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The Vale of Glamorgan Council


Cabinet Meeting: 28 July, 2014


Report of the Leader


Corporate Plan 2013-17 - Year One Progress


Purpose of the Report

1.         To advise Cabinet of the progress to date in delivering the Corporate Plan 2013-17.


1.         Cabinet notes the progress made and areas of slippage and approves the remedial action.

Reasons for the Recommendations

1.         To enable the Council to proceed with delivering the Corporate Plan 2013-17.


2.         The Corporate Plan sets out how the Council will deliver the aims of the Community Strategy and provides a focus for the Council's approach to corporate governance and community leadership.  The Council's Medium Term Financial Plan outlines how the Corporate Plan is to be funded.  It is vital that these plans are aligned and reflect the priorities for the Vale.

3.         The Plan is structured around eight priority outcomes which are carried forward into Service Plans to ensure consistency and focus.  Within the Corporate Plan a number of objectives are listed under each of the eight priority outcomes and these are included in relevant Service Plans and provide the basis for the development of key actions to ensure these objectives are delivered.

4.         The actions included in the Service Plans set out year on year the activities that will be undertaken to achieve these objectives and monitoring of the actions provides the foundations for an annual progress report on the Corporate Plan.   Detailed quarterly performance reports on all service plans are reported to Corporate Management, Cabinet and the relevant scrutiny committees throughout the year.

Relevant Issues and Options

5.         Overall good progress has been made in the first year of the Corporate Plan, however there is some slippage in delivering some of the objectives.  

6.         Some objectives have been completed for 2013/14 as activities become embedded within the work of the Council, however service plans for 2014/15 still include a number of related activities as services continue to reflect the priorities in the Corporate Plan.

7.         Details of overall performance for each priority are provided below and show the level of progress in delivering the plan.  However the majority of the objectives are long term and would not be expected to be completed within the first year. Attached as appendices A B C D E F G H are full details of progress against all objectives within the Corporate Plan.

Community Leadership

8.         Overall progress is good with a third of the objectives complete and only two areas where the objectives have slipped.  Achievements include;

·               Completion of the Unified Needs Assessment to support the work of the Local Service Board.

·               A revised Charter with Town and Community Councils.

·               A Corporate Asset Management Plan to facilitate the optimum use of the Council's assets.

·               An increase in the number of Foundation Modern Apprentices and Craft Apprentices and work placement opportunities within the Council.

·               A new Human Resources Strategy and Training and development Strategy are being implemented.

·               Work to progress the objective 'Develop the methods by which we engage our residents in decision making enabling the Council and partners to work with communities to create solutions to the problems that affect them' has slipped. A Public Engagement Framework has been approved as well as the LSB Information and Engagement Strategy and there has been significant consultation and engagement activity through the year. However there has been some slippage against the objective whilst the Corporate Consultation officer has been seconded to cover another post but this work will be progressed in 2014/15.

·               There was also slippage against the objective 'Develop a protocol for the public to give evidence at scrutiny and planning committees and increase public participation in meetings.'  Work is continuing and will be progressed further following the Annual Meeting in May 2014 with a draft protocol to help increase public participation and a scheme to allow objectors and applicants to directly address the Planning Committee.

Children and Young People

9.         Overall progress is good with three of the eleven objectives complete and only one objective which has slipped. Achievements include;

·               Parent drop-in centres are well established and well attended.


·               Youth Cabinet elections have been held and each Youth Cabinet member has a portfolio. The election of the Youth Mayor will be held in October 2014.

·               A joint Cardiff and Vale Local Safeguarding Children Board has been established.

·               Access to counselling and advocacy services for children and young people has been increased including those not in mainstream education and those up to 19 years old.

·               Appointment of a dedicated transitions social worker in the Child Health and Disability Team to support young people in need moving into adulthood.

·               All schools are aware of the National Participation standards and the youth service continues to market the quality kite mark and train teachers in participation and UNCRC.

