Minutes of meeting held on 15 December 2014

Present: Councillor C Elmore (Chairman), Councillor S. Egan, Councillor E Williams, Councillor R.Traherne. Councillor R. Bertin, Rachael Evans (Head of Children & Young People Services), Martine Coles (LAC Education Coordinator) Ann Williams (Principal Officer - Children and Young People Services) Mark Petherick (Cabinet Officer).


(1) Apologies for absence
1.1  Councillor J Birch. Councillor V Hartrey, P.Evans (Director of Social and Care Services),
(2) Minutes and Matters Arising 15 September 2014

2.1 The minutes of 15 September 2014 meeting were agreed as a correct record. All Agreed
(3) Report to the Director of Social Services under The Review of Children’s Cases (Amendment) (Wales) Regulations 2004-  Ann Williams, Principal Officer   
3.1 AW presented her report titled The Review of Children’s Cases (Amendment) (Wales) Regulations 2004 to the panel

The report outlined the authority’s arrangements for audit, quality assurance and performance management of the LAC system by providing quantitative and qualitative information gained from management information and performance indicators gained from the activity of the IROs.

The full report was attached at Appendix A to the minutes.

(4) CSSIW  Inspection: Safeguarding and Care Planning of LAC and Care Leavers who exhibit Vulnerable or Risky Behaviour – Draft Action Plan – Rachel Evans, Head of Service
4.1 RE provided panel members with information on the Safeguarding and Care Planning of LAC and Care Leavers who exhibit Vulnerable or Risky Behaviour – Draft Action Plan

The action Plan covered the following 5 main question areas;

Question 1 – Did the authority effectively discharge its corporate parenting roles and responsibilities promoting the stability, welfare and safety of looked after children and care leavers?


Question 2 – Were care and pathway plans informed by relevant assessments, including explicit risk assessments, which support a comprehensive response to the needs and experiences of children and young people?


Question 3 – Were operational systems and procedures in place that ensured responsive coordinated action was taken to mitigate risk and achieve safe continuity of care?


Question 4 – Did Independent Reviews and quality assurance arrangements promote safe care and best outcomes for young people?


Question 5 – Did care and pathway planning effectively capture and promote the rights and voice of the child?
RE introduced each section of the action plan in detail. The full action plan was attached at appendix B to the minutes.

RE confirmed that she would undertake research from other Councils in this area and report back to the next meeting of the panel.
RE to report back to the next meeting of the panel
(5) Vale, Valleys and Cardiff Regional Adoption Collaborative Rachel Evans, Head of Service.
5.1 RE presented to members about the Vale, Valleys and Cardiff Regional Adoption Collaborative and how to deliver a better adoption services.

Regional Collaborative was to be established on an agreed basis in terms of cost, funding, income, savings, service level, structure and timing (of) and implementation of the Regional Collaborative to enable the creation of the shared service with appropriate governance mechanisms.

RE explained that a report was taken to Cabinet on the 28th of November, the details of which could be accessed via the following link;,_agendas_and_reports/reports/cabinet/2014/14-11-28/Establishing-the-Vale,-Valleys-and-Cardiff-Regional-Adoption-Collaborative.aspx

(6) Any Other Business 

6.1 No other business was reported.
(7) Next Meeting Dates 2014

CE will speak with Mike Glavin (Head of School and Improvement Service) to co ordinate a series of meeting dates of the panel for next year. All Agreed