Agenda Item No

The Vale of Glamorgan Council


Cabinet Meeting: 12 January, 2015


Report of the Leader


External Funding: Vale Sport Plan - Local Authority Partnership Agreement (LAPA)


Purpose of the Report


1. To inform Cabinet of external funding available through Sport Wales to deliver the Vale Sport (LAPA) Plan 2015/16 and seek Cabinet approval for acceptance of the grant.




1. That Cabinet notes the proposed uses of the Sport Wales grant funding through the Vale Sport Plan 2015/16.


2. That Cabinet authorises acceptance of the grant if awarded and all the terms of the grant.


Reasons for the Recommendations


1&2.To advise Cabinet of the details of the grant and the scope of the proposals.




2. Local Authority Partnership Agreements (LAPAs) between Sport Wales and each of the 22 local authorities in Wales enable partnership working to develop and embed shared values, common goals and joint aspirations in addressing the challenges of achieving a ‘better, fitter and healthier Wales’.


3. Sport Wales provide an annual grant scheme to assist the implementation of Local Authority Partnership Agreements. The local authority has to submit an annual plan for funding and identify a work programme for use of the likely funding available to the Vale. Funding for 2014/15 was £498,990.


4. The Vale Sport (LAPA) Plan 2015 / 2016 identifies the key projects that the local authority and partners will deliver to achieve the Vale’s vision of an inclusive, confident and healthy sporting community. This plan includes ongoing projects funded by Sport Wales such as the Aquatics Plan, 5x60 and Dragon Sport schemes, as well as new projects where additional funding can be obtained.


5. The draft Vale Sport (LAPA) Plan 2015 / 2016 was submitted to Sport Wales on the 14th November 2014. The Vale's Sport Wales representative reviewed the draft plan and advised which additional funded projects that were proposed could remain in the plan and once agreed the final plan was submitted on the 14th December 2014.


6. The details of the grant application have been considered by the External Funding Steering Group and a copy of the External Funding Group proforma with the details of the bid is attached as Appendix A. 


Relevant Issues and Options


7. Sport Wales receive some of its funding from Exchequer funding and some from Welsh Government. At the time of writing, the exact amount of Welsh Government funding has not yet been confirmed. Sport Wales has requested that the local authority submit the application based on the last financial year's figures for the core programmes of 5x60, Dragon Sport and Aquatics. These projects are funded from Welsh Government funding. The additional projects that we are able to bid for are funded from the Exchequer.


8. The Vale Sport (LAPA) Plan 2015 / 2016 bid is for approximately £494,475 plus Tennis costs once confirmed. The funding provides project specific budgets to cover areas such as workforce development, purchase of equipment, coaching costs, facility hire and marketing. A breakdown of costs is attached as Appendix B.


9. The plan identifies six priority areas of:

• Foundation Skills & Physical Literacy - £353,319 (includes Dragon Sport, 5x60 & Aquatics)

• Thriving Clubs - £105,076

• Informal Sport - £8,000

• Inclusion - Women & Girls - £14,020

• Workforce Development - £11,060

• Competitive Opportunities and the Performance Pathway - £3,000


10. Funding allocated to the 'Thriving Clubs' priority area includes £101,063 Community Chest funding. This is a national scheme developed by Sport Wales but is managed locally by the Vale of Glamorgan Council. The funding is distributed to local community clubs and organisations via an application process to assist them in creating or further developing sports opportunities in the Vale. In addition to the £101,063, the local authority has been allocated an additional £2,813 of funding from Sport Wales to cover the cost of administration of this scheme.


11. Whilst the funding allocated for the Community Chest scheme is identified in the Vale Sport Plan, the £101,063 element of funding is not physically transferred to the Vale of Glamorgan Council as Sport Wales pay the funding directly to the organisations. Of the £494,475 applied for, the Council would receive £393,412 in physical funding.


12. The grant is also used to fund the following posts:

• Active Young People Coordinator

• Assistant Dragon Sport Officer

• 5X60 Officers (x4)


13. Each 5x60 Officer is responsible for delivering a localised sports plan in their allocated area whereby they will be responsible for activities within two secondary schools and for liaising with the clubs and organisations within their locality. There is an officer allocated to each of the following areas:

• Stanwell and St Cyres Comprehensives and Penarth area

• Cowbridge and Llantwit Comprehensives and rural Vale area

• Ysgol Gyfun Bro Morgannwg & Barry Comprehensives and Barry area

• St. Richard Gwyn & Bryn Hafren Comprehensives and Barry area


14. The 5x60 and Dragon Sport programmes have significant positive impacts on the participation rates of children and young people both within schools and their communities. In the recent national School Sport Survey the Vale of Glamorgan were ranked 2nd in Wales at 44% on the Hooked on Sport measure which highlights the number of children and young people who undertake sport and physical activity on at least three occasions a week (compared to the Welsh average of 40%). Sport Wales funding is required to enable these and other projects to continue.


15. Each project within the Vale Sport Plan will have identified targets. Projects contained within the plan must impact on one or more of the five overarching outputs:

• Percentage of children participating in sport 3 times per week (Hooked on Sport measure).

• Percentage of children participating in sport in a club outside of school at least once a week.

