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Minutes of a meeting held on 14th January, 2015 at the Cardiff International White Water.




Councillor L. Burnett (Chairman) Vale of Glamorgan Council
Mr. C. Michael RSPB
Councillor G. Roberts Penarth Town Council
Mr. J. Harrison Natural Resources Wales
Ms. L. Jackson Cardiff Bay Yacht Club


Also present:


Mrs. S. Jones Vale of Glamorgan Council (For Agenda Item No. 4)
Mr. J. Maidment Cardiff Harbour Authority
Ms. C. Cameron Vale of Glamorgan Council (For Agenda Item No. 5)
Ms. K. Richards Cardiff Council (For Agenda Item No. 4)
Mr. A. Vye-Parminter Cardiff Harbour Authority
Ms. A. Middleton Cardiff Harbour Authority
Mr. C. Hope Vale of Glamorgan Council

(a) Apologies for Absence -


These were received from Mr. C. Atherton (Waterfront Partners), Ms. S. Newbold (Bay Marine Insurance), Mr. M. Chidlow (Harbour Master), Councillor B. Derbyshire (Cardiff Council) and Mr. S. Jones (Quay Marinas Ltd.).


(b) Minutes -


AGREED - T H A T the minutes of the meeting held on 19th November, 2014 be approved as a correct record.


(c) Matters Arising -


(i) Cardiff Bay Waterfront Masterplan - The Chairman enquired if the production of the Master Plan was still in progress and was advised that progress was continuing with a view to it being reported to Cardiff Council on 26th February, 2015.


(d) Presentation - Bay Events -


Ms. K. Richards, Head of Culture, Venues and Events for the City of Cardiff Council gave a presentation on the events scheduled to be held within or impact on the Bay. 


It was reported that some 28 events had been scheduled, although some were still to be confirmed.


Scheduled events included:

  • Velathon Wales is scheduled for 14th June, 2015.  This 50k and 120k Elite and mass participation cycling race will be one of only eight in this series being held across the World and is supported by the Welsh Government.
  • The Extreme Sailing Series would take place in the Bay annually for the next three years.  This year, the event was scheduled for 19th to 21st June, 2015. 
  • The first Cardiff Triathlon will be hosted in Cardiff Bay on 28th June.  In parallel the authority was working with Welsh Government to potentially bid for the World Triathlon Series, historically hosted in Hyde Park, London.
  • International Food and Drink Festival would be held on 10th and 12th July.
  • “Cardiff Bay Beach” is scheduled for 25th July to 6th September.
  • The Harbour Festival would be held on 29th/31st August, 2015 together with the P1 Powerboat Event.
  • The Wales Millennium Centre will be hosting an outdoor tenth anniversary celebration on 11th to 13th September and the authority was working in partnership with the WMC team to facilitate their final programme.
  • The Cardiff Half Marathon would take place.

In addition, preparations were taking place for the visit of the Volvo Around the World Race.


In referring to events held within the Bay, the Chairman stated that there were often issues surrounding car parking on the Penarth side of the Bay.  Councillor Burnett felt that Cardiff and Vale Councils should co-ordinate the travel arrangements for the events. 


As a case in point, Councillor Roberts pointed out that the Volvo Around the World Race would attract a huge number of visitors to the area and stressed the importance of the two Councils working together to co-ordinate the travel arrangements.


Ms. Jones advised the Committee that the Vale of Glamorgan Council had held an Aquathon in Barry Island.  It was hoped that the Vale of Glamorgan Council would organise a Triathlon, possibly when the new road to Barry Island opened.


The Chairman advised that when major events such as the Eisteddfod had been held in the area, the Council had used the 28 day planning rule to set up campsites.  This initiative had proved successful and led to increased opportunities for diversification in the area.


Mr. Harrison, in referring to water quality issues surrounding a number of events, advised that Natural Resources Wales would be aware of any pollution in the rivers leading to the Bay.


Risk-based modelling could be used, and Natural Resources Wales could ensure there were no river works taking place by its operatives.  This would prevent the flow of slit into the Bay.


AGREED - T H A T the presentation be noted.


(e) Presentation - Vale of Glamorgan Local Transport Planning, Taking into Account Regional Issues -


Claire Cameron, Principal Transport and Road Safety Officer for the Vale of Glamorgan Council provided an overview of the Vale Council’s proposed Transport Plan in so far as it related to the Bay region. 


The draft Plan was to be submitted to the Welsh Government by 31st January, 2015 with a view to the draft Plan being adopted by the Council in March 2015.


It was reported that the proposed Plan linked with a number of other Plans, including that relating to the Metro.  Amongst the current committed schemes included within the Plan was the Merrie Harrier to Cardiff Corridor to include Leckwith. 


Uncommitted high priority schemes included within the draft Plan included:

  • National Cycle Network Route 88 and associated local, urban and rural connections.
  • Barry Waterfront to Dinas Powys Cycle Route.
  • Localised Road Improvement Actions - Cardiff Road Corridor, Barry; the A4231/A4055/B4267 - Biglis Roundabout; the Merrier Harrier Junction, Penarth; Windsor Road Corridor - Cogan, Penarth; Barry Island Causeway/Harbour Road.

