Agenda Item No.




Minutes of a meeting held at the Cardiff Harbour Authority Offices, Cardiff, on 20th November, 2013.




Councillor L. Burnett (Chairman)

Vale of Glamorgan Council

Mr. P. Andrews

Penarth Tourism and Visitor Association

Ms. J. Hall

Cardiff Bay Yacht Club

Mr. S. Jones

Marine Manager, Penarth Marina

Ms. S. Newbold

British Marine Federation and Vale Yachting Association

Mr. A. Parker

Independent Member

Councillor G. Roberts

Penarth Town Council

Mr. D. Walters

Natural Resources Wales


Also present:


Mr. S. Howell

Cardiff Harbour Authority

Mrs. K. Bowen

Vale of Glamorgan Council



(a)       Apologies for Absence – 


These were received from Mr. I. Aitken (Cardiff Bay Yacht Club), Mr. N. Ajax Lewis (Wild Life Trust), Mr. M. Chidlowl (Harbour Master), Mr. J. Harrison (Natural Resources Wales) and Councillor R. Patel (Cabinet Member, Cardiff Council).



(b)       Minutes – 


AGREED - T H A T the minutes of the meeting held on 11th September, 2013 be accepted as a correct record.



(c)        Matters Arising – 


The Chairman referred to the Volvo round the World Yacht Race and that collaboration initiatives should be encouraged as soon as possible in order for Councils to capitalise on the event.  The Chairman advised that she would be meeting the Minister on 9th December 2013 and would also raise the issue at that meeting.  It was further noted that the tourism officer for Cardiff had recently attended a meeting of Penarth Town Council and it was felt that the Yacht Race could be a useful topic for discussion at a future meeting.



Members raised a number of issues during the discussion including agreeing relevant performance indicators and consideration of the benefits and potential outcomes. Mr. Howell confirmed that performance indicators were currently being considered but that they had not yet been finalised.  All present agreed that the opportunities for businesses to take part and maximise opportunities was essential.  Reference was made to issues that should be considered when arranging events with reference being made to an example of an issue raised prior to the Eisteddfod held in 2012 in the Vale of Glamorgan where limited overnight accommodation had been an issue and which had been addressed by the Council in part by establishing “a perfect pitch” initiative under the 28 day planning rule.  In view of the significance of such an event it was suggested that a workshop be held with a number of key stakeholders to consider a way forward.  It was subsequently


AGREED – T H A T the Chairman address the issue of collaboration for the event following the meeting with the Minister. 




(d)       Progress Update – Cardiff Harbour Authority – Mr. Simon Howell


It was reported that the recent Autumn storm had brought river levels up, over the previous few weeks with flows staying above 100 cumecs for around a week.  This, combined with a period of Spring tides, had resulted in the Bay being lowered to around 4.0metres on several occasions prior to the tide lock periods.  The highest flow recorded was around 180 cumecs, with the highest level that the Bay had risen to being 4.9m, this was only 400mm above the normal bay level and 300mm below the frontage of Roald Dahl Plasse which was designed to flood. 


In referring to Barrage maintenance activities Mr. Howell advised that:


·               the sluices had been completed and the team had moved on to the locks with Lock 2 currently out of action to enable seals and hinge assemblies to be replaced.  On completion of this work, work would then commence on gearbox repairs to the fishpass which needed to be carried out between January and March when migratory fish did not access the Bay. 


·               works to improve access to the outer lock arm had also been completed and a blockstone barrier had been installed to protect individuals from further cliff falls in the area.


·               work was scheduled to commence in the New Year on an extension to the barrage control building which would include improved public toilets and a store and workshop.  A new escape staircase from the control room would also be established.


·               new fencing to the fishpass arm and replacement netting was planned to be installed to prevent anti social fishing in the area adjacent to the fishpass over the next few months.


With regard to the Harbour Authority budget, negotiations for 2014-18 had progressed with a saving of approximately 18% likely to be agreed in the next few weeks.  This would mean that the Authority would need to increase income, introduce changes to its staffing structures and agree reductions in some of its operational budgets. 


In discussing whether access to Penarth Pier could be possible via the sea it was noted that the main concern was the 14m tide and that the cost of providing access would be significant as a result.


AGREED – T H A T the report be noted.



(e)          Navigational Safety – Progress Update


There had been no significant navigational safety issues since the last meeting of the Committee.



(f)         Update Report – Natural Resources Wales – Mr. David Walters


Mr. Walters referred to a recent incident of a cloudy discharge of waste in the River Ely by a local company.  The company had advised that they will take steps to address the matter and Natural Resources Wales would continue to monitor the situation. There were also a number of premises alongside the river that were also being investigated.  


In referring to fishing in the Bay, Mr. Walters confirmed that regular liaison took place between Natural Resources Wales and Cardiff Harbour Authority on the subject and that anyone could fish on the seaward side of the Bay but for the Barrage side a licence was required.  With regard to any issues of anti social behaviour it was accepted that the Police should be contacted in respect of such instances.


AGREED – T H A T Mr. Walters be thanked for his report.


(g)    Date of Next Meeting


AGREED – T H A T the next meeting be held on Wednesday, 15th January, 2014 at 5.15 p.m. at the Cardiff Bay Harbour Authority offices it being noted that representatives from SUSTRANS, as requested by the Committee, will be in attendance.