Agenda Item No



The Vale of Glamorgan Council


Cabinet Meeting: 28 July, 2014


Report of the Cabinet Member for Children's Services


Ysgol Gwaun y Nant/Oak Field Primary School: Acceptance of Tender


Purpose of the Report

1.         To seek Cabinet approval for the acceptance of the competitive tender of ISG Construction Limited for refurbishment and new build works at Ysgol Gwaun y Nant and Oak Field Primary School.


1.         Thatthe report is noted.

2.         Refer to Part II for the specific recommendations.

Reasons for the Recommendations

1-2   To permit execution of a formal contract between the Council and ISG Construction Ltd.


2.         Welsh Medium primary education is currently provided at four schools in Barry: Ysgol St Curig, Ysgol St Baruc, Ysgol Nant Talwg and Ysgol Gwaun y Nant.

3.         As previously reported to Cabinet, parental demand for Welsh medium education in Barry continues to increase. This growth in demand is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. The Local Authority has a legal duty to meet parental demand for Welsh Medium education.

4.         Cabinet of 23rd September 2013 were advised that a feasibility study had been carried out which considered a range of options including the expansion of existing Welsh medium schools in Barry and the construction of a new school to meet this increasing demand.

5.         The feasibility study determined that the most favourable option was construction of a new one form entry (210 place) building to accommodate Oak Field Primary on the existing site and the remodelling of the building currently occupied by Ysgol Gwaun y Nant and Oak Field Primary to enlarge Ysgol Gwaun y Nant to accommodate 420 children plus an enlarged nursery.

6.         Cabinet of 23rd September 2013 (Min C2029) resolved that:

·                the preferred option to expand Ysgol Gwaun y Nant from one to two form entry and to provide a new building for Oakfield Primary school on the current site be approved.

·               consultation on the expansion of Ysgol Gwaun y Nant from a one to two form entry school be approved.

·               the report be referred to Scrutiny Committee (Lifelong Learning) and from there onto the Scrutiny Committee (Corporate Resources) for consideration.

7.         A report of the Chief Learning and Skills Officer entitled 'School reorganisation proposals for Welsh Medium Primary Schooling in Barry' was presented to Scrutiny Committee (Lifelong Learning) on 9th December 2013. The committee recommended that the decision to expand Ysgol Gwaun y Nant to meet increasing parental demand for Welsh Medium education in Barry be supported (Min 671).

8.         Scrutiny Committee (Corporate Resources) on 10th December 2013 considered the report of the Chief Learning and Skills Officer entitled 'School reorganisation proposals for Welsh Medium Primary Schooling in Barry'. The committee (Min 691) recommended that the proposals to expand Ysgol Gwaun y Nant to meet increasing parental demand for Welsh Medium education in Barry be endorsed.

9.         Cabinet of 28th April 2014 were advised of the consultation process and resolved (Min C2300) that:

·               it be noted that no objections had been received to the published Statutory Notice to expand Ysgol Gwaun y Nant.

·               subject to Welsh Government grant funding being awarded from the 21st Century Schools Programme, the proposal to expand Ysgol Gwaun y Nant from a 210 place to 420 place school be approved.  

10.      It is planned that the new accommodation at Oak Field Primary School will be operational for commencement of the new academic year in September 2015. Refurbishment of Ysgol Gwaun y Nant is planned to commence in July 2015 with a phased completion.

Relevant Issues and Options

11.      Tenders for the works have recently been sought. The tender process utilised the South East Wales Schools and Capital Funding (SEWSCAP) Contractor Framework and included a short listing exercise using Pre-qualification Questionnaires.

12.      Three tenders were received and opened on 6th June 2014. These have subsequently been evaluated by AECOM (consultant cost manager) based on the 70/30% price/quality criteria stated in the tender documentation.

13.      The tender documentation required tenderers to submit a design solution addressing stipulated Employer's Requirements. ISG Construction Ltd's proposals are considered to be the most compliant in terms of satisfying these requirements. A significant factor is that they were the only contractor to propose a two storey design which has the advantage of providing the necessary internal space without compromising the specific requirements for external play. The two storey solution does result in a larger internal floor area, and resultant additional costs, to accommodate the necessary circulation space. It is however considered that there is scope for value engineering to reduce this during the detailed design stage.

