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The Vale of Glamorgan Council


Cabinet Meeting:  14 July 2014

Report of the Cabinet Member for the Environment and Visible Services


Coldbrook Catchment Flood Risk Management Scheme


Purpose of the Report

1.         To inform Cabinet of the progress in delivering the Coldbrook Catchment Flood Risk Management Scheme.

2.         To advise Cabinet of an increase in scheme costs and obtain approval to allocate the Council's match funding element of the additional grant provision from Welsh Government.

3.         To obtain authorisation to enter into contract for the delivery of the Coldbrook Flood Risk Management Scheme.


1.         That Cabinet confirm their acceptance of the revised flood risk management measures for the Coldbrook Catchment, Barry.

2.         That Cabinet approve that the Council accept the additional capital Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management grant funding from the Welsh Government and provide the match funding element of the grant, for the completion of the scheme.

3.         That Cabinet authorises the Director of Housing and Visible Services in consultation with the Director of Resources and the Cabinet Member for the Environment and Visible Services, to accept the successful tender (to a value of up to £4,139,000; £2,760,000 + 50% contingency) for the execution of the Coldbrook Catchment Flood Risk Management Scheme work.

4.         That Cabinet authorise the Head of Legal Services to agree and enter into, on behalf of the Council, an appropriate form of Contract in relation to the works.

5.         That the Capital Programme be amended for 2014/15 and 2015/16 up to £2,341,000 and £2,033,000 respectively, subject to formal Welsh Government funding approval being obtained.  The increase will be funded by the additional capital Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management grant, existing capital budget allocation and Visible Services Reserves.

6.         That Cabinet approve an increase in contract cost to £474,000 for the detailed design and development of the scheme by Martin Wright Associates.

7.         That this report be referred to Scrutiny Committee (Economy and Environment).

Reasons for the Recommendations

1.         To ensure that Cabinet is aware of progress of the scheme and the flood risk management work being undertaken.

2.         To provide sufficient funding to ensure that the flood mitigation measures will provide adequate protection against flood risk within the catchment.

3.         To enable the tender award for the scheme to ensure prompt progress of construction element of the scheme.

4.         To enable the Council to enter into an appropriate Contract for delivery of the scheme and ensure compliance with the Council's Financial Regulations and Standing Orders.

5.         To make adequate provision in the Capital Programme for delivery of the scheme.

6.         To comply with Financial Regulations and enable completion of the scheme detailed design.

7.         For information.


4.         During the summer period of 2007 there was extensive flooding across England and Wales, which included localised flood events in Wales, demonstrating the consequences of communities living with flood risk.  

5.         There was a localised flooding incident within the Coldbrook Catchment on 20 July, 2007 following a prolonged period of localised heavy rain.  The source of the flooding being a combination of overland flow and the watercourse.

6.         A report was taken to Cabinet on 20 July 2011 (Minute No C1390) to provide Members with an update on the progress of the scheme.

7.         A further report was taken to Cabinet on 23 July 2012 (Minute No C1771) to update Members on scheme progress, obtain approval to allocate match funding and authorisation to enter into contract for the delivery of the Coldbrook Catchment Flood Risk Management Scheme.

8.         Since that time technical issues surrounding the detailed design and development phase have delayed the start of construction by two years, resulting in a partial redesign of the scheme and an increase in overall scheme costs.

9.         A tender assessment was carried out for the original scheme design but due to the length of time elapsed and change in scale of the works proposed the procurement process will need to be undertaken again.

10.      The detailed design phase of the scheme is now nearing completion and expressions of interest are again being sought for the construction works.

Relevant Issues and Options

11.      A Pre Feasibility Study has been undertaken to ascertain costs for conventional engineering solutions.  Historic records have been examined and a damage assessment undertaken in respect of the known flood events.

12.      A Preliminary Project Appraisal Report has been undertaken and this has been used to inform a Project Brief to engage a specialist consultant to carry out the flood management scheme on behalf of the Council.

13.      A two stage tender process in accordance with the European Procurement rules has been completed and Martin Wright Associates (MWA) have been appointed to complete all elements of the scheme in accordance with the Welsh Government's New Approach to flood risk management.  This will include working closely with other flood risk management agencies and raising public awareness with those affected by flooding and the wider community.

14.      Just prior to appointing a preferred contractor to undertake the construction works in 2012, Natural Resources Wales raised several queries relating to the Flood Defence Consent and Ordinary Watercourse Consent which were required for the scheme to proceed.  The main impacts of these queries were an increase in flows within the catchment model, a requirement for additional catchment model runs, and to necessitate the production of a Water Framework Directive assessment.  This also resulted in a partial re-design of the scheme to accommodate the additional flows and volume of water predicted within the catchment during extreme events.

15.      The revised catchment model, produced following the latest guidance provided by Natural Resources Wales, identifies an even higher level of flood risk within the catchment than previously predicted.  The original scheme design would have delivered a reduction in flood risk but not to the desired 1 in 100 year, plus 20% climate change allowance, standard of service.  A complete review of the scheme design was therefore undertaken, incorporating additional model runs to establish the performance of the proposed scheme and to ensure no detriment elsewhere in the catchment under a range of scenarios.  The new redesigned scheme now incorporates increased storage capacity in the upper catchment and increased conveyance capacity lower in the system to deliver the required 1 in 100 year + 20% standard of service.

16.      Natural Resources confirmed in April 2014 that the revised modelling exercise, in combination with the scheme WFD Assessment, are acceptable as a basis for Flood Defence Consent.

17.      Applications for all required consents and licences are now proceeding according to the scheme programme, with the majority to be in place prior to entering into contract for the construction works.

