff which had been more favourable to lower paid staff and had been considerably more than the 1% that had been budgeted for. 

With regard to Waste Management, there was currently an adverse variance of £10,000 which related to a slight overspend on vehicle costs.  It was noted that vehicles had recently been identified via the Vehicle Telemetry Reports that could be disposed of, and this would reduce the cost towards the end of the financial year.  It is currently projected that the budget will outturn on target, however it was highlighted that this could alter depending on the availability of the Viridor plant for waste disposal.  During the interim contract stage the plant can close for testing / maintenance with waste having to be diverted to landfill which will add an additional cost burden to the Council.  For Grounds Maintenance there was also an overspend on vehicle costs but again, disposal of these had been identified for the forthcoming months, with it envisaged the budget, although showing an adverse variance of £25,000, would outturn on target.


For Economic Development a favourable variance of £76,000 was reported as mainly attributed to higher than profiled income in the Employment Training Services Section.  The £36,000 favourable variance reported for Leisure was mainly due to vacant posts within the Countryside Division being held pending the delayed restructure within the Division.  With regard to Planning and Transportation, a favourable variance of £175,000 was attributed in the main to a higher than anticipated level of fee income received during the year which had, however, slowed down in recent months. 

Appendix 2 to the report detailed the financial progress on the Capital Programme for 30th November, 2014.  In referring to the appendix, reference was also made to the following :-


Penarth Pier Supports - Due to the likely difficult conditions that would arise from working in a coastal environment in the winter period, it was expected that design and procurement for works carried out via consultancy would take place in 2014/15 at a projected cost of £10,000.  It had therefore been requested that the £90,000 balance be carried forward to 2015/16 to enable works to commence early in April 2015.


Penarth Heights Highways and Sustainable Transport Projects - There had been a request to amalgamate the following schemes, in order to enable a more co-ordinated approach to the delivery of a number of related schemes in Penarth.  The total budget for the amalgamated schemes being £325,000 :-


·         Cogan Hill / Plassey Street Junctions (Stages 1 and  2) £30,000

·         Windsor Road with Pill Street Junction Penarth £10,000

·         Plassey Street / Glebe Street Zebra Crossing £30,000

·         Plassey Street / High Street Zebra Crossing £20,000

·         Windsor Road / Plassey Street Roundabout Junction Enhancements £100,000

·         Windsor Street / Pill Street Dedicated Right Hand Turn £110,000

·         Lighting Scheme for Zig Zag Path £25,000.


Llandough Sustainable Transport Schemes - There had been a request to amalgamate the Dochdwy Road bus shelter (£15,000) and 20mph zone Llandough (£20,000) schemes in order to enable a more co-ordinated approach to delivery of a number of related schemes in Llandough and a proposed cycleway / footway on Penylan Road was to also be included.  The total budget for the amalgamated scheme to be £35,000. 


Paget Road Open Space Play Facilities - This scheme had previously been as a Skatepark at Paget Road Penarth.  The name had subsequently been amended as the skatepark was just one of three play facilities within the scheme.  It had also been requested to carry forward the budget of £156,000 as there would be another round of consultation with users before Members decided the most appropriate scheme for implementation.


Hensol / Pendoylan Traffic Calming - This scheme had required additional sockets and construction works which had resulted in an increase in costs, an increase of  £t1,000 had therefore been requested for  2014/15 Capital Programme to be funded by a contribution from the S106 fund.  With regard to Rights of Way Improvement Plans (ROWIP) 2014/15, the grant offer from Natural Resources Wales of £31,000 had been requested to be included in the 2014/15 Capital Programme which was to be used towards the implementation of priority ROWIP actions.


Members raised concerns at the comment contained within the report in respect of the Penarth Pier supports, that due to the likely difficult conditions that would arise from working in a coastal environment in the winter period, the design and procurement works would take place in 2014/15, as they considered that officers should have programmed the works to be completed in a more timely fashion.  The Operational Manager advised that the work programme had presented a problem but that it was envisaged that the work would now commence before the end of the current financial year and completed in the next financial year.


