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Councillor C.J. Williams had requested that the matter be considered by the Scrutiny Committee in order that the Committee could consider the scheme as a priority following the feasibility study that had already been carried out.  He suggested that all necessary land purchases be made without further delay to enable the Authority to access funds from SEWTA to ensure that the cycle / footpath was created to minimise the threat of further fatalities to pedestrians and cyclists travelling between Dinas Powys and Barry.


The report highlighted that in 2010 the Council had been successful in securing £30k. from the South East Wales Transport Alliance (SEWTA) to undertake investigative and initial design and costing works on two cycle routes in the south eastern Vale, namely Railway Walk, Penarth and a proposed cycle route between Barry and Dinas Powys.  Both routes had been identified by Sustrans, the national cycle charity, as integral elements of the proposed National Cycle Network through the Vale of Glamorgan NCN 88.  A copy of the NCN 88 feasibility report prepared by Sustrans in June 2008 was available in the Members’ Room for information.  The routes identified had been investigated by officers from the Council’s then Visible Services Division and two reports identifying preferred routes, issues and outline costings had been prepared.  A copy of the Barry to Dinas Powys report had also been placed in the Members’ Room for information.  In summary, the report:


·                    Identified a preferred off road cycle route between the Biglis / McDonalds roundabout on the eastern side of Barry and the western edge of Dinas Powys at the Southra Park estate

·                    Identified Issues and options associated with the development of the route e.g. land ownership, flooding and the need to span a number of watercourses; and

·                    provided a cost estimate range of £614,000 to £783,000 (dependent upon preferred route and options) for the completion of the works. 


However, as indicated in the report, the Director advised that resources for the development of the route network were severely limited and completion would by necessity be gradual with design and implementation works occurring as and when resources were available.  There were land ownership issues and also funding issues with the next stages in progressing any scheme to be to gain acceptance from SEWTA for inclusion in the five year programme of works and for a detailed development of the scheme. 

 Councillor Williams stated that he was encouraged by other Council works that had been undertaken and that he felt there was a genuine desire to further cycleway provision throughout the Vale, however the Council needed to make a number of priorities in order to be proactive. 


Having fully considered the report, it was subsequently


RECOMMENDED – T H A T Cabinet be requested to make the necessary resources available to progress a bid to SEWTA in order that the Barry to Dinas Powys Cycleway project could be included in the Regional Transport Plan five year programme.


Reason for recommendation


To progress the issue.”






Attached as Appendix - Report to Scrutiny Committee (Economy and Environment): 4th September, 2012