The progress report attached at Appendix 1 to the report provided a brief outline on the work of the Youth Cabinet during the period January - March 2015 and advised of how many young people had been contacted to date.  The report referred to the number of meetings of the Youth Cabinet that had taken place, the meetings of the Vale Youth Forum and the consultation undertaken with the Youth Cabinet regarding the Vale Council’s Destination Action Plan.  The report also detailed the work being undertaken by the Point Team to encourage new membership of the Vale Youth Forum.  Committee was informed that the work of the Youth Cabinet had been well documented on social media and in the press with several articles having been published in the Barry and District and the Gem.  The report acknowledged that throughout the period young people had gained deep understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the Vale of Glamorgan Council, its Cabinet Members and the process of democracy.  The Cabinet Member for Children’s Services and Schools stated that the Youth Cabinet had engaged in the process and had also shadowed Cabinet Members.  The Youth Cabinet had also developed an Action Plan and following a recruitment drive 14 new members had joined the Vale Youth Forum.


In order to further enhance the voice of young people in the decision making process, at the Scrutiny Committee Lifelong Learning meeting on 17th February, 2014 it had been recommended that a further report be presented to the Committee on the way forward for a member(s) of the VYF to be represented on the Scrutiny Committee. It was considered that such representation would enable young people of the Vale to provide information, suggestions or comments for consideration by the Committee.  The report therefore proposed that invitations be extended to the Vale Youth Forum to nominate two representatives from the Forum to sit on the Scrutiny Committee (Lifelong Learning) to represent young people of the Vale.  If required to assist in the nomination process, officers from within Democratic Services would arrange a briefing session with Vale Youth Forum Members in respect of the role.  On appointment, a further briefing session would also be held with the appointed representatives.  It was noted that the nominated representatives would be afforded the opportunity to attend Scrutiny Committee meetings, receive agendas and reports for the meeting (subject to Access to Information requirements) and have the opportunity to speak on agenda items and provide views/comments on behalf of young people from the Vale.  The appointments, whilst in a non-voting capacity, would provide a further opportunity for the Council to further formally engage with young people.  The appointments were to be agreed on the basis that the representatives were Vale Youth Forum Members and subject to change by the Vale Youth Forum itself. 


The Lead Officer for Youth and Community Learning advised that it was his intention to ensure that a Participation Officer also attended the meetings to provide support to the youth representatives and that he welcomed the proposals as outlined within the report.  Members of the Committee who had been part of the Youth Provision Task and Finish Group which had initially recommended consideration of a Youth Cabinet and youth representation on the Scrutiny Committee also welcomed the report and supported the recommendations, following which it was subsequently




(1)    T H A T the Vale Youth Cabinet progress report be noted and referred to Cabinet for information.


(2)    T H A T Cabinet and Full Council be recommended to approve that the Vale Youth Forum be invited to nominate two representatives to sit as non-voting observers on the Scrutiny Committee (Lifelong Learning).


Reasons for recommendations


(1)    Having considered the contents contained therein and to advise Cabinet.


(2)    To seek Cabinet and Full Council approval in order to allow for young people between the ages of 11 and 25 to provide information, suggestions or comments for consideration by the Committee.”


Attached as Appendix - Report to Scrutiny Committee (Lifelong Learning): 18th May, 2015