18.      A two stage tender process commenced on 16 June 2014 for the construction works, with the period for expressions of interest closing on 16 July 2014.  The scheme programme sets a target date of 10 October 2014 for appointment of a preferred contractor.  The main construction phase will commence in October 2014, with some works on school grounds being undertaken during the 2014 school summer holidays.

19.      A public awareness meeting was last held on 31 May 2012, following a press release and letters of invitation to some 1200 residents affected by the proposed scheme. A further public meeting is planned for September 2014 to provide the residents and local Members with an opportunity to consider the revised detailed design proposals for the catchment.

20.      The scheme programme indicates that the tender process for the scheme works contract will take place during the period of summer recess; therefore measures need to be put in place to enable the contract to be awarded to the successful tenderer.

21.      The proposed scheme will provide flood risk protection up to a 1 in 100 year storm plus 20% allowance for climate change in accordance with the Welsh Government flood risk management strategy. An overview of the main elements of the scheme is detailed in Appendix 'A'.

Resource Implications (Financial and Employment)

22.      The Council has secured European Regional Development Funding (ERDF) and a Welsh Government Flood Risk Management Grant to address the management of the flood risk that exists within the Coldbrook Catchment in Barry.

23.      Funding has been approved which will support the project identified in the preliminary project appraisal that will include; catchment modelling, project appraisal, catchment study, scheme design, raising awareness, community engagement, procurement and construction.

24.      An initial approval was received in February 2010 offering £450,000 ERDF grant, with a £465,000 WG grant; this required Council match funding of £82k.  A further approval was received in August 2011 offering £41,000 ERDF grant and £42,000 WG grant; this required Council funding of £7k.  A total budget of £1,087,000 was included in the Capital Programme.

25.      Following re- modelling of the catchment and a partial scheme re-design, the overall scale of the scheme has increased and therefore the estimated cost now stands at £4.922M, including contingency.  The additional level of flood protection afforded to residents by the scheme redesign is as previously noted.  Engineers have been liaising with Welsh Government and advising them of the increase in scheme costs.  The Council is now required to tender for the construction works.  Once a preferred contractor is determined, the Council will advise Welsh Government of the successful tender costs and at that stage, Welsh Government will provide a formal grant approval for the construction phase to proceed.  It is anticipated that this will be in September 2014.

26.      The estimated project spend profile up to completion is as follows:










Consultant fees





VGC Technical Salaries





Other works





















27.      The predicted scheme costs, including contingency, will be funded on the following basis:










ERDF Grant Funding





WG Grant Funding





VGC Match Funding











28.      The 2014/15 Vale contribution of £321,000 will be provided from an existing capital budget of £138,000 allocated to the scheme, with the remaining £183,000 to be provided from Visible Services Reserves.  The 2015/16 Vale contribution of £310,000 will be provided entirely from Visible Services Reserves.

29.      The capital programme profile for 2014/15 identifies £602,000 for the Coldbrook scheme.  Given the above, the capital programme profile should be amended to £2,341,000 in 2014/15 with £2,033,000 allocated in 2015/16.  These changes will be made subject to gaining Welsh Government grant approval for the increased scheme costs.

30.      In the above figures, a 50% contingency has been included, as requested by Welsh Government.  Given the increased confidence in construction costs, for the scheme elements previously tendered, and redesign costs already incurred, it is considered that a more realistic level would be between 15% - 30%.  This would reduce the overall scheme cost to between £3.957M and £4.370M, reducing the contribution required from Visible Services Reserves by between £83,000 and £145,000. However, at present, an increase in budget is requested, in line with Welsh Government's requirements.

31.      A contract for detailed design and supervision of the Coldbrook scheme was awarded to Martin Wright Associates in March 2011 for a total sum of £179,964.  Following several compensation events under the contract, including the additional catchment modelling and scheme re-design noted previously, the total cost is now estimated at £474,000, an increase of 163% over the original sum.  A request by Welsh Government to investigate the potential for capping construction costs early in the scheme design process, and subsequent project appraisal revisions, resulted in additional costs under this contract.  The contract also includes supervision costs for the scheme construction phase, which have increased in line with the increased construction works necessary to deliver the required level of flood protection.

Sustainability and Climate Change Implications

32.      The proposed scheme is designed to accommodate the predicted impacts of Climate Change relating to flood risk.  The affects of flooding can be devastating to individuals and communities and the flooding scheme proposed gives considerable increased protection to a large number of properties along this particular catchment.

Legal Implications (to Include Human Rights Implications)

33.      It will be necessary for an appropriate form of Contract to be entered into with the successful bidder.

Crime and Disorder Implications

34.      There are no crime and disorder implications in respect of this report.

Equal Opportunities Implications (to include Welsh Language issues)

35.      There are no equal opportunity implications to this report.

Corporate/Service Objectives

36.      Develop flood management plans and flood reduction and alleviation schemes in accordance with the requirements of the Flood and Water Management Act. (2014/15)

Policy Framework and Budget

37.      This matter is within the policy framework and budget.

Consultation (including Ward Member Consultation)

38.      The local Members have previously been consulted on this project and will continue to be engaged throughout the process.


Relevant Scrutiny Committee

39.      Economy and Environment.

Background Papers



Contact Officer

Clive Moon, Principal Engineer (Flood and Coastal Risk Management)

Tel. No. 02920 673 277


Officers Consulted

Director of Development Services

Operational Manager, Legal Services

Accountant, Building and Visible Services

Operational Manager Accountancy

Group Auditor, Resource Management

Group Estates Officer, Financial Services



Responsible Officer:

Miles Punter Director of Visible Services and Housing