Minutes of meeting held on 18 October 2013


Present: Councillor C. Elmore (Chairman), Councillor S. Egan, Councillor J Birch, Councillor R. Bertin, Councillor E Williams, Councillor V Hartrey. P. Evans (Director of Social and Care Services), Rachael Evans (Head of Children & Young People Services), C. Limbrick (Operational Manager), K. Conway (Team Manager), S Marsh (Specialist Teacher – LAC), Nadia Lovell (NYAS), Gareth Jacobs (NYAS).






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Councillor A Parker, J. Smith (Safeguarding Officer), L. Jones (Head of Achievement - Learning and Skills),




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Minutes and Matters Arising 1 July 2013






The minutes of 1 July 2013 meeting were agreed as a correct record.


Councillor Elmore confirmed that Councillor R Traherne would be replacing Councillor A Parker for future meetings.



All Agreed


NYAS  - Update – Gareth Jacobs & Nadia Lovell





Gareth Jacobs and Nadia Lovell presented an overview of the activities and work achieved by NYAS during the last 6 months. NYAS had been providing an advocacy service for the Vale of Glamorgan since 2011.


The Service was for looked after children and the advocacy support provided by NYAS involved looking at issues such as contact with family, placement planning, disabilities transition, short breaks, support to attend Looked After Children reviews, access to legal advice, conflicting views with a social worker, and access to files to make an appeal or complaint.


Councillor Elmore and panel members thanked Gareth and Nadia for producing and presenting their updated report.




Education Report on Looked After Children Achievement -  Martine Coles





Martine Coles presented her report on the attainment of looked after children.


The key findings of the report were highlighted below;



Looked After Children were a highly mobile population and their educational attainment needed to be carefully tracked. There was a need for records to be kept up to date. Where there was underachievement for LAC this needed to be identified and then challenged.

The report outlined that the All Wales (2012) LAC figures included children who had been in care for more than three months. Previous Vale LAC data included children who had been in care for more than a year. The Vale of Glamorgan LAC data was from 2013 and included all children who were looked after. Comparisons could not be statistically valid because of the small numbers and the data is not like for like.

In Key Stage 3, LAC out performed their All Wales counterparts in achieving their CSI. At the end of the Key Stage 2, LAC underperformed in comparison to the Vale and the All Wales data.

In Key Stage 4, the LAC who sat GCSEs performed well.  19 out of 36 LAC sat GCSEs at the end of Key Stage 4. Some LAC performed well and achieved outstanding GCSE results.

Currently 6 LAC are attending university at present.

The overall performance compared to all Wales LAC data was good but it was important to use the Vale and the all Wales data to raise the expectation of looked after children.

The report suggested that a way forward was to systematically track the attainment and achievement of Looked After Children. There would be an amended Personal Education Plan (PEP) to support the child to reach their full potential.  From January 2014, all Vale LAC attending schools within the Local Authority, in Key Stage 2 and 3 would undergo a reading test each term to monitor the attainment and direct additional support when it was required.




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Monday  3 of February at 5.00pm

Cabinet Meeting Room


Monday 19th May 2014 at 5pm

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Monday 15th September 2014 at 5pm

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Monday 15th December 2014 at 5pm

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