The Vale of Glamorgan Council

Cabinet Meeting: 19 October, 2015

Report of the Leader of the Council

Quarter 1 Performance Report 2015/16

Purpose of the Report

1.    To present performance results for quarter 1, 1st April - 30th June, 2015-16.


1.    That Cabinet note service performance results and remedial actions to be taken to address service underperformance.


2.    That Cabinet note progress to date in achieving key outcomes as outlined in the Corporate Plan 2013-17, the Outcome Agreement 2013-2016 and the Improvement Plan Part 1 2015/16.

Reasons for the Recommendations

1.    To ensure the Council is effectively assessing its performance in line with the requirement to secure continuous improvement outlined in the Local Government Measure (Wales) 2009.


2.    To consider the quarter 1 performance results as at 30th June 2015 in order to identify service areas for improvement.


2.    Service Plans for 2015/16 are designed to focus on the achievement of key objectives within each directorate which in turn contribute towards the achievement of identified outcomes in the Corporate Plan 2013-17, the Outcome Agreement 2013-2016 and the Improvement Plan Part 1 2015/16.


3.    Quarterly performance reports have been revised to reflect Service Plans and are designed to ensure the Council reports performance in the context of progress against its objectives.  A new framework has been developed to record performance information against objectives.  Members will note that although the corporate structure of the Council has been reviewed, performance reports for 2015/16 will continue to relate to those service plans that are in place and which relate to former Directorates.


4.    The performance report is structured as follows:

  • An overview provides a quick snapshot of each directorate's progress towards achieving the objectives contributing towards its service outcomes. It highlights progress towards key actions in the Corporate Plan 2013-17, the Outcome Agreement 2013-16 and the Improvement Plan Part 1 2015/16 for which the directorate has responsibility. The key areas of slippage are identified and the planned remedial action to bring these back on track.
  • A summary statement is provided against each service outcome outlining overall progress (including actions and performance measures) towards achievement.
  • Detailed progress is reported for each service objective looking at all actions broken down into completed actions, on track actions, slipped actions and not started actions. Progress is reported for all performance indicators by allocating a performance status symbol,  relates to performance that has met or exceeded target,  relates to performance within 10% of target and  relates to performance that has missed target by more than 10%. A direction of travel arrow is also provided against each measure indicating whether current performance has improved, stayed static or declined on last year’s first quarter performance. An upward arrow indicates that performance has improved on the same quarter last year, a static arrow indicates performance has remained the same and a downward arrow shows performance has declined compared to the same quarter last year.

Relevant Issues and Options

5.    Overall, the Council is on course to achieve its priorities for 2015/16 as outlined in the Corporate Plan for 2013-17. Of 102 Corporate Plan related actions, 5% (5) are completed, 74% (76) are on track, 14% (14) have slipped, and 7% (7) were not due to start this quarter.


6.    The priorities outlined in the Council's Improvement Plan Part 1 (2015/16), are on track to be achieved. Of 26 actions, 4% (1) is complete, 77% (20) are on track, 15% (4) have slipped, and 4% (1) were not due to start this quarter.


7.    Of the 4 Outcome Agreement actions, 1 (25%) is complete, and 3 (75%) are on track.


8.    Appropriate remedial action has been identified by services in order to ensure underperformance is addressed. A detailed report of the Council's overall performance by directorate for quarter 1 of 2015/16 is provided in Appendix 1 which is available to view on the Council's website and in the Members room.


9.    Overall the department is well on track to achieve the objectives contributing to its service outcomes, with 87% of actions either completed or on track.  Of 45 actions within the Service Plan, 2 are complete, 37 are on track, 2 have slipped, and 4 are not due to have started this quarter. The Directorate’s progress against Corporate Plan actions is also on course, with 80% of actions on track for completion. There are no actions relating to either the Improvement Objectives or the Outcome Agreement.