In referring to the Lighting Scheme for the Zig Zag path, a Member queried the accuracy of the figure reported as a figure of £100,000 had previously been reported and requested that further details of the proposal including costings be e-mailed to all Members for their information.  Further information in relation to the detail of the ROWIP actions referred to in paragraph 19 of the report and the proposed spend of £31,000 was also requested to be e-mailed to all Members. 


In relation to the project at Pill Street / Windsor Road, the Operational Manager for Highways and Engineering confirmed that this project related to the right hand turn and that the project was expected to be completed by the end of February 2015.  Ward Members had been e-mailed regarding the works and letters to local residents were to be sent the following day. 


Having fully considered the report, and notwithstanding the requests for further information to be forwarded to Members via e-mail as outlined above, it was subsequently


RECOMMENDED - T H A T the position with regard to the 2014/15 Revenue and Capital Monitoring be noted.


Reason for recommendation


Following  consideration of the report.





The Chairman advised of the Cabinet Member’s apologies for not being able to be present at the meeting, following which the Major Projects Manager subsequently presented the report. The Project Manager commenced by stating that Cabinet approval had been sought on 28th November, 2014 for the Director of Resources to appoint marketing agents to market and dispose of the Innovation Quarter Southern Development site. 


The Innovation Quarter (IQ) was a 19 acre mixed use urban quarter located within Barry Waterfront that was being regenerated by the Vale of Glamorgan Council by way of a joint venture with the Welsh Government.  To date a number of development projects had been facilitated at the IQ including the Premier Inn Hotel, Brewers Fayre Restaurant, West Quay Medical Centre, the Business Service Centre and the Skills Training Centre.  Land disposal contracts had also been exchanged with a developer who has commenced converting the Hydraulic Pumphouse into 15 Live Work Units (10 of which have been reserved), three restaurant units and space for a gym.  The contractor is aiming to complete the conversion of the historic property by May 2015.


To further progress the regeneration of the IQ, it had been proposed to market and dispose of the land that had been identified edged red at Appendix A to the report as an opportunity for one or more of the following uses: financial and professional services, food and drink, business and assembly and leisure.  It had also been an aspiration of the Council to secure a cinema for Barry in accordance with the Council’s Corporate Plan and the assembly and leisure use proposals included cinemas in view of this.  The findings of the Savill’s study had been outlined in a Part II report that had also been submitted to Cabinet on 28th November, 2014 and Members were reminded of the need to move into Part II should any aspects of that report be needed to be discussed.  However, all Members having been aware of the Cabinet report, agreed that there was no need to move into Part II for discussion in that respect.  All Members also agreed that an appropriate development scheme secured for the IQ Southern Development site would assist the delivery of the urban quarter vision for the IQ, regenerate a brown field site, boost the local economy and create jobs. 


A Member raised concerns at the possibility of there being a conflict with the Memorial Hall which was also proposing the establishment of a cinema and Barry requested the Committee to urge the Council not to jeopardise the ongoing work at the Memorial Hall.  Following discussion it was, however, accepted that the Council did not know until it marketed the site what the final proposals would be and  accepting that it would be difficult for the Council to give such an assurance, it was subsequently


RECOMMENDED - T H A T the resolutions of Cabinet be accepted.


Reason for recommendation


To enable the marketing and disposal of the IQ Southern Development site located within the Innovation Quarter.





Cabinet approval had been sought on 1st December, 2014 to approve for consultation purposes a Local Transport Plan (LTP) for the Vale of Glamorgan and to set out the process by which the LTP was to be submitted to Welsh Government in January 2015.  Appendix 2 to the report contained the draft Local Transport Plan 2015-2020 which had been prepared to meet Welsh Government guidelines and which was to be submitted to Welsh Government for consideration by 31st January, 2015. 


