Minutes of a meeting held on 3rd June, 2015 at Cardiff International White Water.




Councillor L. Burnett Vale of Glamorgan Council
Ms. S. Newbold British Marine Federation
Mr. C. Atherton Waterfront Partners
Mr. S. Jones Quay Marinas Ltd
Mr. A. Parker

Mrs. L. De Longhi Natural Resources Wales
Ms. J. Poole Natural Resources Wales
Councillor G. Roberts Penarth Town Council

Also present:


Ms. S. Eaves Cardiff Harbour Authority
Mr. J. Maidment Cardiff Harbour Authority
Mr. A. Vye-Parminter Cardiff Harbour Authority
Mr. G. Soltys Penarth Tourism and Visitor Association
Mr. C. Hope Vale of Glamorgan Council

(a)    Appointment of Chairman


AGREED – T H A T Councillor L. Burnett be appointed Chairman for the ensuing Municipal Year.


(b)    Appointment of Vice-Chairman


AGREED – T H A T Mrs. C. Dimond be appointed Vice-Chairman for the ensuing Municipal Year.


(c)    Apologies for Absence – 


These were received from Councillor B. Derbyshire (Cardiff Council), Mr. N. Ajax-Lewis (Wild Life Trust) and Mr. C. Michael (RSPB).


(d)    Minutes


AGREED – T H A T the minutes of the meeting held on 5th March, 2015 be approved as a correct record.


(e)    Matters Arising


(i)    Civil Aid Voluntary Rescue Association (CAVRA)


The Chairman advised that the files received from CAVRA had been passed on to the Penarth Town Council and the Vale of Glamorgan’s Emergency Planning Team for their attention. 


(f)    Navigational Safety – Mr. A. Vye-Parminter


It was reported that a local notice to mariners had been issued to notify them that the Cardiff Barrage Approach Channel sector light (NAV AID 7) had been removed for repair following an act of vandalism.


(g)    Progress Report – Mr. A. Vye-Parminter / Mr. J. Maidment


The following events were scheduled to take place in the harbour:

  • Extreme sailingseries, 16th – 21st June
  • Always aim high triathlon, 28th June.  Should water quality permit, this will take place in the Bay, but if the water quality was poor, the event would take place in Bute East Dock.

Realtime weather (including Flat Holm) and water quality data could now be accessed online:


Cardiff Harbour Authority was part of a Welsh Government funded Wales-wide research project into improving techniques in aqua culture.  The project included the investigation of measures to manage aquatic invasive species which would be of benefit to the Cardiff Harbour Authority. 


Cardiff Harbour Authority was part of a European-wide research project into the early detection of invasive aquatic species.


Cardiff Harbour Authority was providing data and supporting work soon to be undertaken by the Engineering Research Council to develop a 3D model of Cardiff Bay and the surrounding catchment which would help predict the effect of issues such as climate change and assist with the future management of the Bay. 


The Harbour’s Marine Licence for disposal of material into the Severn Estuary was due to expire at the end of 2015.  Information was being compiled to submit an application for the next three years. 


With regard to midge control, a decision on whether or not the Health and Safety Executive would grant a licence for the use of Bti for Filter Fly control was still awaited (decision due in June).  This was likely to be successful, and if so would allow Cardiff Harbour Authority to submit an application for the use of the product in Cardiff Bay under an Emergency Licence. 


Refurbishment works to the salt water flushing valves was continuing with an anticipated installation date towards the end of June followed by a period of commissioning. 


The annual Fishpass maintenance was complete and the Fishpass was back in full operation with feedback from Natural Resources Wales that salmon had been identified through the pass and although slightly later than last year, they were now starting to come into the Bay.  Trapping reports from Radyr Weir and data from the sensors at the Barrage Fishpass were positive. 


Evaluation was taking place into the requirement to keep the public toilets at Barrage Control open 24 hours a day as a number of incidents had occurred throughout the night time as a result of vandalism by fishermen using the facility to gut / prepare fish, amongst other things.


Questions were asked regarding weed growth – it had been noticed growth was greater than last year. 


The Advisory Committee was told that the situation was being monitored, although no action was necessary yet. 


Mr. Maidment advised that Cardiff Council had considered alternative ways of delivering certain of its services.  As such, the Community Asset Transfer of Flat Holm Island to a Consortium comprising the RSPB, National Trust, the Flat Holm Society and Cardiff Council had been considered by Cardiff Council’s Cabinet, who on 19th February 2015, agreed to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding to form a partnership for the management of Flat Holm Island. 


Mr. Maidment suggested that a member of the Flat Holm Project Team be invited to address a future meeting of the Advisory Committee. 


This suggestion was agreed and members of the Advisory Committee thought it appropriate that the presentation be made to the November meeting of the Advisory Committee.  


(h)    Update Report – Mrs. N. De Longhi, Natural Resources Wales


Mrs. De Longhi, accompanied by Ms. Jess Poole, outlined the management structure within Natural Resources Wales. 


Cardiff Bay was covered by the Taff Team, who used a multi-disciplinary approach to its work.  The lead officer for the Bay area was Rachelle Trubey. 


Mrs. De Longhi said that Ms. Poole may attend future meetings of the Advisory Committee, although both would attend the next few meetings. 


Ms. Poole advised:

-    That Natural Resources Wales had taken a policy decision, following consultation, to no longer routinely stock rivers with salmonid fish.

-    It was felt that a good habitat would better encourage migratory fish to return.

-    Natural Resources Wales was looking to remove obstacles and barriers for migratory fish.

-    Natural Resources Wales had been involved in research work for the Tidal Lagoons proposed for the Severn Estuary Tidal Area.

-    A Shoreline Management Plan had been determined which contained the future policies for the management of flood risk. The Plan for the Severn Estuary could be summarised as “hold the line” and was intended to be in place for the next 100 years.

-    Natural Resources Wales would be involved in testing the water quality prior to the triathlon to be held on 28th June.

(i)    Date of Next Meeting


AGREED – T H A T the next meeting be held on Wednesday, 23rd September 2015 at 5.15 p.m. and that the meeting be held in Cardiff International White Water.