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Appendix 1 to the report detailed the financial progress on the Capital Programme as at 31st August, 2012. 


For the Service Directorates the following was noted:


·               Director of Learning and Skills


Llancarfan and Gwenfo Demountables - the latest position in respect of the scheme was that one double demountable at Gwenfo Primary had been replaced with a new double unit. At Llancarfan, one previously hired demountable unit had been purchased, a second had been surveyed and deemed in good condition but needing some minor works. The third unit was to be purchased at the end of the financial year as works needed to be undertaken outside term time.  


·               Director of Social Services


Day Care Re-Configuration, Rondel House - works were required to transfer the servicing of the kitchens at Rondel House to a new electricity supply, and were anticipated to cost £50,000 on top of the existing budget (which was slipped from the previous year's budget to cover final costs on refurbishment works). It was proposed to fund £25,000 of the costs from a contribution from revenue budgets and the balance be transferred from the approved capital budget for the upgrade of Rhoose Road Respite Home, where it had been determined that it was not feasible to carry out the planned extension work within the budget available due to complications with drainage.   


·               Director of Visible and Housing Services


Structural Repairs of Eastern Shelter Public Convenience Block - Cabinet had (29th February 2012) approved the inclusion of a successful capital bid for £55,000 in both 2012/13 and 2013/14 for structural repairs to the public convenience block behind Barry Island's Eastern Shelter. Officers had reported incidents of structural failure of the concrete structure of the Eastern Shelter, with sections of the concrete breaking up and falling onto public open space on the promenade. There was now a serious concern that the Eastern Shelter needed structural repairs and that unless works were undertaken soon it will be a risk to public safety.


·               Director of Development Services


Pont y Werin and NCN88 - The South East Wales Transportation Alliance (SEWTA) had approved the transfer of £17,000 grant from the National Cycle Network route 88 budget to the Pont y Werin cycleway budget as well as awarding an additional £6,000 grant for the Oystercatcher element of the Pont y Werin scheme in order to reflect the true expenditure anticipated on this project.


Rights of Way Improvement Plan (ROWIP) - Cabinet on 9th July 2012 (minute C1780) approved the inclusion of a Countryside Commission for Wales (CCW) capital grant towards various improvements to the rights of way network into the Council's Capital Programme.


Gibbonsdown Community Centre - under delegated authority, officers had approved the transfer of some £13,000 from the Barry Regeneration Partnership capital budget towards developing design and tender papers for the project to refurbish the community centre building.


·               Director of Resources


Miscellaneous Buildings Asset Renewal - within this allocation of £116,000 there was a sum of £18,000 which slipped from the previous year's Capital Programme for a replacement boiler at Wick pavilion. 


IT Equipment - Wide Area Network (WAN) - the allocation for this project, to roll out a replacement area network between the Authority's numerous networked sites was approved in 2011/12, part of which slipped into the financial year in order to complete the installations. A link between Llantwit Major Youth Centre and St Illtyd's Primary School was not identified as part of the original WAN contract but works now needed to be undertaken as an additional item, at a cost of £4,000. 


·               Variance between Actual Spend to date and Profiled Spend


Cabinet had previously agreed that further information would be provided where schemes had a value of over £500,000 and showed a variance of 20% or more between actual spend and the profile. The following schemes met this criteria:-


Disabled Facility Grants (DFGs) - costs were behind profile but it was expected that the position would have been rectified by the end of the year. There had been some temporary staffing difficulties in the Occupational Therapy team which had been addressed through a restructure of the team and recruitment is underway.


Castleland Renewal Area - expenditure on phases 2a and 2b was behind profile because of inclement weather and the fact that additional unforeseen works had to be undertaken.  


Coldbrook Flood Risk Management - detailed design had been completed on the major flooding scheme but contractor appointments had been delayed. Highway Officers had also advised that the programme had slowed due to problems with obtaining consent from the Environment Agency to undertake works on Main River. 


Highway Resurfacing (Local Government Borrowing Initiative) - expenditure was behind budget as although works were progressing well on site, smaller sites had been completed earlier than planned which had reduced costs to date. 


Vehicle Renewals - The Council's Fleet Manager was reporting lengthy delays with delivery of newly procured vehicles which had meant that expenditure was not keeping in line with the planned profile. Build times on some of the vehicles had been far greater than anticipated.


During consideration of the report the following information was requested to be e-mailed to Members as soon as possible:


·                    Wick Pavilion – further details of the £18,000 for the replacement boiler;

·                    Pont y Werin and NCN88 - breakdown of the contribution details for the Council and Crest Nicholson.


Councillor H.J.W. James registered his disappointment as to the decision that it was not feasible to carry out the planned extension work to Rhoose Road Respite Home with the budget available due to complications with drainage and that he would investigate the issue further himself.


Concern was raised with regard to the provision of repairs for various schemes throughout the Council service areas with Members being informed that the Council was constrained by funding and as such it was necessary to prioritise schemes.  The budget report to all Scrutiny Committees would in November detail how the process worked and clarify the position for Members. 


It was subsequently




(1)       T H A T, notwithstanding the budget report requested above, the following be recommended to Cabinet:


·                    Day Care Reconfiguration - Rondel House - increase budget by £50,000 funded from a transfer of £25,000 from the Rhoose Road Capital Budget and £25,000 contribution from revenue.

·                    Pont y Werin and NCN88 - transfer £17,000 from NCN88 to Pont y Werin and increase the Pont y Werin by a further £6,000 funded from SEWTA grant.

·                    That the IT Equipment budget be increased by £4,000 funded from the IT Fund.


(2)       T H A T the information requested to be e-mailed to Members be forwarded as above as soon as possible.


Reasons for recommendations


(1)       For Cabinet consideration in view of the information contained within the report.


(2)       To apprise Members.”





Attached as Appendix – Report to Scrutiny Committee (Corporate Resources): 16th October, 2012