The Committee were further advised that Cardiff Council were looking to establish a bus route over the Barrage with an intention to implement a scheme during 2016/


The Chairman spoke of the potential to link this bus route with the Cosmeston Park and Ride.


Committee were advised that the Vale of Glamorgan Council was currently considering the proposals contained within the Cardiff Local Transport Plan.  In referring to Cardiff Council’s proposals for rapid transport, Members were advised that the Vale’s response was that this should be extended to Cogan and Llandough Hospital.


The Chairman expressed the view that, as the Sports Village developed, demand on transport would increase.


The contents of the presentation were noted.


(f) Navigational Safety -


It was reported that winter dredging had been delayed by the weather but the dredger would arrive this Sunday.  Dredging would take a fortnight to complete. 


(g) Progress Report - Cardiff Harbour Authority -


It was reported that no significant issues had occurred since the last meeting.


Work to replace the salt-water valve on the Barrage was due to start soon.


The fish pass was closed for annual maintenance.


Councillor Roberts referred to the possibility of a more integrated ticketing system within the Bay involving bus and boats between Penarth and Cardiff. 


It was reported that the Harbour Authority regularly met with boat owners and this subject could be raised at a future meeting. 


Another Member enquired as to the completion date for the Ice-Rink and was advised that the date was scheduled for the end of 2015.


(h) Update Report - Mr. J. Harrison, Natural Resources Wales -


Mr. Harrison advised that:

  • No issues of concern had arisen in the Bay since the last meeting of the Advisory Committee.
  • Previously, Natural Resources Wales had responded to pollution incidents and where possible took criminal proceedings against those responsible.  Increasingly, it was the case that Natural Resources Wales took civil sanctions against anyone responsible for a pollution incident.  As a result, the guilty party would cover the costs of Natural Resources Wales and would make a contribution towards an Environment-based charity.
  • Natural Resources Wales was close to re-organising its teams to develop Natural Resource Management Teams which would encompass all professionals in one team, resulting in increased synergies.
  • Mr. Harrison announced that he would be retiring at the end of March.  It was reported that Nadia Delonghi would be his replacement.

(i) Any Other Business -


(i) Penarth Marina and Haven Residents Association - The Chairman referred to a letter that had been sent to the Leader of City of Cardiff Council by a Dr. M. Whitehill of the Penarth Marina and Haven Residents Association expressing a wish to be involved in any considerations of Cardiff Council on the neighbourhood.  The possibility of the Residents Association being involved in the work of the Cardiff Bay Advisory Committee had been mentioned.


In considering this, Members of the Advisory Committee were mindful of the role of the Committee as contained within the Cardiff Bay Barrage Act 1983, namely:


(a) Cardiff County Council, where appropriate through the Harbour Authority shall, except where it is not reasonably practicable to do so, consult the Committee about any matter substantially affecting the environment or amenities of the inland bay, or navigation in the inland bay or at the outer harbour.


(b) To be informed if the level of the impounded lake falls below 4 meters OAD for reasons other than for the prevention of flooding, the maintenance of water quality, or the testing or repair of the Barrage.


(c) To make representation, which Cardiff County Council or Cardiff Harbour Authority, as appropriate, must take into account, on any matters affecting the environment or amenities of the inland bay, or navigation in the inland bay or outer harbour.


Furthermore, the Barrage Act stipulated that the Advisory Committee should consist of persons with an interest in, or represent persons or bodies with an interest in:


(a) the operation of the Barrage


(b) the management of the inland bay


(c) navigation in the inland bay or the outer harbour.


The Advisory Committee were also aware that the membership of the Committee included a member of the Vale of Glamorgan Council and Penarth Town Council.


Having taken all of the above into account, it was the view of the Advisory Committee that it would not be appropriate to appoint a representative of the Residents Association to the membership of the Cardiff Bay Advisory Committee.


(ii) It was reported that the Penarth Marina and Haven Residents Association had requested that the path that leads to the beach from the Barrage car park down beside the fence of the Custom House car park be resurfaced as 2015 would represent the 150th anniversary of Penarth Dock and it was intended that the beach be used as part of the celebrations.


Mr. Maidment said he would report on this to the next meeting of the Advisory Committee.


(iii) Penarth Docks - 2015 represented the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Penarth Docks.


A ceremony was planned and the Chairman suggested that the organisers of the ceremony be invited to address the next meeting of the Advisory Committee.


The suggestion was AGREED.


(iv) CAVRA - The Advisory Committee had previously agreed to invite representatives of Civil Aid Voluntary Rescue Association to attend a future meeting of the Advisory Committee.


It was reported that CAVRA had agreed to attend the March meeting of the Advisory Committee.


(v) Peter Andrews - The Chairman advised the Committee that Peter Andrews was no longer part of the Penarth Tourism and Visitor Association and suggested that he no longer received the agenda and papers for meeting of the Cardiff Bay Advisory Committee.


This suggestion was AGREED.


(j) Date of Next Meeting


AGREED - T H A T the next meeting be held on Thursday, 5th March, 2015 at 5.15 p.m. and that the meeting be held in the Penarth Town Council Offices.