10.    Of 20 performance indicators, 11 have met or exceeded target, 3 were within 10% and 4 have missed target by more than 10%. The measures that missed target relate to:

  • RS/M013b: The average Site Morse position fluctuates through the year due to the evolving nature of website content, development and functionality. This means the Vale's position will fluctuate throughout the year. However, it is anticipated that the annual average will be closer to the current target of 5th.
  • RS/M014: Whilst the target for audits completed within planned time was not achieved, this will be addressed during the year as the number of completed audits increase.
  • RS/M031 (percentage of incoming calls to the contact centre abandoned after 20 seconds) and RS/M030 (percentage of incoming calls to the contact centre not answered/abandoned). Performance in relation to inbound telephony was affected by an increase in demand for services which resulted in reprioritising resources to adult services. However this resulted in reduced inbound call handling capacity during May and June which was also affected by higher than average levels of short term sickness.

11.    Against Outcome 1 ensuring that 'Residents are confident in accessing our services and are engaged with their local community', two actions have slipped this quarter. In relation to the introduction of protocols to increase public engagement and participation in the Council’s meetings [RS/A038 (CP/CL6)] a draft protocol is to be considered by the Scrutiny Committee Chairmen, Vice-Chairmen Group and the Democratic Services Committee following which the protocol will be incorporated within the new draft Constitution in September 2015. Whilst promotion of the Council's mobile app [RS/A093 (CP/CL2)] has been delayed, materials have now been agreed and this work will now commence.


12.    Against Outcome 2 ensuring that 'the Vale benefits from the Council's sound and transparent decision-making through effective management of resources', the Council has successfully implemented the PCI compliance plan and maintained Public Service Network (PSN) compliance, which has enabled us to remain within the Public Services Network (PSN). By having secure IT systems in place, our customers and key partners will have more confidence trusting sensitive information with us. Compliance also forms the basis of our corporate security strategy and helps us to identify ways to improve our IT infrastructure for the benefit of residents, partners and customers. Work has also been successfully undertaken with legal services colleagues in Cardiff and Bridgend to negotiate the legal agreement to establish the Shared Regulatory Services which led to the execution of the agreement by all three participating authorities. We also successfully enabled the transfer of staff (11 within the Regional Adoption Service and 171 within the Shared Regulatory Services) to the Vale of Glamorgan and are in the process of embedding new operating arrangements within each service. The new arrangements will ensure service sustainability in the long term and the new models of delivery have been designed around the need of service users in terms of public protection and adoption needs.


13.    There were no slipped actions reported against Outcome 2 this quarter.           

Visible Services

14.    Visible Services is on track to achieve the objectives contributing to its service outcomes, with 73% of all service plan actions either complete or on track. Of the 26 actions within the Service Plan, 2 are complete, 17 are on track, 4 have slipped, and 3 are not due to have started this quarter.  


15.    Of 14 Corporate Plan actions 64% (9) are either completed or on track for completion, 14% (2) have slipped and 21% (3) are not due this quarter. The 1 Outcome Agreement action for the service has been completed. There are no actions relating to the Improvement Objectives.  


16.    Of 18 performance indicators, 9 have either met or exceeded target, 3 are within 10% of target, 6 have missed target by more than 10%. The six indicators that have missed target by more than 10% relate to:  

  • WMT/010i: The percentage of Local Authority collected municipal waste prepared for reuse has slipped this quarter as there is a lack of Community Reuse Schemes within the Vale of Glamorgan.
  • STS007: The percentage of reported fly tipping incidents which lead to enforcement activity. During this quarter enforcement officers have focussed their resources on other work priorities, primarily the checking of commercial premises, relevant duty of care notes, service level reviews and customer satisfaction surveys. During quarter 2, attention will focus on investigating fly tipping incidents.
  • VS/M007: Whilst the number of dropped crossing points for community use has not met target this quarter, the rate of provision is programmed to increase during the year. The majority of the works will be carried out in quarter 2 to ensure we have a suitable programme of works that is cost effective.
  • VS/M009b: Third party claims against the Council for vehicle damage (carriageway claims) has increased due to deterioration of the general condition of carriageways. VS/M010b: Due to this deterioration the total cost of successful third party claims against the Council for vehicle damage has also increased.
  • VS/M015: The number returned of repairs has missed target this quarter as a result of two vehicles reporting intermittent faults. One vehicle is waiting on the main dealer to undertake a repair.

17.    Against Outcome 1, 'Residents of the Vale live in safe, healthy, prosperous and sustainable communities', the commencement of a treatment programme for road sweepings to separate composting and other recycling elements has been completed. This will help maximise recycling efforts and contribute positively towards the Council achieving its recycling targets and in minimising and diverting waste from landfill.


