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The Vale of Glamorgan Council

Cabinet Meeting: 3rd December 2012

Report of the Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Innovation, Planning and Transportation

Cardiff Local Development Plan 2006 – 2026: Public Consultation on the Preferred Strategy

Purpose of the Report

1.         The purpose of this report is to inform Cabinet of the release of Cardiff Council’s Local Development Plan (LDP) Preferred Strategy document and Initial Sustainability Appraisal Report which were approved for public consultation purposes in October 2012. Various background documents including a Habitats Regulations Assessment Scoping Report have also been published for information purposes.


1.         That Cabinet approve the comments attached at Appendix A as the Council's formal response to the public consultation on Cardiff Council's LDP Preferred Strategy.

2.         That a copy of this report be submitted to Planning Committee and Economy and Environment Scrutiny Committee for information purposes.

Reasons for the Recommendations

1.         To obtain Cabinet's approval to submit the Vale of Glamorgan Council's consultation response to Cardiff Council by 14th December 2012.

2.         To ensure Planning Committee and the Economy and Environment Scrutiny Committee is kept informed of progress on Cardiff Council's new Local Development Plan 2006 - 2026.


2.         Cardiff Council submitted their previously prepared LDP to the Welsh Government for Examination in November 2009. However, the Inspectors examining the soundness of the Plan raised significant concerns and following agreement from the Welsh Government, Cardiff Council withdrew the LDP from the Examination in April 2010. Cardiff Council has subsequently commenced work on a new LDP covering the period 2006 -2026 which will replace the existing structure and local plans for Cardiff when adopted. 

3.         To date, Cardiff Council has completed the following stages in respect of their new LDP which have contributed to the preparation of the Preferred Strategy document:

·               submission and assessment of candidate sites;

·               consultation / approval of LDP vision and objectives (March 2011);

·               consultation on strategic options  (May / June 2011);

·               regional collaboration exercise (Winter 2011/12)

4.         The statutory 6 week public consultation on the Preferred Strategy and Initial Sustainability Appraisal Report runs from 1st November 2012 to 14th December 2012. Cardiff Council have provided consultees with a comment form in order that responses to the documents can be focussed. The Council needs to respond to this public consultation in its role as an adjoining local authority. The results of the public consultation will help to inform the preparation of Cardiff's Deposit LDP (draft Plan) which will be subject to a further 6 week public consultation in Autumn 2013. The Preferred Strategy document and Initial Sustainability Appraisal Report can be viewed on Cardiff Council's web site via the following link:,3139,3154,5845,6565&parent_directory_id=2865

Relevant Issues and Options

5.         The Preferred Strategy document sets out a strategy for the future development of Cardiff and reflects its role as the capital city of Wales and economic driver of the wider city region to 2026. The document includes the following elements:

·               Cardiff context and key issues that the Plan must address;

·               LDP vision and objectives;

·               Strategic growth options;

·               Spatial options;

·               Preferred strategy and

·               Strategic Policies.

6.         The following points summarise the key elements of how Cardiff Council's Preferred Strategy proposes to meet social and economic needs whilst respecting environmental factors and delivering sustainable neighbourhoods as part of a sustainable city.

Growing to meet future needs

7.         Cardiff Council considered the following 3 growth options:

·               Option A:  Based on the Welsh Government 2008 based population and household projections - Plan will provide for about 54,400 new homes and 55,000 new jobs.

·               Option B: Based on the Welsh Government 2008 based population and household projections but applying locally robust data to recalibrate these trend led projections - Plan will provide for about 45,000 new homes and 40,000 new jobs.

·               Option C - Based on long term past rates of net migration rates and housing completions - Plan will provide for about 36,500 new homes and 26,000 new jobs.

8.         The Preferred Strategy states that the level of growth in option B will meet the needs of Cardiff's anticipated future population. This option is also considered to strike the right balance in supporting Cardiff's role as economic driver of the wider city region and providing social and economic benefits for the wider area. It is considered that Cardiff Council have considered appropriate growth options and support is given to option B.


New Homes

9.         The Preferred Strategy seeks to provide a range and choice of new housing opportunities including provision for affordable housing as well as gypsy and traveller accommodation. Approximately 60% of the housing provision will be met by brownfield sites within the existing urban area including land yet to be developed in Cardiff Bay and new sites at the former Arjo Wiggins Mill and Ferry Road Gas Works. However, due to a finite urban capacity and the need to protect parks and river corridors, approximately 18,000 new homes are proposed on greenfield sites. The Preferred Strategy includes the following greenfield strategic sites: 

·               North East Cardiff, between Lisvane and Pontprennau (Approximately 6000 homes);

·               East of Pontprennau Link Road (Approximately 2000 homes);

·               North West Cardiff (Approximately 7500 homes);

·               North of Junction 33 (Approximately 2000 homes) and

·               South of Creigiau (Approximately 750 homes).

10.      Support is given to all of these strategic sites, with the exception of the site to the north of Junction 33. Concerns are expressed regarding the unsuitability of the site in sustainability terms and the fact that it is highly likely to increase the number of car borne trips which would result in increased traffic congestion on the strategic highway network.