14.      The submissions of Dawnus and WRW Construction Ltd propose a single storey solution which reduces the amount of external space available for play areas and has implications on the use and management of these spaces. It is also noted that these proposals extend beyond the designated development area identified in the tender documents and conflict with planning guidelines.

15.      Further details of AECOM's tender evaluation are outlined in the Part II item on this agenda. It recommends acceptance of the tender submitted by ISG Construction Ltd.

16.      ISG Construction Ltd's proposal is based on use of a model school template developed by ISG Construction in collaboration with Stride Treglown Architects. This utilises a standardised design while still affording flexibility to clients and end users. This approach is intended to permit refinement of design over subsequent schemes by use of established teams resulting in improved programme and lower costs through ongoing lessons learnt and supply chain engagement.

17.      The model school template referred to above is currently being used at Ysgol Gymraeg Nant Talwg and also proposed to be used on Ysgol Gymraeg Dewi Sant. Ysgol Gymraeg Nant Talwg is the first such school in Wales and has been very well received by Welsh Government who have used the scheme as one of three projects demonstrating best practice for a 21st century school. Representatives of many other local authorities have visited the site and presentations on the scheme have been made to the other 21 authorities in Wales.  

Resource Implications (Financial and Employment)

18.      The capital cost for provision of a new one form entry (210 place) building to accommodate Oak Field Primary and the remodelling of the building currently occupied by Ysgol Gwaun y Nant and Oak Field Primary is estimated to be £3,645,000. This amount is currently included within the Capital Programme for the years 2014/15 to 2018/19 as approved by Council on 5th March 2014 (Min 883(1)).

19.      In addition to the main contract works that are the subject of this report, the approved budget will be required to fund associated fees and ancillary works.

20.      The project is jointly funded by the Council and contributions from Welsh Government via the 21st Century schools programme.  

21.      Any increased staffing costs arising due to the expansion of the school will be funded from the Learning and Skills revenue budget via the formula allocation to schools.

Sustainability and Climate Change Implications

22.      New build elements of the scheme will meet BREEAM excellent rating significantly reducing the running costs and carbon emissions arising from the building.

Legal Implications (to Include Human Rights Implications)

23.      It will be necessary to enter into a formally executed contract with ISG Construction Ltd.

Crime and Disorder Implications

24.      There are no direct crime and disorder implications arising from this matter.

Equal Opportunities Implications (to include Welsh Language issues)

25.      The expansion of Welsh medium education will meet parental demand for Welsh Medium education in Barry. The new building for Oak Field Primary School will provide excellent educational facilities for children living in a neighbourhood that experiences higher levels of socio-economic deprivation.

Corporate/Service Objectives

26.      The expansion of Ysgol Gwaun y Nant and new building for Oak Field Primary progresses LS2 to 'Develop, consult on and implement a School Reorganisation Programme to ensure the right schools are provided in the right places.' included within the Corporate Plan 2013-17.

27.      The schemes detailed in this report contribute towards service outcome 3, objective 9 'Learners have access to an appropriate range of quality provision' of the Learning and Skills Directorate Service Plan 2013/17

Policy Framework and Budget

28.      This is a matter for executive decision by Cabinet.

Consultation (including Ward Member Consultation)

29.      Consultation has taken place with relevant Officers and Ward Members.

30.      Public consultation with all interested parties in accordance with legislation will be carried out regarding the expansion of Ysgol Gwaun y Nant.

Relevant Scrutiny Committee

31.      Lifelong Learning.

Background Papers

Cabinet Report 23rd September 2013 - 'School Reorganisation Proposals for Welsh Medium Primary School Places in Barry: Ysgol Gwaun y Nant and Oakfield Primary School' (Min C2029)

Scrutiny Committee (Lifelong Learning) of 9th December 2013 Min 671

Scrutiny Committee (Corporate Resources) of 10th December 2013 Min 691


Contact Officer

Martyn Lewis             Group Quantity Surveyor


Officers Consulted

Sian Davies               Director of Resources

Paula Ham                 Head of Strategy, Community Learning & Resources

Alan Jenkins              Head of Financial Services

Carolyn Michael        Operational Manager (Accountancy)

Jane Wade                Operational Manager (Property)

Nicola Monckton       Accountant (Education)

Mike Walsh                Principal Lawyer


Responsible Officer:

Jennifer Hill                Director of Learning and Skills