The Principal Transport and Road Safety Officer advised Committee that in developing an integrated approach Welsh Government expected local authorities to work with the Plan to secure an efficient and effective transport system for Wales, where good connections for national and international markets allowed businesses to prosper and where everyone could access the opportunities they needed to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.  The report also outlined that the National Transport Plan was expected to run from April 2015. 


The consultation on the LTP had commenced on 18th December, 2014 and would close on 22nd January, 2015.  The Scrutiny Committee itself was part of the consultation process.  The final document was to be presented to Full Council for adoption in March 2015 following approval by Welsh Government in February 2015.  Given the timescales involved the report also sought the authority of the Director of Development Services in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Innovation, Planning and Transportation to consider the responses to the consultation and to make appropriate amendments to the Plan prior to submission to Welsh Government.  A further report was to be presented to Cabinet and Council after January to advise of the responses to the consultation, the feedback from Welsh Government and the final LTP. 


In response to a query regarding consultation, the officer advised that the Council had to consult with the City Region Board, Neighbouring Local Authorities, Health and Education and that no other specific consultation was expressed other than the Council’s own legal requirements to satisfy itself as an authority.  In considering the report regional and local plans were discussed which included the Local Development Plan, the Regional Transport Plan, the existing National Transport Plan, the Task and Finish Group recommendations as contained within the Plan itself.  Cabinet had also resolved that a further report outlining the results of the draft LTP consultation process and the feedback of Welsh Government be presented to the Scrutiny Committee during February/March 2015 before final approval being sought from Full Council.


Following consideration of the report a number of questions were raised as outlined below.  In referring to Reference 1 on page 13 and the outcome to improve access to jobs and the limited bus service in the rural Vale of Glamorgan, a Member queried whether there was evidence that people did not accept jobs because of transport problems.   In response, the officer advised that Welsh Government evidence available which emphasised the difficulties for people living in rural areas and that she would obtain the national statistics and forward copies to all Members. In response to a further question as to whether unemployment was 'worse’ in rural as opposed to urban areas, again, the officer agreed to obtain the information and e-mail the details to all Members.


With regard to community transport and the Greenlinks Service, a Member requested that a comprehensive assessment of all transport throughout all Departments be undertaken in order to make best use of Council resources.  Members were informed that since the Greenlinks Service had been in operation it was increasing in demand and although it was heavily subsidised, the more people used the service the more efficient it was becoming. Further routes were also being identified which would again assist with value for money and capacity issues.  Welsh Government had also provided financial assistance for another pilot scheme to be undertaken with one of the school routes being utilised for the project.  The Council would also be considering diverting other vehicles to assist such services and a 16-21 concessionary pass scheme was currently being considered. In referring to the reference in the report of 5kms being the accepted criteria to be measured for acceptable walking distances, Committee was advised that this was taken from the legal walking distance  related to school transport provision as stated in legislation.  


A Member also suggested that the report should include reference to rail transport but was advised that Welsh Government guidelines stated that rail services were not to be part of the document.


Following further discussion, Members also recognised the conflict with increasing bus provision as it may exacerbate congestion issues and the Council may wish to consider integrated transport and the continuity of transport in all its forms not just two or three examples as identified in page 39 of the document.  In referring to congestion issues, Members were informed that "bus corridors" were a series of measures designed to improve bus traffic flow.  It was subsequently recommended that the Plan should include a full description of the terminology "bus corridor" and the various measures that can be used.


