Agenda Item No.










As requested as a previous meeting, the Head of Performance and Development- referred Members to the update of the Action Plan, as outlined below:








Undertake a review of training opportunities and programmes, including training for staff working outside office environments.

Oct 2012

Apr 2015

2012/13 TDRS programme is now underway. There has

been 100% compliance from Waste Management so far.


Council has now obtained funds to train staff in basic skills (ICT, literacy, numeracy). These courses are being targeted at staff working outside office

environments.  A series of roadshows is being used to promote these opportunities.


Training and development for staff disadvantaged by JE is

also being used to target staff working outside office

environments (for example HGV driver training now on offer).


Council has now signed

up to Employers Pledge.

Investigate training

practices throughout

the Council and

identify how to deliver

best practice as part

of the review.

Sep 2012

Apr 2013

Corporate training review currently underway as part of

Social Services Change Plan.  Once completed this will be expanded to an assessment of all service areas.

Review previous staff

suggestion schemes

(Innovation Awards

and Savings Challenge) and implement a scheme building on the learning from previous schemes.

Sep 2012

Apr 2013

Previous schemes have been reviewed. It is not timely to implement another suggestion scheme. Instead

improvements to Core Brief and Staff Net will be used to incorporate the successful elements of the previous schemes into a new interactive Core Brief that will allow a dialogue between staff and senior offices.

Review approach to

team meetings of non-office based staff. Indentify and resolve reasons for lack of meetings.

Sep 2012

Apr 2013

To be addressed as part of ongoing review of employee engagement.  A report to CMT outlining next steps is currently being drafted.

Ensure that staff

(especially those

without access to a

PC) receive information through team meetings.

Sep 2012

Apr 2013

To be addressed as part of ongoing review of employee engagement.


A report to CMT outlining next steps is currently being drafted.

Review the effectiveness of the

PDRS process and

particularly in relation

to its use with non-office

based staff.

Oct 2012

Sep 2013

A series of focus groups with staff addressing the effectiveness of the current PDRS process.  The results of this will inform the review.


The possibility of enhancing the quality control procedures

currently in place in order to improve staff experience of the PDRS process is being investigated.

Investigate what staff

consider to be ‘recognition’ of good

work and develop an

approach to rewarding good work appropriately.

Oct 2012

Mar 2013

To be addressed as part of ongoing review of employee engagement.  A report to CMT outlining next steps is

currently being drafted.


A series of focus groups with staff addressing the PDRS process is being planned.


In relation to the actions proposed to address the matter of staff feeling undervalued, a view was expressed that the proposals were not robust and required further more imaginative thinking.  Further comments were made in relation to the need for a more holistic approach being taken as regards communication across the Council from the top down, the need for a co-ordinated training programme and the need to develop a robust internal communication strategy.  The Head of Performance and Development drew attention to the review of employee engagement included in the Action Plan and said that this would include internal communication.  As also indicated in the Action Plan, a training review was underway.  He would submit a progress report on those matters in 6 months.


Reference was also made in the ensuing discussions to concerns recently expressed by trade representatives at the Joint Consultative Forum (JCF) in relation to the figures quoted in the results summary which had been reported to this Committee in September.  Other areas of concern at the JCF included the fact that teachers had been excluded for participating in the survey and the way in which the survey had been conducted.  A suggestion was made that the “soundness” of the survey should be tested and an assessment made as to the merit of undertaking a similar survey with teachers. Members were notified that the Chairman of the JCF was to take up all areas of concern with the relevant officers.  The Head of Performance and Development said that the survey had been agreed by the Corporate Management Team and effectively communicated to Council staff generally, but that it was felt that teachers should not be included since their concerns were different in many ways from other staff.  He agreed to refer the above issues to the Corporate Management Team.


A proposal was also made that, prior to the next survey being undertaken, a copy be forwarded to this Committee for consideration.




(1)       T H A T the updated Action Plan as appended to the report be endorsed and the Plan referred to Cabinet for consideration.


(2)       T H A T the actions contained in the Plan be incorporated into, and monitored in line with, existing departmental service plans.


(3)       T H A T the Head of Performance and Development submit a progress report to this Committee in 6 months.


(4)       T H A T Cabinet be asked to consider the proposal that a draft of the survey be submitted to this Committee for consideration.


Reason for recommendations


(1&2)  To ensure that appropriate action is taken in response to the views of Council staff.


(3)       To monitor progress.


(4)       To ensure the content of the survey was fit for purpose.”



Attached as Appendix - Report to Scrutiny Committee (Corporate Resources): 13th November, 2012