18.    Slippage was reported against a number for actions under Outcomes 1 and 2, 'Residents of the Vale live in safe, healthy, prosperous and sustainable communities' and 'the Vale is a clean, safe, well maintained and sustainable place to live or visit'. Against Outcome 1, the review of collection arrangements for commercial and recycling (VS/A063) has been delayed and it is expected that this review will be carried out in quarter two. The implementation of a new policy for missed refuse and recycling collections from domestic properties (VS/A066a) will be progressed in quarter 2 following the implementation of collection rounds which have now been remapped. Against Outcome 2, the implementation of flood reduction and alleviation schemes for high risk areas in the Vale (VS/A092) has made limited progress as we are still waiting to secure Welsh Government and National Resources Wales grant funding in order to progress the schemes.                   

Social Services

19.    The Social Services directorate is well on track to achieve the objectives contributing to its service outcomes, with 75% of actions currently either completed or on track. Of 22 Corporate Plan actions, 5% (1) has been completed, 68% (15) are on track, 22% (5) have slipped and 5% (1) is not due this quarter. There are 19 actions relating to the Improvement Objectives, of which 1 is complete, 13 are on track, 4 have slipped and 1 is not due to have started this quarter.  


20.    Of 68 performance indicators, 32 have met or exceeded target, 7 are within 10% of target, 17 have missed target by more than 10%. No data was reported for 12 PIs. The PIs that have missed target relate to:

  • SS/M016 and SS/M018: Whilst the number of telecare installations completed within one calendar month and the number of new users missed target, these are cumulative indicators and performance will increase throughout the year.
  • SCA001: The rate of delayed transfers of care for social care reasons per 1,000 population aged 75 and over is a cumulative indicator and should the first quarter's performance continue for the year then the measure would meet and exceed target.
  • SS/M004: The percentage of initial assessments that were completed during the year where there is evidence that the child has been seen by a worker. There will be situations where it is not always appropriate for a child to be seen during the initial assessment; therefore, performance is satisfactory in this context.
  • SS/M009: The percentage of complaints dealt with within statutory timescales did not meet target because one complaint was just out of timescale due to a slow response from a Team Manager. Action has been taken to increase awareness of the process timescales for complaints.
  • SS/M019a and SS/M019b: Whilst the rate per 1,000 population of over 65s who have had a UA assessment and an Occupational Therapy assessment missed the quarter’s target, the estimate for performance over the year shows both measures meeting target.
  • SCC030a: Both the percentage of young carers known to Social Services who were assessed and those who were provided with a service (SCC030b) missed target in quarter 1. However, this was because no young carers became known to Social Services in quarter 1.
  • SCC039: Percentage of health assessments undertaken for looked after children due in the year. Following concerns regarding performance in 2014/15, the Head of Service has met with the Named Doctor for Looked After Children (LAC) and agreed steps to be undertaken during quarter 2 to look at deficits in how the data is quality assured and to address performance issues.  It will also highlight where the shortfalls are and enable focused attention in these areas.  It is anticipated the UHB, and therefore the Local Authority, will be able to provide a more informed position at the end of quarter 2.     
  • SCC042b: The average time taken to complete initial assessments that took longer than 7 working days missed target for this quarter.  Of the 98 initial assessments (IA) completed, 10 were out of out of timescale.  These IA's have skewed performance; especially where information is not provided to the social worker by other involved parties in a timely manner.
  • SS/M020:  In relation to the percentage of complaints received by or on behalf of people over 65, which have resulted in service modification or improvement, one complaint has been received during the period which is still in progress. No service outcome has yet been determined.

21.     Against Outcome 1, 'People in the Vale of Glamorgan are able to request support and receive help in a timely manner', work has continued on embedding the integrated locality restructure health and social care model to support service users journey through the system. A management structure has been established and clear processes are being developed to reduce the number of transition points which will in turn minimise duplication of effort with respect to information gathering, shared assessments and recording systems in place. As a result of implementing our Day Opportunities Strategy, individual care arrangements are being adjusted to facilitate work, training and leisure activities as part of universal services. This approach is part of wider efforts to implement new service models to support individuals to access a wider range of inclusive opportunities to meet identified needs.