In referring to the Culverhouse Cross to Cardiff Airport Bus Priority scheme at page 32 of the report, a Member stated that many people had not been happy with the T9 service as this had not been widely used and queried whether the introduction of the new scheme would exacerbate the problem.  The officer, however, informed Committee that the scheme referred to in the report was not the T9 service but that it was a general service from Culverhouse Cross to Cardiff Airport, in the main, for the Enterprise Zone and access for all residents to Cardiff.    Some Members were also keen to ensure that whilst improving the flow of bus transport the Council needed to be mindful of not having a negative impact on traffic flow.  However, it was agreed that some future improvements could have a small negative impact in some areas and therefore it would be a balancing act as to the best course of action to be pursued.  Officers would also make Members aware of any negative impacts of schemes to be introduced as well as the positives of every scheme which would be detailed in future documents.


The Chairman took the opportunity to inform Members of the number of recommendations that had been made by the Task and Finish Group, some of which were being addressed in the document.  The officer advised that a number of other recommendations made by the Group e.g. a cycle route for Gilbert Lane had not been able to be assessed in the timescale provided and as such they had not been included in the document but had been identified to be considered in the future.  The Chairman also advised that a report updating Committee on the progress of the Task and Finish Group’s recommendations was scheduled to be reported to the Scrutiny Committee over the forthcoming months and that she would welcome in depth discussion on the recommendations at that time. 


A local Ward Member took the opportunity to commend the officer on the new 321 Bus Service from Llantwit Major to Talbot Green although recognising that further work was required in respect of rural transport and that the Green Links provision was only part of the answer.  Further concern was raised in relation to the junction at Pentre Meyrick Cross where a number of heavy vehicles were now appearing to utilise the junction from Llandow, advising that if further developments were to be made, the junction would need to be reassessed for access.  In response, the officer advised that a Highways element was contained within the Plan, which addressed the fact that where new developments were being progressed, additional schemes may need to be considered and, as a result, the LTP would need to be amended accordingly, where necessary.


Members, in welcoming the report, the reference to Active Travel and in accepting that the rail service was not to be included in the document as it was to be contained within the National Transport Plan currently out for consultation, were advised to respond directly to that consultation, if they so wished.


It was subsequently


RECOMMENDED - T H A T the draft Local Transport Plan 2015, as appended to the report be accepted, with Cabinet being requested to include inserting a definition in respect of the term "bus corridors" and the negative impacts of schemes as well as the positives.


Reason for recommendation


In recognition of the consultation process on the draft Local Transport Plan 2015 and in order to provide clear and further detail to the public on the definition of the term "bus corridor" and the impact of various schemes.





The report provided an update to Cabinet on 1st December, 2014 on various play initiatives, the Play Sufficiency Audit and gave details of the new statutory guidance issued to local authorities on play opportunities.  In addition, the report had sought to invite Town and Community Councils to provide financial support for school holiday play schemes should they wish to support them in their communities.  The Council had a duty to undertake a Play Sufficiency Audit and to produce an Action Plan which had been submitted to Welsh Government in November 2012.  However, further statutory duties had since been placed on the Local Authority by Welsh Government, which were outlined at Appendix A to the report.  A timetable for completion of the duties had already been set by Welsh Government and was attached at Appendix B to the report.


Play schemes and other play provision had operated during all school holidays (with the exception of Christmas) and sporadically at other times in the past year.  These had been funded in a variety of ways including grants from the disability strand of the Families First funding, from the out of school care grant, from departmental budgets and with financial assistance from two Town and Community Councils.  Funding for play services had been particularly difficult to identify given the changes in funding formula over the past years and the demand on the Council’s own budgets.  The main requirements placed upon local authorities by Welsh Government in terms of the new Statutory Play Duties were to assess sufficiency of play opportunities in the area and so far as reasonably practicable to secure sufficient play opportunities having regard to the assessments and to publish the opportunities available.  In meeting these duties a report had been forwarded to Welsh Government detailing progress on the current two year Play Action Plan and a timetable was being established for future annual Play Action Plans that would be a statutory requirement for all local authorities to produce.  It was noted that the content of these future Action Plans would always be dictated by the amount of resources available to deliver play opportunities in the Vale of Glamorgan.  The Operational Manager for Leisure Services advised that letters had, that day, been forwarded to Town and Community Councils in seeking their assistance and he took the opportunity to address all Members to champion support for the service within their respective Town and Community Council areas.