New Jobs

11.      The Preferred Strategy also seeks to provide a range and choice of new job opportunities and protect existing employment sites which perform an important economic role in the city. The following strategic employment sites have been identified in the consultation document:

·               Cardiff Central Enterprise Zone and Regional Transport Hub (a major employment led initiative in the heart of the city focussing on financial and business services);

·               Roath basin (a mixed use scheme including offices, residential, retail and leisure);

·               North of Junction 33 (an element of employment uses as part of a wider mixed use scheme well suited to the ICT, life sciences, energy and environmental technologies sectors);

·               North West Cardiff, North East Cardiff and Arjo Wiggins site (employment uses will form a complimentary element of these housing led schemes) and

·               St. Mellons (A well accessed and quality site adding an extra dimension to the Cardiff business offer.

12.      Support is given to all of these strategic sites, with the exception of the site to the north of Junction 33 as it is highly likely to undermine Cardiff's employment strategy.  

Sustainable Neighbourhoods

13.      The Preferred Strategy seeks to ensure that new homes and jobs form part of well planned communities which have the appropriate range of facilities.  The document sets out key principles for new development responding to key sustainability factors and aims to provide well designed, safe, accessible and healthy environments for all. The need to sustainably manage waste, reduce emissions and maximise renewable solutions are also highlighted. The Preferred Strategy also aims to tackle deprivation and improve the quality of life for residents by supporting district centres, creating healthier environments and enhancing existing community facilities. Support is given to the sustainable neighbourhoods policy.

Sustainable Transport Solutions

14.      The Preferred Strategy aims to maximise the use of sustainable transport and improve connectivity between Cardiff and the wider region. This will be achieved by making better use of the existing network, reducing demand where possible and widening travel choices. The aim is to secure a modal split of 50% car and 50% non car modes by:

·               reducing the need to travel through location and design;

·               improving public transport;

·               providing new park and ride / share facilities;

·               providing high quality walking and cycling infrastructure;

·               widening travel choices to work (travel planning) and

·               improving safety and accessibility for all.


15.      Support is given to the transport policies and the desire to work with adjoining local authorities to secure suitable park and ride / share facilities and increase rail based park and ride. However, it is recommended that reference is also made to the National Cycle Network and in particular the importance of joint working to provide continuous routes between adjacent local authorities. The Pont y Werin over the River Ely is a good example of where this has already been achieved. It is also recommended that Cardiff works within the Vale of Glamorgan Council to address the issue of congestion and to seek innovative solutions.

Protecting Cardiff's Environment

16.      This Preferred Strategy has been developed to minimise its impact on Cardiff's existing built and natural environment. More than 5,500 hectares of countryside and strategic river valleys will be protected from development as well as the city's rich and diverse heritage assets. The Preferred Strategy does not include a green belt or any green wedges. It is recommended that consideration is given to the provision of green wedges in appropriate locations to provide additional protection to vulnerable areas on the fringe of the city. Support is given to the fact that the St. Fagans and Ely Valley Special Landscape Area ties in with the Ely Valley and Ridge Slopes Special Landscape Area in the Vale of Glamorgan.

Resource Implications (Financial and Employment)

17.      The response to Cardiff's LDP Preferred Strategy has been prepared within the Planning and Transportation budget.

Sustainability and Climate Change Implications

18.      Local Development Plans must be subject to Sustainability Appraisal incorporating Strategic Environmental Assessment as required by the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 and the SEA Regulations. This is to ensure that Local Development Plan policies reflect sustainable development principles and take into account the significant effects of the Plan on the environment. 

Legal Implications (to Include Human Rights Implications)

19.      None applicable to this report.

Crime and Disorder Implications

20.      None applicable to this report.

Equal Opportunities Implications (to include Welsh Language issues)

21.      The public consultation process undertaken by Cardiff Council on its Preferred Strategy and Initial Sustainability Appraisal Report offers all interested parties the opportunity to formally comment on the proposals.

Corporate/Service Objectives

22.      Commenting on and keeping up to date on adjoining local authorities LDP's is an important part of the Planning and Transportation Division's work. Liaising with adjoining local authorities in respect of Planning and other maters is corporately important to ensure consistency of proposals and decisions on a regional basis.

Policy Framework and Budget

23.      This report is a matter for decision by Cabinet.

Consultation (including Ward Member Consultation)

24.      There has been no ward member consultation undertaken on this report as the matters contained within it are of a general rather than specific nature.

Relevant Scrutiny Committee

25.      Economy and Environment

Background Papers

Cardiff Local Development Plan 2006 - 2026 Preferred Strategy October 2012


Cardiff Local Development Plan 2006 - 2026 Preferred Strategy Initial Sustainability Appraisal Report October 2012


Contact Officer

Lucy Butler, Principal Planner, Planning and Transportation Policy - Telephone No. 01446 704665


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Operational Manager Development Management and Building Services


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