22.    Due to departmental restructuring three actions under Outcome 1 missed target this quarter; SS/A004 (CP/CYP5), SS/A015 and SS/A010 (CP/H2). Work will progress to resolve slippage in quarter 2 now that an Interim Head of Service has been appointed.


23.    Against Outcome 2, 'The Vale of Glamorgan Council protects vulnerable people and promotes their independence and social inclusion', the Vale, Valleys and Cardiff Regional Collaborative Model went live on 1st June 2015. Staff from the four Local Authorities are now co-located in Pontypridd.  A regional manager is in place and governance arrangements have been agreed via a Collaborative Agreement. This approach will ensure delivery of a more efficient and resilient service and an overall reduction in the Vale's Looked After Children population. No actions have slipped against Outcome 2 this quarter.


24.    Against Outcome 3, 'Social Services in the Vale of Glamorgan review, plan, design and develop quality services that deliver best value for money to improve outcomes for individuals', the development of a Dementia Resource Service for service users and their carers is on track for completion. We are considering a number of proposals which will be implemented in the next quarter, providing better direct support and care for those whose lives are directly affected by dementia. The actions that have slipped against Outcome 3 were also affected by the departmental restructure and will be addressed in quarter 2.                  

Housing and Building Services

25.    Housing and Building Services is on track to achieve the objectives contributing to its service outcomes, 72% of all service plan actions were either completed or on track to be completed. Of the 20 Corporate Plan actions, 5% (1) has been completed, 75% (15) 10% (2) have slipped and 10% (2) are not due this quarter.


26.    There are 4 actions relating to the Improvement Objectives. All 4 of these have been completed.


27.    Of 12 performance indicators, 5 have met or exceeded target, 3 were within 10% of target and 3 have missed target by more than 10%. A performance status was not available for one measure. The PIs that have missed target relate to:

  • HS/M005: The average number of days to let an empty property. This can be attributed to a restructure within Housing and Building Services. New processes, training and regular monitoring have been implemented for new staff within the team which will contribute to improved performance during quarter 2.
  • HS/M002: The percentage of housing stock where work meets the WHQS standard. The external work programme has started and is building momentum with more and more properties being completed which will improve performance in future quarters.  
  • HHA017b: The average number of days that all homeless households spent in other forms of temporary accommodation. There has been an increase in the average number of days due to a number of long term single households. The Housing Solutions team has adopted a strategy for this particular group that will greatly improve move-on opportunities in future quarters.

28.    Against Outcome 1, 'Everyone has a home that they can afford that meets their needs', the delivery of the Council House Improvement Programme is on track for completion. External improvements have commenced and the remaining internal improvements are on track to be completed which will bring the housing stock to a modern internal standard, good structural condition and achieve the Welsh Housing Quality Standard (WHQS).


29.    Slippage was reported for a number of actions under Outcome 1. The review of the governance arrangements of the Supporting People Regional Collaboration Fund Committee (HS/A091) is on hold as we continue to await direction from Welsh Government; the Memorandum of Understanding has also been delayed and is still with Welsh Government lawyers.


30.    Against Outcome 3, 'All citizens in the Vale live and work in safe and secure communities', the implementation of the requirements of the Anti-Social Behaviour and Crime and Policing Act 2014 is currently on track for completion. New leaflets explaining the new legislation are currently being designed to ensure that information provided to the community is up to date. There are no slipped actions to report against Outcome 3.     

Development Services

31.    The service is well on track to achieve the objectives contributing to its service outcomes, with 93% of actions currently either completed or on track. Of 23 Corporate Plan actions in the service plan, (100%) 23 are either completed or on track for completion.  There is 1 action relating to the Improvement Objectives and this is on track for completion.