A Member from Penarth queried whether the officer would be able to attend a meeting of the Town Council to advise of the service and what assistance could be provided.  The officer stated that an offer to speak at all Town and Community Councils had been made in the letter that had been forwarded that day.  The officer further advised that the Department was also happy to work in partnership with any other providers who wished to come forward.


In discussing the report, Members queried whether schools could be asked to assist schemes with the possibility of the use of school buildings in the evenings, in particular the playground and gym facilities.  The officer advised that he welcomed the comments but that there had been a number of difficulties in trying to engage with schools in the past with the suggestion by Members that they pursue this avenue on behalf of officers in their areas.


It was subsequently


RECOMMENDED - T H A T the report and the information provided at the meeting be noted.


Reason for recommendation


In view of the progress made to date and the letters that had already been sent to Town and Community Councils.





The Operational Manager for Leisure and Tourism, in presenting the report, stated that the Business Breakfast had formed a key part of the consultation on the Destination Plan with a number of suggestions having been made during the session on how the Council could continue to make progress in securing the Vale’s position as a popular tourist destination.  Mr. Steve Webb, a specialist in destination and tourism management, had provided a short presentation at the event, which the Chairman stated had included a positive impression of the Vale of Glamorgan. 


It was noted that feedback from the event was in the process of being presented into a delegate feedback report which had been circulated to all delegates and used to inform the finalisation of the Destination Management Plan.  With reference to the actions to deliver the five priorities as contained in the Destination Plan, the following bullet points summarised the relevant issues raised and discussed:


·         Signage - strategic and local was seen as essential.

·         The need to promote the Vale of Glamorgan beyond the Vale.

·         Accessibility and proximity to Cardiff is a strong selling point.

·         Gateways need enhancing.

·         Use of key messages when branding such as the Heritage Cost, activities, food and drink.

·         Use proximity to the Capital City as a positive message.

·         Provide more overnight accommodation to retain visitors within the area and reduce reliance on day visitors.

·         Barry Island is a strong brand.

·         Need to develop all weather attractions.

·         Need to focus on tourism throughout the year, not just summer.

·         Activity tourism and leisure to be promoted and seek to work with parties to avoid negative perceptions.


Following consideration of the report it was  


RECOMMENDED - T H A T the report be noted.


Reason for recommendation


In view of the contents contained therein.





Appendices A and B attached to the report set out the recommendations of the Scrutiny Committee over the quarters July - September 2014 and October to December 2014.  Members were requested to review the progress against each recommendation to assess whether further action was required, ensure the required action was undertaken and to confirm which recommendations were to be agreed as completed.


The Work Programme schedule attached at Appendix C was a proposed list of items for consideration, it being accepted that it would be subject to change depending on prevailing circumstances. It also detailed the Work Programme reports that had been requested by the Scrutiny Committee together with items that required regular monitoring and scrutiny.  


The Work Programme, once approved, would be uploaded to the Council’s website for information for Elected Members and members of the public.


During consideration of the Work Programme, a Member raised the issue of a possible ban on Sky Lanterns by the Vale of Glamorgan Council.  It was noted that at a meeting of the Glamorgan Heritage Coast Committee in September 2014 that Committee had recommended to Cabinet that Sky Lanterns be banned in the Vale. Members requested that a copy of the decision of Cabinet be forwarded by e-mail for information.


The Democratic and Scrutiny Services Officer, in presenting the report and having consulted with the Directors of Development Services and Visible Services and Housing prior to the meeting, advised of a number of  suggested dates for reports to be timetabled for Committee, following which it was subsequently




(1)       T H A T the following actions be deemed completed as outlined below:


15 July 2014

Min. No. 221 - Consultation Event with Key Stakeholders - Business Liaison Meeting (DR)

Recommended -

That the Operational Manager for Countryside and Economic Projects considers a future consultation exercise with the business community, as outlined above, the detail of which to be considered and agreed via e-mail with all Members of the Committee in due course.

