Agenda Item No.





Minutes of a meeting held on 17th September, 2014 at the Cardiff International White Water.




Councillor L. Burnett (Chair)

Vale of Glamorgan Council

Ms. C. Dimond (Vice Chair)

Cardiff Flood Action Committee

Mr. N. Ajax-Lewis MBE

Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales

Mr. J. Harrison

Natural Resources Wales

Councillor G. Roberts

Penarth Town Council


Also present:


Mr. J. Maidment

Cardiff Harbour Authority

Mr. T. Gifford

Cardiff Harbour Authority

Mr. D. Hall

Cardiff Harbour Authority

Mr. C. Hope

Vale of Glamorgan Council



(a)       Apologies for Absence -


These were received from Councillor Bob Derbyshire (Cardiff Council), Mr. C. Michael (RSPB), Ms. S. Newbold (British Marine Federation and Royal Yachting Association), Mr. A. Vye-Parminter (Harbour Master) and Ms. L. Jackson (Cardiff Bay Yacht Club).



(b)       Minutes -


AGREED - T H A T the Minutes of the meeting held on 4th June, 2014 be approved as a correct record subject to it being recorded that Councillor Roberts had requested that a future meeting of the Advisory Committee receive a presentation on 'Where we are now’ and outlining what ambitions could be achieved across the Bay.


It was suggested that Kath Richards, Operational Manager Events and Neil Hanratty, Economic Development, Cardiff Council attend the meeting. 



(c)        Matters Arising -


With regard to the reference to an incident of Japanese Knotweed in Penarth Marina, the Advisory Committee were advised that Mr. Maidment had spoken to the Parks and Grounds Maintenance Manager of the Vale of Glamorgan Council who had agreed to look at the affected areas. 


Councillor Roberts observed that some of the affected areas now appeared to be under control.



(d)       Navigational Safety -


Mr. Gifford advised the Committee of a minor collision that had occurred in one of the locks involving leisure and commercial vessels. 


Following interviews with the Captains of the vessels, recommendations had been made to avoid a recurrence. 



(e)       Progress Reports -


·               It was reported that all works associated with the recent NATO Conference had gone well and excellent feedback had been received. 


·               Pontoons had been moved around the Bay for safety reasons, and good feedback had been received.


·               The build of the replacement sluice room was due to be completed today.


·               One new operator licence had been issued during the summer months for a passenger vehicle.


·               Further expressions of interest had been received from operators which demonstrated that the level of interest within the Bay was high.


Councillor Roberts, in referring to the fencing around the entrance to the Barrage stated that he had seen fishermen climbing over the fence and showed the members of the Committee photographic evidence of this. 


Mr. Gifford replied that this was not a new problem and the police had been requested to remove these people. 


The Bay Authorities did not have a permanent presence at this location.


A Member enquired as to the use of ASBOs to prevent recurrences.


The issue of Fixed Penalty Fines was also mentioned.


Councillor Burnett had received reports of people fishing from John Batchelor Way, and it was suggested that any information about individuals who had breached the bye-laws should be shared with the police. 


Mr. Maidment advised that the site assessments were under review and suggested that the risk assessments could be extended as far as the fencing around the Barrage. 


Mr. Maidment in referring to a problem with invasive weeds in the Bay, advised that a bid had been submitted, in conjunction with neighbouring authorities, to the Assembly with a view to raising awareness of the issue, educating people and controlling the problem. 


Discussions also ensued regarding Midge control.


It was




(1)       T H A T the progress report be noted.


(2)       T H A T future meetings of the Advisory Committee receive regular updates on the levels of illegal fishing at the Barrage.



(f)         Update Report - Mr. J. Harrison, Natural Resources Wales -


Mr. Harrison advised that:


·               The Natural Resources Wales was continuing to liaise with the Cardiff Harbour Authority.

·               There had been no fish deaths this year despite the warm weather.  The deployment of the Oxygen barge had made a significant difference although it was acknowledged that further decisions would need to be made post 2017 regarding this equipment. 

·               There had been a number of minor pollution incidents, including an incidence of Blue Algae in Bute Dock (which was a normal occurrence).

·               Some groundwater was seeping through the embankment into the Bay near the Sports Village and this problem was being addressed. 

·               A marine licence for dredging in the area had been granted in July.


AGREED - T H A T the update report be noted.



(g)       Any Other Business -


(i)         Civil Aid Voluntary Rescue Association (CAVRA) - The Chairman referred to an e-mail she had received from the Chairman and Director of Operations, CAVRA which related to a recent incident in Cardiff Bay (which turned out to be a malicious false alarm).


Mr. Davies had expressed disappointment that CAVRA’s rescue craft had not been utilised for the incident.


Mr. Gifford advised that four false alarms had been received over the past few days.  The Harbour Authority had responded in accordance with the provisions of its Emergency Procedures, which were well tested.  The Emergency Procedures did not include reference to CAVRA.  Mr. Maidment advised that CAVRA’s services were used when events were held in the Bay.


The Chairman stated that the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s Emergency Plan included the use of CAVRA and suggested that it may be beneficial if representatives of CAVRA were invited to address the Advisory Committee to inform of their potential, for the information of the Advisory Committee.


It was


AGREED - T H A T representatives of CAVRA be invited to address a future meeting of the Advisory Committee.


(ii)        Penarth Docks - The Chairman advised that next year represented the 150th anniversary of the founding of Penarth Docks.


A ceremony was planned and the Chairman enquired if she should invite the organisers of the ceremony to address a future meeting of the Advisory Committee.


The suggestions was AGREED.



(iii)       Transport Links - The Chairman advised that discussions had taken place regarding transport links with Penarth, including the possibility of a Cross-Barrage Bus. 


Although acknowledging that the link was some way off, the Chairman expressed a wish that ultimately, the route would link with Cosmeston Country Park.


The Vale of Glamorgan Council utilised a Community Bus, called Greenlinks which could be used as part of a pilot service.


When further details were available, the Chairman stated that she would advise the Committee further.


In response, Mr. Gifford informed that timetabling problems could occur if the Barrage Bridge was raised.  Furthermore, the number of visitors milling around could cause further delays. 



(iv)       Venue for Meeting, 5th March, 2015 - It was reported that the timetable for meetings of the Advisory Committee included a meeting to be held at 5.15 p.m. on 5th March, 2015 and that the meeting be held in Cardiff White Water. 


Committee were advised that the Cardiff White Water would not be available for the meeting on that date and the Advisory Committee were invited to suggest alternative venues.


AGREED - T H A T the Penarth Town Council offices or The Kymin, Penarth be considered as alternative venues.



(h)        Date of Next Meeting -


AGREED - T H A T the next meeting be held on Wednesday, 19th November, 2014 at 5.15 p.m. in the Cardiff International White Water.