32.    Of 25 performance indicators, 15 have met or exceeded target, 3 are within 10% of target, 7 have missed target by more than 10%. The measures that missed target relate to:

  • DS/M016: The number of children attending play schemes has not met target. This is because fewer children attended the play schemes that operated in April and May half term and the majority of the children that attended were disabled. More play schemes will be operating during the summer holidays where 5 weeks of schemes are planned, so it is anticipated that there will be a higher attendance during quarter 2.
  • DSM/034: The number of members on the Vale’s online business forum missed its quarterly target. A promotional campaign is currently underway to help address this issue and increase membership of the forum.
  • DS/M032b: The percentage of building control applications that are submitted online.  The Council has limited resources to place adverts in the local press, however we encourage local businesses to apply on-line as a matter of course.
  • DS/M027: The average cost subsidy per single passenger journey on the Greenlinks Community Transport Service. The cost of the service has been high this quarter as the Service Level Agreement (SLA) has been processed this quarter which included on-costs such as office accommodation finance and legal services allocated to the Greenlinks service which has not occurred in previous quarters.
  • PPN/001ii): The percentage of high risk businesses that were liable to a programmed inspection that were inspected, for food hygiene. This measure missed its target as 25% of premises were not due a food hygiene inspection during quarter 1.
  • PPN/001i: The percentage of high risk businesses that were liable to a programmed inspection that were inspected, for trading standards. This measure missed its target, as 4 high risk businesses were still due to be inspected and are weighbridges and require the hire of specialist equipment to carry out the inspection. Due to collaboration with Cardiff and Bridgend, the equipment is being hired centrally to be used by all 3 authorities. However, all these businesses will be inspected before year end.
  • PPN/008i: The percentage of new businesses identified which were subject to a risk assessment visit or returned a self-assessment questionnaire during the year, for trading standards. A programme of inspections for new businesses has been agreed to ensure that targets are met in quarters 2, 3 and 4.

33.    Against Outcome 1, 'Residents in the Vale live in safe, healthy, prosperous and sustainable communities', the redevelopment of Penarth Heights is steadily progressing and we are on track for completion. There are 6 phases of housing development and the Council has transferred the land within five of the six phases and the final transfer of land should take place later in 2015. Development to date is contributing to an improved environment for residents, the provision of affordable housing and the regeneration of a previously developed site, all of which remain key priorities for the Council. Slippage was reported against one action under Outcome 1. The delivery of the rural development plan for 2015/16 and its supporting schemes (DS/A068) have been delayed by the approval of the programme by Welsh Government. It is hoped that the approval of the Rural Development Plan in early quarter two will progress this work.


34.    There were no slipped actions against Outcome 2 for this quarter.

Learning and Skills

35.    Overall, Learning and Skills is considerably on track to achieve the objectives contributing to its service outcomes, with 90% of actions currently either completed or on track. Of the 13 Corporate Plan actions within the service plan, 8 are either completed or on track, and 3 have slipped. There are 2 actions relating to Improvement Objectives, both of which are on track for completion. There are 3 Outcome Agreement actions for the service and all are on track to be completed.


36.    Of 20 performance indicators, 7 have met or exceeded target, 4 are within 10% of target, 9 have missed target by more than 10%.  The nine indicators that have missed target relate to:

  • LS/M050: Number of NEETs who are in contact with NEET Support Officers has missed target, as Transition Workers are only targeting year 11 students during this time. Once the school holidays are completed and schools have returned we are expecting the numbers of students requiring support to increase.
  • LS/M007: Percentage of the Youth Population aged 11-25 years in the Vale of Glamorgan who make contact with the Youth Service during the year. This has missed its target due to data reporting issues. A number of provisions have reported IT issues preventing the uploading of data. Some are now being updated as the school term has now ended. Improved performance is expected during quarter 2.
  • LS/M049b: Number of Year 12/13 pupils known not to be in education, training or work-based learning (NEET) (OA2) has missed target. This data relates to the June period and is higher due to the time of year when young people are out of provision.
  • LS/M022a: The percentage of pupils in primary schools who have school meals. The population of pupils has increased from 2014/15. Cashless catering and online payment has seen a small decrease in meals served which was expected as parents become accustomed to the new payment methods. In relation to LS/M022b, the percentage of pupils in secondary schools who have school meals, whilst this measure has also missed its target there has been an increase in the number and percentage of pupils who regularly have school meals compared to quarter 1 in 2014/15.
  • LS/M024b: In relation to the percentage take up of free school meals (FSM) in secondary schools. Although it has not met target this quarter, there has been a 6% increase in pupils taking up FSM in secondary schools compared with quarter 1 the previous year 2014/15.
  • LS/M011: The number of accredited outcomes achieved by learners through the youth service reported during quarter 1 was 119 and which missed its target of 550. This figure excludes end of term accreditations such as, 250 Duke of Edinburgh Award accreditations which will be included in the quarter 2 return. Improved performance is therefore anticipated in the next quarter.
  • LS/M044: The percentage of contact made through mobile provision who consequently engage with the service in improving their employment prospect was reported as 24.55% missing its target of 44%. The total number of young people who have made contact with mobile provision has been high for quarter 1 (2,008). The level of provision ranges from young person not requiring any service to signposting and making referrals.
  • LS/M054 (SCC/033f): The percentage of young people looked after with whom the authority is still in contact who are known to be engaged in education, training or employment at the age of 19 (OA2) (IO4). The figure reported for quarter 1 was 50% missing the target of 60%. Of the 11 LAC that are NEET, 4 are currently unable to work due to illness/disability and 1 young person is a young parent. Social Services is currently working with the remaining 6 young people to provide help and support in finding suitable education, employment or training opportunities.   