·               There has been some slippage against the objective 'Establish a Youth Council to ensure that the voices of young people are heard on all issues that relate to them'. There has been some slippage in progressing the objective 'Support children in need and their families to engage positively with schools and support services to improve attendance and attainment'.  This is due to a delay in developing a tracking system to monitor attainment and achievements of young people known to the Youth Justice system.   - This action will be carried forward.


Learning and Skills

10.      Overall progress is good with six of the 20 objectives complete and eight on track but five have slipped. Achievements include;

·               Implementation of changes to the catchment areas in Penarth.

·               A half termly attendance report for each school has been developed and this data is used to monitor progress and to challenge and support schools.

·               Schools have been supported to implement a regional literacy strategy and a numeracy strategy.

·               A regional partnership for Adult and Community Learning has been established and has reached an overall success level of 80%, this is in the range that is likely to be considered satisfactory by Welsh Government.

·               The roll out of the Investors in Families programme to all schools has been completed.

·               The Youth Engagement and Progression Framework implementation plan has been developed, an early identification model for NEETs produced and provision has been mapped.

·               There has been some progress to 'Increase education provision for children and young people on the Autistic Spectrum' and the early intervention base for reception age pupils on the autistic spectrum has been developed at Ashgrove School.

·               There has been slippage in progressing five of the objectives. Although some progress has been made against the 'Work with schools to utilise the Pupil Deprivation Grant to provide targeted interventions and improve the attainment of pupils receiving free school meals' the consortium 'pupil tracking' model for secondary school pupils receiving free school meals is at a stand still.

·               The objective 'Ensure the implementation of effective statutory school improvement functions via the Central South Consortium Joint Education Service' has not been completed. However work has been carried out during the year to develop a robust accountability framework underpinned by the National Model for Regional Working and including new governance arrangements, a business plan with local authority specific annexe, strengthened reporting arrangements and clarified scrutiny arrangements.

·               The objective 'Work with partners to develop a joint Essential Skills Strategy for post 16 Learners' was due for completion in March 2014 and will now be taken forward through the new regional partnership.

·               As part of the service planning process the completion dates for two objectives were amended. The objective 'Develop reading strategies through the Library and Information Service to support the improvements in standards of literacy and promote enjoyment in reading for all ages' is now due to be completed in December 2014.   The objective 'Reintroduce a mobile library service in partnership to improve access to library services following consultation about how the service will be delivered' was amended to December 2014 and a pop up library service will be launched in June.


11.      Overall progress is good with 5 of the 18 objectives complete and nine on track with dates extended through the service planning process but four objectives have slipped. Achievements include;

·               The Penarth Pier Pavillion has been refurbished and opened in December 2013.

·               A loan agreement was completed with Welsh Government and a separate loan agreement agreed between the consortium and the Council in March 2014 to bring the construction of the new road link to Barry Island forward.  The road is anticipated to be completed by Summer 2015.

·               The Council has worked with Welsh Government and the local community to implement the Barry Regeneration Area programme.  Recent focus has been on Barry Island and work is scheduled for completion in June 2014.

·               The Council has adopted a framework for the future of local town centres.

·               A Barry Communities First Cluster has been established and is delivering programmes to improve the health and well being of local residents.

·               As part of the Castleland Renewal Area the phase 3 facelift programme covering 316 homes has been completed.

·               A number of schemes relating to Active Travel have been completed on time and to budget including the Rhoose Cycle/Pedestrian footway and railway walk.

·               Work undertaken with partners 'to enhance and regenerate the Penarth Esplanade and ensure sustainable and convenient links with the Town Centre and Penarth Haven' have slipped as the bid to the Arts Council was unsuccessful but other funding options are being considered.

·               The objective 'Develop in consultation with residents, businesses and the wider community a master plan for Barry Island, to include enhancements to the public realm and the use of land at Nells Point for leisure purposes' has slipped as the marketing of Nells Point didn't generate a bid that could be taken forward.

·               Work to 'actively seek a new cinema for the town of Barry' has also slipped and the focus is on attracting operators to sites in Barry and this will be taken forward in 2014/15.

