Agenda Item No.







Minutes of a meeting held on 18th June, 2104.


Present:  Councillor C.P.J. Elmore (Chairman); Councillors P.J. Clarke, C.P. Franks, F.T. Johnson and Mrs. M.R. Wilkinson, together with Mrs. M.E. Gibbs (Vale Governors Association).



(a)       Apology for Absence


This was received from Councillor T.H. Jarvie.



(b)       Declarations of Interest


No declarations were received.


(c)        Guidance Regarding Appointment Process-


The Chairman referred to the guidance regarding the appointment process for Local Authority Governors that was attached to the agenda and it was subsequently


RECOMMENDED - T H A T the guidance regarding the appointment process be noted.



(d)       Exclusion of Press and Public –  


RESOLVED – T H A T under Section 100A(4) of the Local Government Act 1972, the press and public be excluded from the meeting for the following item of business on the grounds that it involves the likely disclosure of exempt information as defined in Part 4 of Schedule 12A (as amended) of the Act, the relevant paragraphs of the Schedule being referred to in brackets after the minute heading.



(e)       Applications for the Appointment of Current Local Authority Governor Vacancies (Exempt Information – Paragraph 12)


The Chairman advised that the Panel meeting had been convened to consider the appointment of two additional governors to Eagleswell Primary School.  Statutory intervention had been considered necessary by the Chief Learning and Skills Officer to increase the size of the school governing body following a recent Estyn Inspection where the school was deemed to require significant improvement.   The Chairman further informed the Panel that it was important that experienced governors with proven leadership skills were appointed to support the school in addressing the issues identified by the Estyn Inspection.  Three applications had been received following the application process and these were attached to the agenda for consideration.


Having fully considered the criteria for the appointment of Local Authority Governors and the applications received it was subsequently


RECOMMENDED to Cabinet –


(1)       T H A T the following appointments be made for the school as detailed below:




Eagleswell Primary School

N. Craggs

Eagleswell Primary School

D. Mutlow


(2)       T H A T the third application be kept on file for future Governing Body vacancies and the applicant be informed accordingly.


Reasons for decisions


(1)       . To allow the Cabinet to consider the appointments in respect of the above Schools’ Governing Bodies,to fill vacancies on the related School Governing Body and view of the recent Estyn Inspection.


(2)       To be considered for future vacancies on school Governing Bodies within the Vale of Glamorgan.