37.    Against Outcome 1, 'Learners achieve their full potential in order to maximise their life opportunities', a strategic approach to curriculum planning for adult learners that reflects the Vale's profile and addresses the needs of its priority learners has been successfully completed. Work with partners has been undertaken to establish a learning offer which meets the needs of students and is in line with the terms of the Welsh Government grant. The development and consultation on the School Reorganisation Programme and School Investment Programme has also been completed this quarter. All programmes outlined in the School Investment Programme (SIP) have been consulted on and have either been implemented or are in progress. The implementation of the Vale of Glamorgan Library Strategy has introduced new library opening hours and work is progressing in the development of community libraries which will facilitate a more efficient service and generate significant savings.  The restructuring of transport services for pupils with additional learning needs will facilitate an integrated and more efficient service for customers in the future. The review of the future of the Cardiff and the Vale College franchised provision has been completed and the franchise is set to continue into the 2015/16 academic year.


38.    Slippage was reported against a number of actions under Outcome 1. In relation to undertaking initial skills assessments/diagnostics with learners enrolling onto courses over 10 hours [LS/A150 (CP/LS9)], limited progress has been made as Welsh Government has delayed its implementation of the initial essential skills assessments with learners. Progress has been limited this quarter with respect to increasing opportunities for adults to gain qualifications for their learning and improve the quality of learning experience (LS/A195) as the academic term commences in September. It is hoped that with the start of the new term, new enrolments will bring this action back on track.            

Resource Implications (Financial and Employment)

39.    There are no additional budgetary implications arising from this report although underperformance in some areas may have a negative impact on external assessments of the Council and could put certain funding opportunities at risk.

Sustainability and Climate Change Implications

40.    Underperformance issues relating to crime and disorder will be given due consideration both corporately and within the relevant service areas.

Legal Implications (to Include Human Rights Implications)

41.    The Local Government Act 1999, the Wales Programme for Improvement and the Local Government (Wales) Measure 2009 require that the Council secure continuous improvement across the full range of local services for which it is responsible.

Crime and Disorder Implications

42.    Underperformance issues relating to crime and disorder will be given due consideration both corporately and within the relevant service areas.

Equal Opportunities Implications (to include Welsh Language issues)

43.    Underperformance issues relating to equalities will be given due consideration both corporately and within the relevant service areas.

Corporate/Service Objectives

44.    The Corporate Plan 2013-17 outlines community leadership as a priority for the Council. Improving how the Council evidences and reports achievements of its outcomes and objectives contributes towards effective community leadership.

Policy Framework and Budget

45.    This is a matter for Executive decision.

Consultation (including Ward Member Consultation)

46.    The information contained within the report is based on quarterly returns provided by service directorates. Quarterly performance reports are reported to all Scrutiny Committees.

Relevant Scrutiny Committee

47.    All

Background Papers

Appendix 1 - Quarter 1 Service Performance Reports for Resources, Development Services, Visible Services, Housing & Building Services and Learning & Skills

Contact Officer

Julia Archampong, Performance Manager.

Officers Consulted

Corporate Management Team

Huw Isaac, Head of Performance and Development

Tom Bowring, Operational Manager Performance and Policy

Responsible Officer:

Rob Thomas, Managing Director