·               There is no progress to report on the objective 'Explore with key partners opportunities for improving museum and cultural facilities in the Vale of Glamorgan. The action will be progressed in 2014/15.


12.      The majority of objectives under this section are to be completed in the next couple of years, however to date one objective has been completed and three have slipped. Achievements include;

·               The Council is continuing to work with neighbouring authorities to provide appropriate residual waste and recycling collection treatment and disposal services. 

·               A Local Flood Risk Management Strategy has been produced.

·               The Parks and Grounds Maintenance Division have modified the grass cutting operations based on existing resources and users' requirements and have achieved a standardised regime.

·               An investment plan for the refurbishment of public conveniences to improve the standard of cleanliness has been developed.

·               Civil Parking Enforcement was introduced in 2013.

·               Work to 'reduce fly tipping, litter, dog fouling and graffiti through zero tolerance high profile enforcement arrangements and education and awareness raising campaigns has slipped but there will be a review of arrangements in 2014/15.

·               Work to 'implement a tree management strategy to improve the management of the Council's tree stock and monitoring for diseases'.  This activity is being reviewed as part of the 2014/15 service planning process and in light of available resources.

·               Minimal work has been undertaken regarding the allotment strategy and action plan. The reduction in the availability of both revenue and capital funding going forward will have a bearing on any future action plans agreed.


13.      Overall progress is being made with two of the thirteen objectives complete, six on track and five objectives have slipped. Achievements include

·               The Homes4U Allocation process has been reviewed and amended together with the Accessible Homes Policy and how allocations are made to affordable home ownership schemes.

·               An Allocations policy and procedure for the new Barry Extra Care Scheme has been agreed.

·               A large number of housing schemes which will deliver affordable housing have been granted including Culverhouse Cross, Wenvoe, Ystradowen and Llantwit Major.

·               The implementation of the Housing Improvement Programme is ongoing, contractors are monitored on a quarterly basis by a tenants' Quality and Design Forum.

·               Implementation of the Empty Homes Strategy is ongoing with work progressing well where home loans have been awarded and the first potential CPO has been identified.

·               The requirements of the new Supporting People Guidance have been implemented in partnership with Cardiff Council with services being regularly monitored and reviewed.

·               The time taken to deliver Disabled Facility Grants has reduced to 284 days.

·               The objectives which have slipped relate to the development of the housing strategy which has slipped slightly as the Local Housing Strategy won't be completed until June 2014. The objective to 'develop a wide range of options for older people requiring support and prepare a feasibility study for the provision of an older peoples village' has slipped as a feasibility study for the provision of the older peoples village still needs to be produced.  However a consultant has been appointed to write an Older Persons Accommodation Strategy with Care and Housing representatives as part of the sub group to oversee and provide evidence to inform the strategy.

·               The development of a housing solutions service has also slipped but a feasibility event was held in April 2014 and the next steps will be to identify a suitable location for the service.

·               Improvements have been made with regard to arrangements for consulting with tenants but further work will be undertaken in 2014/15 to increase their participation in determining service improvements.

·               Work to 'review the responsive repairs and housing maintenance service to identify service improvements and increase tenant satisfaction' has also slipped and will be progressed by the new Operational manager for Building Services.

Health, Social Care and Wellbeing

14.      Overall good progress is being made with three of the thirteen objectives complete, nine are on track and one has slipped.  Achievements include

·               The Local Authority Partnership Agreement has continued to provide many valued physical activity opportunities for residents.  Sport Wales have confirmed funding for 2014/15 at the same level as 2013/14.

·               There has been an increase in the number of bespoke Telecare packages being used, enabling more service users to remain independent.

·               Remodelling of teams has increased the number of internally provided care hours available to assist reablement and rehabilitation for older people.

·               The Regional Collaboration Fund (RCF) has supported contracts for voluntary sector brokerage to increase the use of voluntary sector alternatives to statutory services.  These contracts have been renewed for 2014/15.  Engagement work has taken place with carers groups and 3rd sector organisations regarding future service models and developments.