• Percentage of children able to swim at 11 years old.

• Percentage of adults (15+) volunteering.

• Percentage of active adults.


Resource Implications (Financial and Employment)


16. With the exception of the 5x60 and Dragon Sport scheme all of the projects receiving funding are time limited and do not have exit costs. The Dragon Sport and 5x60 schemes have been running for over 8 years, with annual renewal of the scheme.


17. The Active Young People Coordinator and 5x60 Officers posts are all full-time temporary posts. The Assistant Dragon Sport Officer is a part-time temporary post. Redundancy costs for these posts were not included as part of the agreement with Sport Wales when established and therefore such costs would need to be paid for from the services existing budget.


18. Whilst some of the projects are delivered internally by Council departments, some are delivered by external partners such as Parkwood Community Leisure and National Governing Bodies of Sport. The funding for these projects is distributed to the relevant partner to deliver the project on behalf of the Council, with a Deed of Grant in place.


Sustainability and Climate Change Implications


19. The role of the Sports Development Team is to provide partners with the skills and knowledge to be able to continue to deliver the provision established once development support has been withdrawn. When considering sustainability of the provision, areas such as financial stability/income generation, workforce structure (voluntary and paid) and ongoing membership are considered.


20. The Vale Sport Plan contributes to meeting the sustainability principles of ensuring a strong, healthy and just society and promoting good governance.


Legal Implications (to Include Human Rights Implications)


21. It will be necessary to agree the terms of the grant and to enter into a formal grant agreement; it will also in due course be necessary to agree the terms of and enter into Deeds of Grant with recipient bodies.

Crime and Disorder Implications


22. It has been evidenced that the provision of diversionary activities including sports and physical activity has a positive impact on reducing crime and disorder issues.

Equal Opportunities Implications (to include Welsh Language issues)


23. The projects delivered through the bid will help improve access to sporting opportunities for a number of groups.


24. Approximately £11,500 of funding is allocated to the priority area of 'Inclusion' to increase opportunities for women and girls.


25. The 5x60 Officers are also responsible for leading on specific development areas which are targeted at identified groups. These include:

• Inclusion – targeting disabled young people, women and girls and developing Welsh language provision.

• Doorstep Sports – developing low cost / no cost opportunities in areas of deprivation and Communities First areas.


26. The Active Young People Coordinator and Assistant Dragon Sport Officer work in partnership with primary schools, local sports clubs and organisations to develop opportunities for children aged 7 – 11 years, including disabled children.


27. Funding is also allocated to provide coach education specifically for Welsh Language coaches. One of the 5x60 officers is based at Ysgol Gyfun Bro Morgannwg and is responsible for developing extra-curricular provision to the pupils, ideally through the medium of Welsh. The Sports and Play Development team also work in partnership with the URDD in the Vale to facilitate the development of Welsh Language provision. 


Corporate/Service Objectives


28. The delivery of the Vale Sport Plan impacts on the following objectives in the Corporate Plan:

• HSCW1- Deliver a quality leisure service in partnership with Parkwood Community Leisure and other partners.

• HSCW2 - Promote and support community facilities to offer a wide range of leisure and social activities helping to improve residents’ health and wellbeing.

• HSCW4 - Increase levels of physical activity and reduce rising levels of obesity by delivering the Local Authority Partnership Agreement and the Council’s responsibilities in the Healthy Communities Food and Fitness Framework Action Plan.

• CYP2 - Develop and promote opportunities for all children and young people including those who have a disability or who undertake a caring role to engage in play, physical and cultural activity.

• LS9 - Increase opportunities for adults to gain qualifications for their learning and to improve quality in the learning experience.

• LS17 - Engage with adult learners of all ages to improve skills and remove barriers to learning and employment.

• R11 - Establish and implement a Barry Communities First cluster to deliver improved health and well-being of people living in the Communities First area.


Policy Framework and Budget


29. This is a matter for Executive decision.


Consultation (including Ward Member Consultation)


30. The Vale Sport Plan is monitored by the Vale Sport Management Board. There are individuals from the following organisations represented on the Management Board so they have / will continue to be updated regarding the content of the Vale Sport Plan:

• Parkwood Community Leisure

• Education Department

• Children & Young People’s Partnership

• Cabinet Member for Leisure, Parks, Culture and Sports Development

• Development Services

• Physical Literacy Programme for Schools

• Public Health Board

• Sport Wales


31. Representatives from other departments such as Parks and Open Spaces and from external organisations such as relevant National Governing Bodies of Sport and community clubs have also been involved in the planning of projects contained with the Vale Sport Plan.


32. Specific Ward Member consultation has not been undertaken on this report as it is a matter that affects all wards.


Relevant Scrutiny Committee


33. Corporate Resources


Background Papers


External Funding Proforma - LAPA 2015/16

Vale Sport Plan Finance Overview


Contact Officer


Helen Moses, Strategy and Partnership Manager


Officers Consulted


External Funding Steering Group

Corporate Management Team

David Knevett, Operational Manager Leisure and Tourism

Karen Davies, Sports and Play Development Manager

Mike Walsh, Principal Lawyer


Responsible Officer:


Huw Isaac, Head of Performance and Development