Agenda Item No


The Vale of Glamorgan Council


Senior Management Appointment Committee: 21 April 2015


Report of the Managing Director


Recruitment and Selection Arrangements for the Head of Finance/Section 151 Officer


Purpose of the Report

1.         To provide an update on the recruitment and selection arrangements for the post of Head of Finance/Section 151 Officer and to ask the Committee to identify a long-list of candidates for invitation for preliminary assessment on the 27 April 2015.


1.         To note the information set out in this report and confirm a long-list of candidates to proceed for preliminary assessment on the 27th April 2015.

Reason for the Recommendation

1.      To ensure the appointment for the post proceeds in accordance with the
         requirements of the Council's constitution.


2.      The Senior Management Appointment Committee approved the recruitment and selection arrangements for the post of Head of Finance/Section 151 Officer on the 18th March 2015.

3.      As a result of the above, an advert was placed in the Local Government Chronicle and on-line in the Western Mail during week commencing 30th March 2015 with a closing date of midday on Monday 20 April 2015.

4.      The post was also advertised through the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy during the above mentioned period.

Relevant Issues and Options

5.      Once the closing date has passed on the 20 April 2015 it is intended to circulate all received application forms to members of the Committee together with a schedule of all candidates. Such circulation will take place during the afternoon of Monday 20 April 2015. Members are asked to treat this documentation in strict confidence. 

6.      Following receipt of the documentation Members are asked to consider each application in advance of the Committee meeting and bring the documentation to the meeting on the afternoon of the 21 April 2015.

7.      Attached at Appendix A and Appendix B are copies of the job description and person specification for the post which will help Members in considering the suitability of each candidate and formulating a long list for preliminary assessment.

8.      Arrangements for the preliminary assessment have been made for the 27 April 2015 and will include a technical interview and a range of related exercises to assess the professional competence and suitability of all long listed candidates. The process will be supported by Solace Enterprises as appropriate and as agreed at the meeting of this Committee on the 18 March 2015.

9.      The outcomes of the preliminary assessment will be presented to a further meeting of this Committee on the 28 April 2015 in order to help Members determine a short list for final interview.

10     The final interviews for the post of Head of Finance/Section 151 Officer have been scheduled for the afternoon of the 12 May 2015.

Resource Implications (Financial and Employment)

11.    The background information relating to this recruitment exercise was set out in the report to this Committee on the 18 March 2015 together with resource implications.

Sustainability and Climate Change Implications

12.    None.

Legal Implications (to Include Human Rights Implications)

13.    The Council has a statutory responsibility to designate one of its officers as a Section 151 Officer. The recommendations within this report seek to ensure that this statutory responsibility is fulfilled.

Crime and Disorder Implications

14.    There are no crime and disorder implications directly arising from this report.

Equal Opportunities Implications (to include Welsh Language issues)

15.    The recruitment process will be managed in accordance with the Council's equality proofed recruitment and selection policy and the provisions of the Local Authorities (Standing Orders) (Wales) Regulations 2014.

Corporate/Service Objectives

16.    The proposals within this report have been designed to ensure a sustainable management structure for the Council.

Policy Framework and Budget

17.    The decision of the Senior Management Appointments Committee will be referred for information to Council.

Consultation (including Ward Member Consultation)

18.    Consultation has taken place with the Managing Director, Head of Human Resources, Corporate Management Team. The decision to recruit to the post was endorsed by Cabinet on 23 February and approved by Council on 4 March 2015

Relevant Scrutiny Committee

Corporate Resources

Background Papers



Contact Officer

Reuben Bergman, Head of Human Resources

Officers Consulted

See paragraph 18 above


Responsible Officer:

Sian Davies, Managing Director