·               A number of services have been developed at Barry Hospital and further capital funding has been made available through Cardiff and Vale UHB and through the RCF to facilitate the co-location of services.

·               A consultation process has been established to enable the views of vulnerable adults to be sought regarding formal protection arrangements and this will now be an annual exercise.

·               The objective 'establish integrated social care and health assessment and care management teams for all adult services in partnership with the Cardiff and Vale UHB' has slipped.  Integrated models are in place for mental health, older peoples mental health and learning disabilities.  Locality services have been co-located and the next phase during 2014/15 will be a more formal restructuring to deliver truly integrated assessment and care management teams.  

Community and Public Safety

15.      Overall progress is being made with four of the ten objectives complete, five are on track and one has slipped.  Achievements include

·               The adoption of a Prevent Strategy to minimise the risk of terrorism.

·               The Youth Offending Service has worked with the Think Project which is lottery funded and equips young people with the knowledge, understanding and experience to challenge racist myths.

·               Increased support for victims of domestic abuse and the adoption of a Council policy on domestic abuse which has been supported with a programme of training.

·               Promotion of road safety with full kerbcraft delivered to 300 pupils and short courses delivered to more than 350 pupils. Cycle training level 1 has been delivered to 964 pupils and level 2 to 710 pupils across 33 schools. 

·               The number of businesses that are 'broadly compliant' with food hygiene has increased.

·               Verbal, emotional and cyber bullying have become a priority for training for 2014/15 and monitoring data is being used to target support.

·               One objective has slipped which is 'engage with schools, governing bodies and parents and produce a procedure for the provision of a school crossing patrol service to ensure the safety and wellbeing of children attending schools'. The focus has been on maintaining an adequate service at a time of challenging resources but work will be taken forward through the service plan.

Resource Implications (Financial and Employment)

16.      It is essential that the Corporate Plan is sustainable in financial terms and that the corporate planning process matches the financial planning process though the medium term financial plan and annual budgets.  All actions included in the plan need to have resources committed to their achievement or the likely prospect of such resources being made available in the plan period to achieve the council's corporate priorities.  All reviews of the plan will need to take account of available resources. As such the revised funding projections contained in the 2014/15 Medium Term Financial Plan and the eventual level of settlement received from Welsh Government will necessitate a further review of the Corporate Plan. This will be undertaken in tandem with the 2015/16 budget process and will also be informed by the results of the public opinion survey and budget consultation exercises. 

Sustainability and Climate Change Implications

17.      The introductory section of the draft Corporate Plan emphasises the Council's commitment to promote sustainable development. The Community Leadership section includes a specific objective on sustainability and objectives throughout the plan, most notably in the Regeneration and Environment sections demonstrate how we will promote sustainability.  However the many different aspects of sustainability (environment, economy, strong, healthy and just society and good governance) are covered within the plan.  The implications of climate change are also reflected in the plan for example through objectives relating to sustainability, flood management and carbon management.

Legal Implications (to Include Human Rights Implications)

There are no legal implications arising directly from this report.


Crime and Disorder Implications

18.      None directly although community and public safety is a priority in the plan.


Equal Opportunities Implications (to include Welsh Language issues)

19.      The Corporate Plan is published bi-lingually and has due regard to the Council's Strategic Equality Plan.  An Equalities Impact Assessment of the Plan was undertaken and more detailed assessments are undertaken of individual elements as necessary.

Corporate/Service Objectives

20.      The Corporate Plan sets out the Council's corporate objectives which are consistent with the Council's Improvement Objectives.  Service Plans reflect the Corporate Plan priorities and objectives.

Policy Framework and Budget

21.      This is a matter for executive decision by Cabinet.

Consultation (including Ward Member Consultation)

22.      The Corporate Plan is relevant to all wards, individual member consultation is therefore not appropriate.  Consultation was undertaken with Members, stakeholders and the public and all scrutiny committees on the development on the plan.

Relevant Scrutiny Committee

23.      Corporate Resources

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Vale of Glamorgan Corporate Plan 2013-17


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