Urgent by reason of the need to progress the matter in view of the funding issues involved and to demonstrate good progress by mitigating any undue delay


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Members were updated on progress with regard to the project and the completion of the two stages of the LDP / Collins Leisure Consultants’ report regarding possible investment in leisure uses at Nell’s Point, Barry Island. 


The Director outlined that officers had reported previously to Cabinet on 12 December 2007 regarding Nell’s Point and future land uses.  That report had subsequently been agreed together with the recommendation for the appointment of consultancy support.  Humberts Leisure were appointed in June 2009 and following completion of the Humberts Report and prior to moving into the marketing stage of the project, officers fed the completed report through to the various stakeholder groups and to general consultation with the intention of reporting comments back to Cabinet for resolution on marketing in the summer of 2010.  At that time a number of respondents suggested that the discussion of Nell’s Point should be within the wider context of a master plan for Barry Island in order that a more wider consolidated approach might be taken.  However, others had suggested that this wider contextual approach should be considered as part of the work of the Barry Regeneration Area as funding might be available from the Welsh Government under that banner for the work.  As a result of these discussions the site remained unmarketed and officers moved forward with two further pieces of work.  Firstly with the initial work required to develop a contextual master plan for the Island and, secondly, with consideration of the marketing options available for Nell’s Point.


Following the procurement exercise in August 2011, consultants LDP / Collins Leisure Consultants had been appointed with the remit of providing a further report on Nell’s Point.  An update report had been provided to Cabinet on 21st July 2012, it being noted that an imminent presentation of the work of LDP / Collins Leisure Consultants to the Barry Regeneration Area Partnership Board, Cabinet and the relevant Scrutiny Committee would be made and would allow the Council an opportunity to consider the findings of the consultants and whether or not these findings should inform and feed into the Master Plan for the Island.


The final report from LDP / Collins Leisure Consultants had been deposited in the Members’ Room and, given the size of the report as well as its complexity and detail, LDP / Collins Leisure Consultants had reviewed its content and summarised both the content and conclusions.  The background to the report and an executive summary of the LDP / Collins Leisure Consultants’ report was attached to the report as Appendix A.


The LDP / Collins Leisure Consultants’ report had concluded that a mixed development including a family activity centre linked to a destination attraction such as an aquarium and a “blackbox” or support accommodation was a solution that would be most marketable given the analysis. 


John Dent, Major Projects Manager, presented his view to Committee in relation to the report in that he considered that LDP / Collins Leisure Consultants were best placed to bring forward a range of uses although the end product would need to be considered in light of investment and / or joint ventures, etc.  To progress the Nell’s Point scheme the Council would need to also consider the appointment of consultants to take forward the Stage 3 element of the programme as detailed in the study.


Members welcomed the report and concurred that progress needed to be made as soon as possible for the development of Nell’s point and future uses for the land.


Whilst considering the report a suggestion was made that an audit of coastal buildings owned by the Vale Council should be undertaken. However, following advice from officers that an audit would automatically be undertaken in respect of Barry Island during the process, the suggestion was not accepted.


Having fully considered the report it was subsequently




(1)       T H A T the views of the Barry Regeneration Area Board be noted.


(2)       T H A T the report be endorsed and referred together with the recommendations below for consideration by Cabinet.


(3)       T H A T officers prepare a Consultancy Brief in order that Stage 3 of the master planning, marketing and investment plan for Nell’s Point can proceed and that the Director of Development Services, in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Innovation, Planning and Transportation, the Director of Resources, and the Leader procure such services.


(4)       T H A T following the preparation of the Consultancy Brief and, if considered appropriate, the Council procure the work directly from LDP / Collins Leisure Consultants with the appropriate exemption from financial regulations


(5)       T H A T the costs of such Consultancy Services be financed via the Barry Regeneration fund element of the Council’s Capital Programme.


(6)       T H A T officers utilise the recommendations of the report and incorporate such proposals into a draft Barry Island Master Plan.


(7)       T H A T officers complete the draft Barry Island Master Plan and report firstly to Scrutiny Committee and then to Cabinet, prior to a formal consultation exercise being undertaken.


(8)       T H A T officers report the outcome of the Stage 3 report when available.


(9)       T H A T an update report on progress be presented to the Scrutiny Committee in six months.


Reasons for the Recommendations


(1)       In consideration of the programme and funding requirements associated with the project.


(2)       To note the views of the Committee and that the report referred be Cabinet for consideration.


(3)       To allow progression of the third stage of the Consultancy work involving the actual marketing of the land and negotiations with a specific group of investors in accord with an agreed brief.


(4)       Cabinet may consider it appropriate to request LDP / Collins Leisure Consultants to progress this work given their input into Stages 1 and 2.


(5)       To finance the work.


(6)       To progress the Barry Island Master Plan to a draft stage for Members’ views via Scrutiny Committee and Cabinet prior to consultation.


(7)       To provide a contextual framework for the regeneration of Barry Island.


(8)       To provide details of progress.


(9)       In order to apprise Members and update them on progress.”




Attached as Appendix – Report to Scrutiny Committee (Economy and Environment): 9th October, 2012