Having considered a previous report on the agenda i.e. Vale of Glamorgan Agricultural Show Business Breakfast and being fully aware that a number of consultation exercises and surveys had been undertaken by various departments within the Council and previously by the Committee, in the interest of further duplication it was agreed that no further action be required at present and that any further requests for a meeting to be held be reported to Committee in the future, as appropriate.


7 October 2014

Min. No. 487 – 'XFOR’ Environmental Enforcement Services Trial - 30th July, 2012 - 20th May, 2013 (REF) – Recommended

(2)   That a future report be presented to the Scrutiny Committee detailing the full costs of all available future options for improved environmental enforcement to include both the private sector and in-house provision and other suggestions as outlined above.

Added to work programme schedule.


Min. No. 490 – Transport Savings Programme Update (REF) – Recommended

That the above comments of the Scrutiny Committee be relayed to the Scrutiny Committee (Corporate Resources) in time for its meeting on 15th October, 2014.

Referred to Scrutiny Committee (Corporate Resources) meeting on 15th October 2014, which recommended that the recommendations of Cabinet be endorsed and

(2)   That Cabinet be requested to consider requesting quarterly reports from the Transport Savings Steering Group that outline initiatives introduced, how they are progressing and the saving achieved against those anticipated.

(Min. No. 524 refers)

Cabinet, on 17th November 2014, noted the contents of the report and resolved that quarterly reports be received from the Transport Savings Steering Group to update Cabinet on progress.

(Min. No. C2525 refers)


Min. No. 494 – Scrutiny Decision Tracking of Recommendations and Work Programme Schedule 2014/15 (DR) – Recommended

(2)   That the Work Programme schedule be amended to include the forthcoming anticipated reference from Cabinet on Street Lighting and the reports requested during the meeting as detailed above.

Work Programme schedule updated and uploaded to Council’s website on 6th November 2014



(2)       T H A T the following ongoing actions be accepted :-  


·         Use of LED lights  –  added to work programme schedule and  the Director of Visible Services and Housing be asked to provide a timescale for the report in order to be considered by Committee as soon as possible.

·         Leisure Contract Monitoring – added to work programme schedule – it being noted that the briefing / training session was currently being addressed and that further discussions would be undertaken with the Head of Democratic Services and the Director of Development Services to ensure that the briefing/training session was arranged as soon as possible.


(3)       T H A T the Work Programme schedule at Appendix C be accepted and uploaded to the Council’s website, subject to the following additions:


·         Gateway Wales and Cardiff Airport Progress Update - to be presented to either the February or March meeting

·         Barry Island Beach Huts Policy – Feb / March

·         End of Year Performance Report on Resurfacing Work and Material Used and the Maintenance of Potholes in the Vale - to be presented in May 2015

·         Welsh Government’s Regeneration Framework - Vibrant and Viable Places - details of how various initiatives and proposals for Barry would be progressed - to be reported February / March 2015

·         Vale of Glamorgan Destination Action Plan – results of consultation – March / April 2015 

·         Collaboration Initiative Civil Parking Enforcement Report to include - details of whether the Council should enforce beyond the catchment areas currently identified, details of actual presence in the areas in the Towns to date and the number of Enforcement Officers for the Vale -  to be reported April 2015 

·         XFOR Environmental Enforcement Services Trial report - to include statistical information  - to be reported to Committee April 2015

·          Report on the Joint Organics Procurement Project with Cardiff Council - to be timetabled. 


Reasons for recommendations


(1)       In recognition of the status and progress of the recommendations as completed.


(2)       Having received updates on ongoing progress of the recommendations.


(3)       To agree a Work Programme schedule to be uploaded to the Council’s website.