Agenda Item No.




Minutes of a meeting held at Cardiff Harbour Authority Offices, Cardiff on 15th January, 2014.




Councillor L. Burnett (Chairman)

Vale of Glamorgan Council

Mrs. C. Dimond

Cardiff Flood Action Committee

Mr. J. Harrison

Natural Resources Wales

Ms. S. Newbold

British Marine Federation

Mr. I. Aitken

Cardiff Bay Yacht Club

Ms. L. Jackson

Cardiff Bay Yacht Club

Mr. S. Jones

Quay Marinas

Mr. N. Ajax Lewis

Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales

Councillor G. Roberts

Penarth Town Council


Also present:


Mr. R. Jones (for Agenda Item 4)


Mr. S. Howell

Cardiff Harbour Authority

Mr. C. Hope

Vale of Glamorgan Council



(a)       Apologies for Absence -


These were received from Mr. M. Chidlow (Associated British Ports), Councillor A. Govier (Cardiff Council), Mr. P. Andrews (Penarth Tourism and Visitor Association) and Councillor R. Patel (Cardiff Council.



(b)       Minutes -


AGREED - T H A T the minutes of the meeting held on 20th November, 2013 be accepted as a correct record subject to it being recorded that Mrs. C. Dimond had tendered her apologies.



(c)        Matters Arising:


The Chairman advised the Committee that she had met with Edwina Hart, AM on 9th December at which issues concerning opportunities for Tourism and the City Region were discussed. 





(d)       Presentation from Mr. Ryland Jones, Deputy Director of Sustrans Cymru on the Development of the Bay Trail, Sustrans Connect 2 Project, National Cycle Network Lines in Cardiff Bay and Future Developments in Active Travel in Cardiff Bay -


Mr. Jones gave an outline of active travel within Cardiff Bay, an overview of developments and future plans.


The vision of Sustrans was to influence and shape policy and practice so everyone can travel by foot, bike or public transport for more of the journeys we make every day.


Mr. Jones referred to the National Cycle Network in Wales which extended for 1,400 miles and which was used for some 40 million journeys annually.  Of those, 82% were on traffic-free sections.


The Bay Trail was linked to the National Cycle Network and furthermore, the Ely Trail and Taff Trail met within the Bay.


It was hoped that Sustrans could build on the success of the Bay Trail to develop links to Penarth, possibly by following the former railway alignment and developing links to Cosmeston Country Park.


Mr. Jones further outlined details of the proposed National Cycle Route 88 of the National Cycle Network between Newport, Cardiff, Bridgend and Margam Country Park.  At present, only short sections of the route were open.


Following the conclusion of the presentation, Members of the Committee were afforded an opportunity to ask questions.


In conclusion, the Chairman thanked Mr. Jones for his informative presentation.



(e)       Progress Update – Cardiff Harbour Authority – Mr. Simon Howell –  


The prolonged period of poor weather gave a number of challenges over the past month.  A combination of high river flows (over 300 cumecs) and surge tides made it very difficult to predict tide lock times.  On Friday, 3rd January, 2014 the sea level reached the highest level recorded over the past 14 years - 7.69m.  Some debris was washed up onto the Barrage road but this was cordoned off and cleared quite quickly.


During this exceptionally high tide, sea water entered the fish pass electrics and shut down the pass.  The junction boxes were repaired and the pass was quickly brought back into use.


One of the five sluices also failed and was taken out of service.  On Monday, 6th January stop beams were dropped into the Bay side to investigate the cause of the failure.  A bolt had wedged itself into the roller assembly on the lower leaf.  This was removed and the sluice was now back in full operation.


Maintenance of Lock 2 was underway, with the mechanical team currently replacing the lock gate seals.  The pontoon rollers had also been replaced and some paint repair works had also been undertaken to the lock gates.


On 28th December, Bridge 1 malfunctioned and stayed up in the raised position.  An hydraulic hose had burst and locked the bridge in position.  The engineering teams were called in and managed to lower the bridge manually.  The general public were diverted across the lock gates so no-one was delayed excessively.  The bridge was repaired and was fully operational by the following morning.


Preparations for the spring dredging campaign had commenced, with this work due to commence shortly.


Works to the Control Building works were now underway which involved the installation of a fire escape from the Control Building.  An extension to the building at ground level for storage and workshop facilities and two new public toilets to replace the deteriorating rental units on site.


As expected at this time of year there had been no oxygen level issues since the last meeting.


Agreement had been reached with Welsh Government over new funding arrangements for the next three years.  The fixed cost budget would reduce by just over £1m next year with additional reductions of £135,000 in the following two years.  This would be mitigated by increases in income and would be achieved by reducing operational budgets, renegotiating contracts and an internal restructure which would see the Harbour Authority more fully integrated within the Council.


The Harbour Authority’s leisure activities would be managed through the Council’s leisure service and the Norwegian Church, promotion and marketing and events activities would be managed within the Council’s Marketing and Events Department.  The main statutory functions covering the Barrage, environmental management and groundwater would be managed within a combined Parks and Harbour Authority Department to be headed by Jon Maidment from April 2014.



(f)         Navigational Safety Issues – Mr. Simon Howell –  


There had been no significant navigational safety issues since the last meeting.


Arrangements had been confirmed for the vessel Greija / Shark to be removed from the Bay as soon as the weather was suitable for transit to the breakers yard in Swansea.



(g)       Update Report – Natural Resources Wales – Mr. J. Harrison –  


Mr. Harrison advised that both rivers flowing into the Bay had reached ‘alert’ status recently as a result of the heavy rainfall.  Generally speaking, this illustrated the need for proactive maintenance of the Barrage and water environment. 


Staff from Natural Resources Wales were continuing to work with their colleagues in the Cardiff Harbour Authority to track down sources of pollution within the Bay.  The investigations would continue.



(h)        Any Other Business –  


(i)         Regulation on the Prevention and Management of the Introduction and Spread of Invasive Non-Native Species


The Advisory Committee, at its meeting on 11th September, 2013 had been advised that the European Commission had just published its intentions regarding invasive species.


Mr. Ajax-Lewis advised that since that date, matters had changed and that any progress concerning the Regulations would be reported to future meetings of the Advisory Committee when known. 



(ii)        Venue for Meetings of the Advisory Committee


Mr. Howell advised that, as a result of the Council’s re-structure of its functions, more staff would be based within the Cardiff Harbour Authority Offices including staff to be based in the room used for meetings of the Advisory Committee. 


As a result, it would not be possible to hold meetings of the Advisory Committee in the Cardiff Harbour Authority Offices and an alternative venue would have to be sought.


Ms. Jackson offered Cardiff Bay Yacht Club as the venue for the next meeting of the Advisory Committee, schedule for Wednesday 12th March, 2014 at 5.15 p.m. 


It was suggested that subsequent meetings could be held in the Norwegian Church or Cardiff International White Water Centre. 



(i)         Date of Next Meeting


AGREED – T H A T the next meeting be held on Wednesday 12th March, 2014 at 5.15 p.m., be held at the Cardiff Bay Yacht Club.