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(Matter which the Chairman had decided was urgent by reason of the need to consider the reference at the same time as the request for consideration)


Committee agreed to consider the request for consideration and the reference from Cabinet of 8th April, 2013 at the same time. 


The Request for Consideration, received from Councillor Dr. I.J. Johnson, gave the reasons for the request as:


"A newspaper report in the South Wales Echo on 7th March, 2013 said that plans were in place to close the Bryneithin home in Dinas Powys.


In a previous report (SW Echo 9th July, 2012) the Head of Adult Services said that the facility had been run at a cost of £450,000 p.a. during the 2011/12 year.


When the future of Bryneithin was last discussed by the Social Care and Health Scrutiny Committee on 8th October 2012 it was recommended “'THAT Cabinet be requested to give consideration to the future use of Bryneithin as a site for social care subject to ongoing contractual commitment”.


Rejecting this proposal at the Cabinet meeting of 5th November 2012, Cabinet instead 'RESOLVED - THAT the Council's current position on Bryneithin is that it continues to operate as a registered care home.  This commitment will continue for as long as necessary.  Consideration to future options of the future use of the site would be given as and when appropriate.'


Assuming that reports regarding the closure of Bryneithin are correct then this is an appropriate time for consideration of future options.


As such we would like a full written report to the Social Care and Health Committee at the next appropriate meeting outlining both short and long-term issues regarding the site, including:



in the short term


(a)       the timeframe for closure of the site in its current format

(b)       anticipated costs of site maintenance etc for 2013/14 and future years

(c)        staff costs for 2013/14 and staff deployment proposals

(d)       any additional costs for Bryneithin site not included in the above

(e)       what savings are anticipated to be accrued from closure of the site in the 2013/14 financial year in respect of the agreed directorate budget and savings targets


and in the medium to longer term


(a)       which options have so far been discussed informally with regards to the future of the site, including as an older people's village (for which a feasibility study is timetabled for 2013/14)

(b)       what negotiations have taken place regards the future of the site, including discussions regarding capital funding for social care re-development and any negotiations or plans regarding disposal of the site for purposes other than social care.


The report should indicate when a full options report will be presented to Cabinet including indicative timescales for decisions regarding the site's future."


Committee were also advised that Cabinet on 8th April, 2013 had been informed of the closure of Bryneithin Residential Care Home and had been requested to agree the arrangements being put in place to consider the future use of the site. 


Cabinet had been informed that Bryneithin had not admitted any new residents since the decision to close was made by Cabinet in December 2009.  Since that time, the staffing resource of the home had been constantly reviewed and tailored to meet the care needs of reducing numbers of residents. 


The last resident of Bryneithin had left the home and Bryneithin was now closed.  The site continued to provide temporary catering facilities for two other residential care homes, whilst essential work was carried out to their kitchens. 


It was essential that the Bryneithin site was kept secure throughout any period of transition.  Extensive security arrangements were already in place and these would be reviewed when the remaining services were withdrawn from the site. 


A Corporate Project Group was being set up to consider future use of the site, led by the Head of Adult Services and with the assistance of the Council's Major Projects Unit.  From the outset, the project group would consider options for the site that would assist the Council in meeting the social care needs of older people.  It was noted that this exercise would be conducted in the context of there being no funds available from the Council's Capital Programme.  The project group would seek to engage with relevant stakeholders, including the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board. 


Cabinet had resolved


1.         That the closure of the Bryneithin Residential Care Home be noted.


2.         That the arrangements to generate possible options for the Bryneithin site to assist in meeting older people's needs for care and support once it had been vacated be approved.


3.         That the Director of Social Services produce regular reports for Cabinet outlining the progress made with this work.


4.         That Cabinet receive an options appraisal in due course to enable informed decisions about the Bryneithin site. 


5.         That the Director of Social Services be authorised to make arrangements for securing the Bryneithin site, including the demolition of the buildings if necessary, in consultation with the Leader, the Cabinet Member for Adult Services and the Managing Director.


6.         That the report be forwarded to the Social Care and Health Scrutiny Committee for information.


7.         That a Cabinet Working Group be established, led by the Cabinet Member for Adult Services, to oversee and be involved in all future options for the Bryneithin site and any consultation with the relevant stakeholders.


Questions were asked as to:


·               timescales for the development of the site

·               transfer of services to other sites

·               the future of dementia services in the Vale

·               what were the medium / long term options for the site.


Committee were advised that the catering facility being provided for two other homes on a temporary basis had ceased the previous week.


The Crossroads Day Service had vacated Bryneithin on 5th April, 2013.  This meant that no services were being run from the Bryneithin site. 


In terms of staff redeployment, it was too early to give definitive answers at present.  The staffing complement had been reduced at the home and the Council was currently in a consultation process. 


Regarding the security of the site, the site had now been made secure.  This situation would be reviewed and the Council would continue to maintain the security.


There were a number of strategies to take account when planning care and support services for adults and older people.  An emerging issue was how we should provide for meeting the needs of adults with early onset dementia.  Some developments were in the planning stage.


There were questions about whether a longer-term plan should have been put in place some four years ago but this would have been premature and it would now be outdated, which highlighted the danger of planning too far ahead.  The Working Group established by the Cabinet would be considering the service's needs.  It was too early to say that there was an agreement as to where the service was going but some areas of consensus about the need to provide services which allow people to have as much independence as possible. 


Councillor S.C. Egan, Cabinet Member for Adult Services, was present at the invitation of the Committee.  He advised that there was not much else he would wish to add other than what was in the report to Cabinet on 8th April, 2013.


Councillor Egan stated that he expected to site to be used for older people.  The Council had no capital monies available and could only create something with the assistance of other organisations, for example, the UHB or a housing association.  At this stage it was not possible to say what should go on the site, although it was agreed that the use would have to be sustainable. 


With the consent of the Committee, Margo Farbrace of the Save Bryneithin Action Group advised that the Vale was under prepared for the aging population.  The number of dementia cases was expected to increase and there was a need to develop care for people in these circumstances.  Increasingly, dementia was affecting younger people and, apart from Ty Hafan, there was not much provision for these people in the Vale. 


Ms. Farbrace stated that she was all in favour of Bryneithin being developed and asked the Council to look at other options rather than closing the home. 


Ms. Farbrace realised that the Council faced a challenging budget, but all evidence pointed to an increase in this area of need.  Ms. Farbrace asked the Council to look at different models of dementia care. 


Ms. Farbrace had a vision that Bryneithin could be developed as a centre of excellence for dementia sufferers.


Councillor Egan reiterated his view that the site should be used for services for older people and further stated that he had no preconceived ideas about what should be developed on the site. 


Committee were reminded that it had considered and endorsed a recent report relating to the strategy for older people and had agreed the vision for the future.  Additionally, reports had been brought regarding the role of Third Sector and independent providers of services.  More work was required to ensure that the Cabinet Working Group had all the information available to it to create a sustainable use for the site.


Following discussions on the issue, it was




(1)       T H A T the resolutions of Cabinet of 8th April, 2013 be noted.


(2)       T H A T Cabinet be requested to give consideration to the future use of Bryneithin as a site for social care.


(3)       T H A T a progress report be brought before each future meeting of the Scrutiny Committee (Social Care and Health), to include the issue of the security of the site.


Reasons for recommendations


(1)       Having regard to the resolutions of Cabinet.


(2)       In order to request Cabinet to give consideration to the future use of Bryneithin as a site for social care.


(3)       In order to monitor the progress being made regarding the Bryneithin site.”